Kingsley’s in Brooklyn

Sep 07, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

I went to the bank yesterday to pay some Leaky bills (joy) and met Kingsley! Seriously, his name is Kingsley, and I was so delighted to meet someone named that, that he couldn’t stop laughing. Plus, he was a gentleman and had the same deep voice I imagine Kingsley to have. Thought you all would like to know. He was amused when I asked to take his picture:

It’s an undercover ministry assignment for sure. ;P

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Haha, that’s utter genious, Melissa! How did you get him to let you take his photo, you’ll be confunded soon!

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Yes, I expect a Ministry agent will be Obliviating you any time now, Melissa. At least we have a record of the meeting here at this blog—perhaps it will slip under the Ministry’s radar.

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(You know that pen on his desk is really a transfigured wand, right?)

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That’s great, Melissa! I take it he has never read the books? Maybe your excitement over his name will inspire him to pick them up and a new fan will join our ranks. ;)

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LOLOLOL. OK, that is just hilarious. Apparently, the wizarding world is keeping tabs on all you fan site webmasters. Maybe Emerson has met a Dedalus Diggle somewhere. LOL. :)

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Yeah, this would make my week too. Well done!!

Avatar Image says: LOL!!! I LOVE when I meet someone SO close to the characters. Once I met the perfect Harry and had to chat with him for what is like an hour and half just to get a picture from his green eyes (he wouldn't let me take a full picture of him, though >.<). Thank you for sharing with us, Melissa, I had a lot of fun reading your post!Avatar Imagearyell says: I'm not surprised you found a real life Kingsley, Melissa. It's like you stumble into everything Harry Potter related on purposely accidentally. Avatar Imagejoelface says: Yeah! Kingsley!! Still love this pic!Avatar Imageloony lovegood101 says: Wow!!! That is awesome!!!

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