PotterCast 169: The Cat’s Meow


Oct 13, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

We have for you tonight the 169th episode of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast for your audible enjoyment. This week, the show kicks off with the latest in Harry Potter news with Sue, including news on charitable contributions from Alan Rickman and Robbie Coltrane, Tom Felton previews from a new TV series, Chris Rankin on his character in “Deathly Hallows,” Ralph Fiennes on Lord Voldemort, and the “Half-Blood Prince” book reaching the number one spot on Amazon.com’s UK All Time Best Selling list. Bit-by-Bit then takes on Chapter 14 of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” which deals with the Trio’s first moments in the forest after the hasty Ministry apparation. Next, our own Sue Upton sits down with our own Melissa Anelli for the first of a two part interview on her upcoming book, “Harry, A History.” The interview features Melissa discussing her book in great detail , the history of the Harry Potter world, Melissa’s own experience in the fandom, the community as a whole, and so much more. This episode then wraps up with the latest on Moochka’s wizard rock band, and Melissa’s Avon Walk for breast cancer, and Witches Who Wrock on iTunes. To listen, just hit the “Play” button on the right side of the page (->), or use iTunes, or direct download.

“The Cat’s Meow”

- Podcasting from the skies.
- Instruction manual on cat training.
- Thoughts on Percy and Voldemort.
- Dawlish is a Frat Boy.
- A Twinkie with legs.
- Sue interviews our own Melissa.
- Crooks and the Shanks.
- Breast Cancer wrapup and a taxi cab.

RT: 80:08

Producer: John Noe

Editors: Stede Bonnett and Andrew Garner

LeakyCon 2009: A Harry Potter Conference in Boston
“Harry, A History” Website
Podcast Alley

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yes!! i love pottercast! 1st.

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wooo!!!! pottercast, pottercast!!!!

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Yay! Bit by bit is back baby!! I’ve missed it :)

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Good show, PotterCasters! I enjoyed listening to it while I cooked myself a late dinner.

And hooray for Bit-By-Bit, especially! I’m now totally confused about the Fidelius Charm/Side-Along-Apparition conundrum. If Hermione could bring Yaxley by Side-Along, then couldn’t Snape have done the same? And so wouldn’t the Death Eaters be pressuring Snape to bring them in? Furthermore, (as the PotterCast quartet discussed), is it really plausible that Yaxley would now be able to bring others to Grimmauld Place, given that he’s not even a secret keeper? Is this an inconsistency in the book? And how does it relate to Jo’s website posting about Fidelius from shortly before Book 7?

Sounds like a great Canon Conundrum to me! It’ll take some careful attention to Jo’s web post and to everything we know about Fidelius from the books, but I think it’d be really interesting.

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Does anyone know where I might find the very first pottercasts?

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yayyyyyyyyyyyy this has made my day!

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Go to www.pottercast.com and click on “episodes” on the left. You’ll have to go back through several pages of archives, then download each episode, but it’s well worth it. Several weeks ago, Stede made ALL of the episodes available on iTunes, but only for one week. Hmmm…that was around Pottercast’s birthday…maybe they should do that every year….how does that sound, PotterCasters?

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great pottercast and thanks for bringing back bit by bit. OH just to say they didn’t apperate to the forest of dean from the ministry. they actually at the forest where they had the quidditch world cup. The forest of dean isn’t is where Harry and Heremonie apparate too after the godric hollo’ws incident. Just to correct you guys on that part

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I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but just as a response to your post…I don’t think that bringing Yaxley in would have done much damage. the way I understood it, was that Yaxley got in, and they left, Yaxley can’t bring other people there, but the Trio are still kids and as Lupin says they may come up against magic they don’t know. I don’t think the trio realised that Yaxley wouldn’t be able too, and since he was never actually told would he be able to get back in once he left? But it still leaves the question of Snape, he was now a secret keeper too, why did he not bring people in? I think that since he was actually good, and good at the mind thingy, that I am not going to try to spell at 1:45 am, that he probably just said that he wasn’t secret keeper and therefore couldn’t say and no one would question it. that was my logic anyway.

Avatar Image says: Testing 123Avatar Image says: another testAvatar Image says: Nice new layout guys. Now there's really a whole lotta news on the front page. I liked the discussion about how Voldemort could have hidden the horcruxes better and how that might have been a plot hole. Really, I can find lots of plot holes if I look hard, but I would much rather have a ripping good story with some plot holes than a boring story that is 100% consistent (i.e., a textbook). Still, disussing potential plot holes is fun.Avatar Image says: Umm...Not so big a fan of the new layout for PotterCast dot com. I guess I'll get used to it, but what happened to Frak's doodles and such?Avatar Image says: glad to see pottercast is back! I i would also like to add Leaky's new layout is really cool. can i ask: where do you get the title's for each different Pottercast? (nt in a bad way!) Avatar Image says: @ Kelly: Pottercast has a new layout? o.o Never even noticed Bit-by-Bit disappeared... so long ago... glad it's back though!Avatar Image says: PotterCast* sorry if that bothered you, Melissa. :DAvatar Image says: Woohoo! Pottercast! I just saw "Moochka" and started laughing my head off! Yay for bit by bits!Avatar Image says: Great show guys! I laughed so hard when Jingle Cats was brought up! I listened to that too when I was a little kid!Avatar Image says: Is Leaky still alive?Avatar Image says: To clarify my previous post: I haven't been able to get to Leaky with my usual browser (Firefox) for a whole day, and now that I try with Explorer I see that there haven't been any comments recently. Is something wrong with the site, or is it just a problem on my end?Avatar Image says: Hiyas All - need to point out that the "charm" salve hexium' salve from the latin does have many "types of meaning" save, keep safe, keep safe and sound, healing ointment, soothe and so-on. It can be deduceced that the protective charm used during Hermione creating a "safe invisible shield" to "hide behind" that the charm would mean in our "upto-date language" 'save from hexes' thus protecting them from minor hexes together with other charms put in place would, keep them all hidden and prevent minor "revealing hexes" from uncovering their "secret hidaway". This is my take on the words maybe other people will interpret it differently. Avatar Image says: This is just a general observation about the Podcast itself, but Melissa really needs a new mic. Hers is picking up way too much background fuzz, and it's fuzzy-ing out her voice. Otherwise, I really enjoyed it, guys.

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