Professor Remus Lupin


Oct 17, 2008

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If I were a school administrator and Remus Lupin’s resume’ came across my desk, I’d hire him in a minute. Ok, so the werewolf thing would be hard to explain, but of all the professors at Hogwarts he was one of the best.

It’s not magic that made Lupin such an awesome teacher, instead it was his unique gift to get students actively involved in his lesson. Studies have shown that students who are actively involved in a lesson are more likely to remember that lesson later.

Active engagement means that students are connecting to their lesson. They take part in the process and walk away with a better understanding of the lesson objectives.

How does Lupin actively engage his students? He gets them up out of their desk and has them move around solving their own problems. He makes them think about the process of repelling a dementor, then he allows them to practice it in a safe environment. Because students are engaged in the process, they remember it.

Teacher’s should strive to include students in the educational process to help them become actively engaged. If you are interested in more information about active emgagment you can check out the National Education Association website here.

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