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Sep 15, 2008

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Before Leaky opened it’s Fan Art Galleries I often found a new favorite Fan Artists based on how they drew my favorite character, Ginny Weasley. If I happen to see a drawing of Ginny that I really enjoy I will make sure to check out more of that artists work. Along the way I have found many great fan artists, and also many great drawings of Ginny. Here are some of my favorites, and the reasons why I love their work so much.

The first artist I stumbled across was an artist named Marta, or artdungeon in the Fan Art Galleries. I at first in fell in love with the fact that Marta’s work was able to capture the Harry Potter characters inside my head as I read the stories, and translate them into a visual medium. Not only does she draw a wonderful Ginny, but when she draws Harry and Ginny together she is really able to show the love between the two characters. A great example of this is the piece Several Sunlit Days depicting the first kiss between the two characters. Even though Ginny and Harry are surrounded by other Gryffindors, Marta is able to focus in on the two of them and show this special moment in her drawing. This same technique is again seen in her piece showing Harry and Ginny’s wedding day. Even though the picture is full of many different friends and family, the focus of the picture is Harry and Ginny sharing a special moment. This skill, and her drawing style, is one of the reasons I love Marta’s artwork.

Another artist whose drawings of Ginny I love is Makani. Even though most of her illustrations are of the “baddies” in the HP world, she is always able to capture a certain something in her drawings of Ginny that I enjoy. She never draws Ginny as a helpless fangirl type who falls in love with Harry because he is the hero. Instead to me she depicts a Ginny who falls for Harry because he is her equal. When I look at her drawings of Ginny I see someone who is attracted to a man because he will stand by her and be there for her when she needs him. An example of that is seen in Makani’s image here, where Ginny reacts to Harry kissing her not by swooning, as a fangirl would, but instead teasing him a bit. Even this image here captures that strong personality that I admire in Ginny. However I must admit that even though this image portrays Ginny as a fangirl, it’s still hysterical. Makani’s comical genius and style in illustrating the characters is why I love her work, and always get excited when I see she’s uploaded something new.

I don’t remember how or when I stumbled across ReallyCorking’s work, but I’m so glad I did. One of the first things I noticed about ReallyCorking’s work is her great ability to show detail. For example in this picture of Ginny and Harry, the artist shows amazing detail in large things, like the hair on their heads, right down to all the little freckles on Ginny. While she could of just drawn grass she made sure to draw flowers in the grass making it that much more realistic. Details like that, although small, can really make a picture that much more amazing to look at. Another great example of when ReallyCorking uses wonderful detail in one of her drawings is this drawing of my favorite kiss in Book 7. Not only does she do a great job depicting the two characters, but again the details such as the grain in the wood, and the hair on Harry’s arm are just spot on. While she doesn’t have to include these details, by adding in Ginny’s pygmy puff Arnold hiding behind a picture frame, their inclusion really helps create a realistic scene. All in all her work is just amazing, and I love it.

Now there are many artists who I fell in love with even know their Ginny may not be the one I see in my head, or they may not even draw Ginny, but that’s for another blog. The wonderful part about Leaky’s Fan Art Galleries is that due to the fact I can easily see the newest additions to the galleries, I am easily able to find great new artists all the time. However I am always on the lookout for a great new drawing of Ginny. Anyway who are your favorite characters to be depicted in Fan Art? Who are some of your favorite artists that draw that character? I’m always looking for great new fanart!

To view more art by these great artists feel free to check out their Leaky Fan Art Galleries: artdungeon, Makani, or ReallyCorking. Or check these links:,, or corkart

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