Conventional Wisdom

Aug 30, 2008

Posted by: Oxymoronic


As I sit here and watch the thousands and thousands of people who have gathered in Denver to hear the biggest nomination acceptance speech in history, I can’t help but get caught up in the moment despite myself. Performers and artists of all kinds have taken the stage to reiterate Barack Obama’s message of hope and change, and ordinary citizens of America, many former Republicans by their own admissions, have taken the podium to share their experiences and show their support for Obama.

Now, Barack Obama himself is the ultimate image of change — merely being half Black makes him completely different from any other Presidential contender in history. By default. But as far as I’m concerned, that’s one of the best things he’s got going for him. Take away every other reason you think makes Obama the better candidate, and the simple fact that he is a mix of different races and cultures — and that this is seemingly fine with most Americans — sends a powerful message of tolerance to the rest of the world, and to the many generations to come.

As far as the issues go, well, I’m certainly wary of any candidate running for political office, and I’m cynical about the two-party system we’ve got going in this country. The Democrats in Congress have acted much too much like Republicans these past several years, allowing the Vold–I mean, the Bush Administration to continue on with its failed policies and complete and utter disregard for the Constitution of the United States. And the Constitution is actually a pretty clever bit of writing there, having been created so long ago yet standing the test of time (albeit with very necessary amendments over the years).

But I’m sure most of you know that Ben Franklin said it best when he stated that those who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty or security. The Mainstream Media (MSM) is absolutely propagandistic in nature (hello Daily Prophet), and the fact that we are not allowed to see the coffins of our sacrificed service men and women should make every citizen of this country outraged and angry. (No offense to those who signed petitions to WB about the film release change, but goodness knows we’ve got WAY more important issues to be getting on with.)

At first, I was inspired by Obama’s message. Well, I still am to some degree, because how can I not be inspired by a message of change and hope? But my cynical self was upset by his recent stance on FISA, where he had originally promised to filibuster a measure that would include immunity for the telecom empire, only to agree to the bill in the end — which of course included the immunity provision.

That certainly was a backtrack, if I’ve ever seen one. But when it comes down to it, looking at it from the point of choosing the lesser of the two evils, conventional wisdom favors Obama. Which I suppose isn’t really saying much. He just concluded his acceptance speech by the way. He’s certainly an inspirational orator, and although he definitely touched upon all the right issues (economy, environment, Iraq), he left out any mention really of the annihilation of the Constitution.

Many discussions I’ve had with friends have included the idea that Obama is merely doing what he needs to do in order to get elected. Once in the White House, and, being the Constitutional expert that he is, he will systematically go about mending the tears created in America’s founding document, and begin the long road toward healing that this country, and the world, needs.

Well….here’s hoping.

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