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Oct 13, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

As we reported previously, actors Alan Rickman (Snape) and Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) have donated inscribed books for a new charity auction being held to help those in need in sub-Saharan Africa. Bidding for the Book Aid International “Books Change Lives” auction has now opened via Ebay which runs now until October 23. If you would like, you can bid on the donation from Alan Rickman, an inscribed copy of “In the Blink of an Eye” (photo courtesy of Book Aid here in our image galleries). Mr Rickman wrote: Francis Ford Coppola says it in the forward. Walter pretends to be writing about film editing-but really it’s about life. he is one of the greatest teachers I have been lucky enough to spend time with. Alan Rickman.

Bidding is also underway for this inscribed donation from Robbie Coltrane, a 1994 folio of the classic from Mark Twain, “Huckleberry Finn” (photo here). Mr. Coltrane wrote the following note with the book: This book seemed, when I was a boy, to be speaking directly to me. The fact that the main character was a boy who could see through adult pretentions, who was honest without being a goody-goody, and had all these adventures made me wish for a life like this. Now that I am (supposedly) a grown up, I realise what a witty, evocative and original piece of literature. Enjoy! Robbie Coltrane

Others donating to this charity auction include actor, Sir Ian McKellen, author Alexander McCall Smith, Mayor of London Boris Johnson and much more.

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Avatar Image says: First comment! Avatar Image says: ok, thats weird, why did it put my name in front of my post?Avatar Image says: oh, its cause leaky changed lolz i hadn't noticed that change yet. Avatar Image says: That's pretty cool. Two more 'Harry Potter' folks, contributing to charity! What's so neat about it is that, they use their considerable celebrity, to help out others! Good goin; Mr R and Mr C! [BTW Leaky.....interesting change!]Avatar Image says: GRRR LEAKY! stop changing the format of the site once i finally get the hang of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: umm...i don't have a clue what you guys are going on about ?! hasn't it always been this way? lunaluu, your name isn't in front of your post (??!!) its where it usually is; at the bottom of your post. :oAvatar Image says: Ahhh, I remember the good old days when they deleted posts that were made just to say 'First Post!!'. It's so stupid. Now, to actually comment on the article (what a shock, that's what the comments are for!)...I was amazed at how low the bids were on Huckleberry Finn. I made a bid.Avatar Image says: It's so great that HP actors do this sort of stuff. Mr. Coltrane really did choose a marvelous book!Avatar Image says: I like the new format! And the site seems faster too!! \o/Avatar Image says: And the RSS feed works like it sould do, bring you straight to the article. Yey for Leaky!!!Avatar Image says: Yes, the site works much better now - good job. Too bad there's nothing new happening lately!Avatar Image says: Of course there is new stuff going on sl!! For example.... I just ate an apple!!! Bet you didn't know that!! \o/Avatar Image says: Bet it was good Thio - it's been a great year for apples (at least here in New England)!Avatar Image says: I won the copy of Huck Finn, by the way. It arrived last week and it's lovely! The inscription by Coltrane takes up the entire page.

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