Rumor Alert: Hogwarts, the Ride and More on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Oct 22, 2008

Posted by: SueTLC


Several rumor alerts tonight regarding the upcoming Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park attraction under construction at Universal Orlando. Screamscape is reporting that the giant castle of Hogwarts will not only serve as the center of the park, but will also be home to a “big new ride [that] will be placed inside the massive Hogwarts castle that is currently under construction.” The report also continues to say “Once the ride portion of the castle is finished and walled in, they
will begin to move in the pieces and build it up away from prying eyes
until they are ready to make the big announcement. As for Hogwarts
itself¦ if the rumors are true this thing will grow and grow. According
to one source the massive castle structure will top out somewhere over
the 200 foot mark, making it bigger than the castle at the Magic
Kingdom (189 ft).”

Also a second piece of news involves a potential Harry Potter show to take place at the theme park. Screamscape states that “one of the Hollywood casting sheets has posted a
rather interesting casting choice looking for a SAG actor for a
“Project Strongarm” shoot for a “Theme Park Attraction”. The shoot will
only last 1 day in mid November, but they’re looking to shoot a British
professor role (Male 50s ’ 70s) who will be “A friendly, welcoming
professor who greets new students enthusiastically. This character
appears as one element of a Harry Potter theme park attraction.” This also follows a report they have that the current Sinbad show will evolve into a Harry Potter show. Readers will recall that back in March, we at TLC had a report regarding casting beginning for “all the major parts for the characters in the books’ in
addition to others such as “a wand instructor for the kids. They
basically show kids how to do wand magic tricks.” Others “will be
traveling actors through the park playing the parts of wizards that
come together in duels. They have specific spots in the park that this
happens for special effects. For example, one wizard throws a spell at
the other, the other reacts, does stunts and the places around, or
behind them, bursts into flames or there is an explosion.”

As exciting as all of this sounds, please keep all of this very much in the rumor category for now. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park is set to open in 2010. Thanks to UHP for mailing!

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