Celebrate Banned Book Week – A Call to Blog/Vlog

Sep 26, 2008

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Banned Books Week
Celebrating the Freedom to Read
September 27’October 4, 2008

As Banned Book Week approaches, I’d like to ask any bloggers/vloggers who read this blog to do one blog on your favorite banned book. By doing so, I’m hoping that those of us in this blogging community will have our voices heard and that the freedom to read will be cherished by all who hear our voices.

Vlogging about your favorite banned book is really simple. Just read a short selection of your favorite book, then tell us why you love this book. By doing so you are helping others learn about your favorite book, and you are emphasizing why books should not be banned.

If you would like to vlog/blog for banned books and have your entry featured here in my blog please e-mail me a link to your blog/vlog by Monday at 1 pm Eastern. I will update this blog on Monday night with the links I receive.

Harry Potter is all about magic and love. For those of us who are fans of this wonderful series, here’s a list of the top 100 challenged books of this century .

Harry Potter is the number one book on this list. (source American Library Association )

Please e-mail me a link to your blog/vlog by Monday at 1pm Eastern to be included in my Celebrate Banned Book Reading. Your right to read is a precious thing. Together we can work to protect it.


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