Happy Birthday, Michael Gambon


Oct 19, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Happy Birthday wishes go out to actor Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore) who is
celebrating his 68th birthday today. Please join us in wishing Mr.
Gambon a wonderful birthday. Cheers!

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Avatar Image says: Yippee !!!!! I'M THE FIRST ONE !!!! Happy Birthday,sir !!! Glad that you are one of the greatest wizards I've ever seen !!!!! Happy Birthday !!!!!Avatar Image says: happy birthday Mr.Gambon :] have a great birthday!Avatar Image says: happy birthday Mr. Gambon. I hope you get the Harry Potter books I sent you....Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Sir Gambon! You sent him Harry Potter books, sarah? How funny! I did too...Avatar Image says: I hope as a birthday gift to the fans, Gambon tries actually picking up one of the books. Avatar Image says: Lol. I love how you guys sent him books. I should have too. :] Well, I hope you do a great job in HBP! I'm praying that you say "I am not worried Harry, I am with you." perfectly! Happy birthday Michael!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Sir Gambon..... and many more to come.Avatar Image says: What a wonderful day today - your birthday, professor Dumbledore! Wish all the best!!!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, mr Gambon! To You the best regards!Avatar Image says: Am I the only one to find this completely ironic especially since a year ago today Dumbledore was announced as being gay? Anyways, Happy Birthday Mr. Gambon! (I think we should petition to send him the books for a gift)Avatar Image says: That's what everybody else was saying!! As much as I am not really a fan of Michael Gambon as Dumbledore (I haven't met a lot of people who are), Happy Birthday just the same!! I'll sign the petition, no problem!! Then he'll probably be a much better Dumbledore! Then again, he might just be doing what the director tells him to do...we shouldn't point fingers at him, but...WHATEVER!! Happy Birthday Michael Gambon!!Avatar Image says: Well he looks nicer without the beard thing and long hair, he should act like this I agree with lucky c. reading the books could help improve acting DD. Happy birthday to him Avatar Image says: Cute. They figured out a way to get another advertisement on the page with the "more news below" block. Enough is enough - don't ruin this site! I haven't visited Mugglenet in years because of the pop-ups, I don't know what I'd do if I lost leaky too. Avatar Image says: Happy birthday Mr. Gambon! Best wishes to you!!!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Sir Michael! Loved seeing your rare guns on Mark Williams's show. No more duels now, please! Avatar Image says: Happy birthday, Sir Michael. May your next interpretation of Albus D. be closer still to the book's. You have made progress. Keep on trying. You are very good at your other caracters in films and TV. Keep on trucking!Avatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIR MICHAEL!!!!!!! Many more.Avatar Image says: If we send him books and he ACTUALLY reads them, we might make him feel bad! He'll find out what a HORRIBLE job he does as Dumbledore. lol. Just kidding. Actually, he has been getting SLOWLY better. I hear he is great in HBP. LETS HOPE! Happy Birthday!Avatar Image says: Happy birthday to one of my favourite actors and a very funny man. Looking forward to coming to see you in Pinter's No Man's Land in December, a highlight of my year since there's to be no HBP this year. PS Always liked your Dumbledore!! (controversial I know! :P)Avatar Image says: hehehe, yeah, I sent him the paperbacks, not the hard backs. I was laughing all the time while I posted them, my post office must think I'm crazy. XD I love how you said "keep on trying", Serge. And yes, supposedly he is getting SLOWLY better. Then again, the directors always say "he/she is great in this movie!! absolutely great!" and we all saw how gambon acted in GoF.... "DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE?????????!" oh well, I've seen other films of Mr. Gambon and in them he's quite a good actor. Just wish he would take the Harry Potter films more seriously. Anyway, Happy Birthday!Avatar Image says: Happiest birthday ever, Sir Michael! I love your work!Avatar Image says: wooohoooo happy birthday Dumbledore!!!!! well he does not really have a b-day cause he fell of the tower and died!! waaaaa but happy bday anyways. I am so obsessed with harry potter! no can be more obsessed than i am whoo!!Avatar Image says: old dumbledore mo betta... i don't feel this guy does him justice... Can u seriously hear this guy saying "Alas, Earwax"??? Love HP... but dumbledore is dissapointing...Avatar Image says: BTW -- some of you are kinda rude to complain about the man in his birthday post. Just sayin' . . . Avatar Image says: Wow, you guys really sent Gambon the HP books?!? Well, he may well read them or he might just have them donated to charity or something. But somehow I dont think he will place any priority over it. Michael Gambon is a serious actor, a highly regarded craftsman. When given a script he crafts a character of his own signature that envelopes what he reads from the script. It is then up to the director to point out any directions that he feel Gambon needs to know. Many people didnt like when Gambon shouted at Harry in GoF but for the purpose of the scene, it was to add more dramatic effect, in fact it made for a great scene imho. Certain scenes needs dramatic enhancement on film. I like Gambon's take on Dumbledore. No, it isnt quite the calm, quirky Dumbledore of the books but for the big screen this interpretation is fine and still serves the overall plot. Oh and Happy bday Sir Michael Gambon (I didnt know he was a knight!)Avatar Image says: BTW — some of you are kinda rude to complain about the man in his birthday post. Just sayin’ . . . Posted by Hagiographer13 on October 19, 2008, 04:13 PM Yeah, coz I'm sure he is reading this.Avatar Image says: yes lets all congratulate the birth of the guy who ruined dumbledores character in filmAvatar Image says: Happy birthday to the angry, disinterested and miscast one.Avatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! GUESS WHAT ITS MY B-DAY TOOAvatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! GUESS WHAT ITS MY B-DAY TOOAvatar Image says: SEND HIM THE BOOKS!!!!! Just kidding. Happy Birthday man, even though you'll never read this.Avatar Image says: Was it a good birthday present a year ago when the world found out his character was gay? lolAvatar Image says: LOL... I can't believe you guys sent him books!!!! And 13_lucky_charms that's SO IRONIC!!! Happy Birthday!!!Avatar Image says: Ladies and Gentlemen: It is Sir Michael Gambon's birthday..not "let's thrash him cause we don't like the character he's playing [or his interpretation of said character] or he doesn't read the books so let's send them to him day". For once, don't let your personal "gripes" ruin someone's birthday. This is not the time, or the place.Hagiorapher13, thank you! And, yes, petunia2: he may very well be reading this....I wish the man a very happy birthday! Here's to you, Sir Michael!Avatar Image says: Confed lady and Haiorapher, if Gambon cares enough to get his feelings hurt when fans criticize his performance, then he ought to care enough to do some research on his character (read the books!!). Got to say I don't like the new and intrusive adverts on the comments.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Mr.Gambon. best of the world to you..Avatar Image says: happy b-day 2nd class actor who doesnt know anything about his character!!! hope you read the books so you dont mess DH like i read you messed up HBP...anyways , many more to come Sr. 2nd Dubledore actor...Avatar Image says: Jeeez you guys are really picky. I mean sure he's not perfect to the books but you also have to realize that the director tells him to do certain things and if you go back to the third movie I think he played the part AMAZINGLY just when they gto a new director and the series got to eb darker Gambon made the character darker. And going back to the first and second movie Richard Harris you have to admit was a bit too old and sick to play the part, he knew it when he took on the role. And RIP Mr. Harris, but he wasn't THAT amazing as Dumbledore either. So stop being sarcastic and snotty just because Gambon doesn't play Dumbledore the way you want, it's the man's birthday [or was] so grow up and say "Happy Birthday" [my 2 cents xP]Avatar Image says: you are a horrible dumbledoreAvatar Image says: 13 lucky charms: we are not being "sarcastic and snotty" because Gambon didn't play the role the way WE want, we're upset and legitimately critical because he didn't play the part JO wrote. this section is called "comments", not "positive comments only". We're allowed our opinions.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Prof-Dumboledore you have done a great job in those harry potter series and i wish the best for youAvatar Image says: Micheal Gambon makes a awesome Dumbledore does he get along with the other Harry Potter actors like Daniel?Avatar Image says: this just makes me miss richard harris even more, a much better albus percival brian wulfric dumbledore.Avatar Image says: Wish you did better as Dumbledore in the movies, but still, happy b-day!Avatar Image says: hapPy birthday mr Gambon !! i am such a big fan!! wish you the best :)

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