Original “Beedle the Bard” On Display Here in New York City in December


Oct 20, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

With the news of a special party in Scotland for the release of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, and the contests to win a trip to this event, comes word now that one of the seven original handwritten copies of the book will be on display to the public here in New York City in December. Scholastic has announced that Arthur Levine, editor of the US editions of the Harry Potter novels, was one of the lucky people to receive a copy of this book from J.K. Rowling, and will lend his book for display at the The New York Public Library. Fans here in the States will be able to see the book for free when it is on display at the library December 4, 2008 to January 4, 2009. Of note is a press preview to be held on December 3, where Arthur Levine will be appearing, and “will share his
experiences editing the series and the thrill of being one of only
six individuals who received the special gift from Ms. Rowling.”

As we reported earlier this morning, a second handwritten copy of the book by J.K. Rowling will be on display in the UK, at the National Library of Scotland for the same time period starting next month. The copy here in the US will be located at the The
New York Public Library’s Humanities and Social Sciences Library at
Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street

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Avatar Image says: Wish someone from MY country had bought a book..!Avatar Image says: Cool!! too bad i dont live there...Avatar Image says: Woo! NYC here I come!! (only 4 hours away)Avatar Image says: Oh swell! I can go see it when I'm in NYC for Equus. Yay <3Avatar Image says: Why isint anything ever in Canada? We are like the forgotten countryAvatar Image says: YESSSSS!!!!!!!!! Oh wow, I have never been happier to live in NYC. I missed the Radio City thing cuz I was away for the summer, but no chance in hell I'm missing this!Avatar Image says: I think it's cute that it says "here" in new york city.. Avatar Image says: Squeeee! I'm visiting my brother in NYC at the end of Dec, I'll go see it!!!Avatar Image says: You're so right Crown Victoria! :*( Americans forget about us all the time! Oh well... I'd love to see an original, but I'll make do with one of the the Special Editions! (!) I ordered it on the very first day of it selling, but I think I might get another copy as well. Cuz I'm not lending my special edition to ANYONE!Avatar Image says: Bummer! I was just in NYC a couple of weeks ago to see Equus and now I'll miss this! Got there the day after the reading and missed that and now this! Should have taken my trip at another time! Oh well...those of you that get to see it, I'm happy for you. For those of you that don't, I'm sorry that you can't. Hopefully something will turn up for you in your country that relates to Harry Potter. :-)Avatar Image says: I saw the one that was up for auction at Sotheby's...I wonder if this one will look different of will actually be open! The one at Sotheby's was closed when it was on display. The cover is cool, but I was to see the inside!Avatar Image says: I am so happy!!! I am going to New York to see Equus (a birthday present to myself) and now I am going to see an original Beedle the Bard book. This will be the best birthday I will ever have.Avatar Image says: Drooling, and wishing for the umpteenth time that I lived in New York as I type, that is fantastic! So great of Arthur Levine to share his wonderful gift with the fans of the world.Avatar Image says: I just love living in NY! I get out of class at 12:15 on Thursdays (which the 4th falls on) so I'll head up right after! I can't believe one of the original copies will only be a few subway stops away for a whole month! Sorry if it seems like I'm gloating - I'm just very excited :)Avatar Image says: sono italiana e....nienteAvatar Image says: So, you drive 4 hours to see a book behind glass? I assume they won't let you touch it. Not worth the trip for me. I'm glad people can see it, but if I coudn't hold it and open it, I'd rather pass.Avatar Image says: Cool! Maybe we will eventually find out where all seven of those books went.Avatar Image says: yesyesyesyesyes!!! so going its on the calendar already! Avatar Image says: I remember it being announced a while ago that Amazon was going to have their "Beedle the Bard" copy travel around the US. What happened to that??

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