Dan Radcliffe a “Breakout” in “Equus,” More Reviews of Opening Night Performance

Sep 27, 2008

Posted by: EdwardTLC


Last night, actors Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon) opened the revival production of the play “Equus” at the Broadhurst Theatre on Broadway. More reviews are now online of that opening night performance in New York City. MTV has an article online which further reviews the play and goes into some more detail about Mr. Radcliffe’s performance. They note:

Demonstrating a range beyond his years during his opening night Thursday, the celeb-filled audience called it his “breakout.”

Two videos accompany the article, and show red carpet interviews with the cast of “Equus,” along with a number of actors who were also in attendance. The full report and videos can be viewed via this link.

The article continues with Mr. Radcliffe speaking about what he sees as the differences between the American audience who saw the play last night, and the audiences who saw his performances in London’s West End last year. Mr. Radcliffe says: “The audience in the U.S. has so far been incredible. There’s a couple of laughs we don’t get in England only because the Americans get it so much.”

Additionally, Mr. Radcliffe, who notes that the live theater makes him feel “buzzed from the adrenaline,” was aware, too, of the thrills of live theater, including a minor ‘slip-up.’ He says:

“During the ride the microphone inside of Lorenzo’s horse head actually came loose and started hitting him in the head, which was quite funny. And at one point, the clips which I clamp him in with didn’t go in right and subsequently would not come out, so I had to leave him onstage in a blackout while the technicians actually got him off at the intermission. So most of the mistake moments involved Lorenzo, but he’s cool.”

“Equus” co-star Anna Camp, also speaks of the performance given by Mr. Radcliffe. Quoteage:

“He carries the show, and he’s Harry Potter, so everybody’s so focused on him and waiting for him to take his clothes off. But it’s really about my character being the one in control and guiding him through the entire thing. It’s so important to the story that we do take our clothes off, because it’s about confronting him with complete sexuality, and that’s how the last event of the play can occur, only if he’s truly, truly confronted.”

This sentiment was echoed by a number of the audience members, including actor Haley Joel Osment (“The Sixth Sense), who said: “The material is what’s crucial here. And it’s a choice many actors have to make. ‘Is it what I need to do? Is it necessary for this character?’ And in this case, it was. I think he gave a wonderful performance, and I’m sure he’s going to gain the respect of a lot of people with it.”

The videos shown as part of this article are slated to be broadcast on MTV2 this Sunday, September 28th, at 12:30pm. Additional airings are also scheduled on MTVu throughout the weekend as well.

The Times also has a review of the play online, in which they describe Mr. Radcliffe as “a strong, confident and convincing stage actor.” The full review, which goes into greater detail about how the 1973 Peter Shaffer play holds up, can be found right here.

Finally, a number of images are now online from the opening night performance. MSN UK has this photo of Dan Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths during the curtain call.

More images are also online via FilmMagic,

Rex Features, as well as the AP and Reuters here.

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