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Oct 26, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

As TLC first reported this morning, the International Teaser Trailer for the “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” film made its way online and contains an abundance of new footage from the upcoming sixth film. The brand new trailer can be seen in our Video Galleries courtesy of TrailerAddict.com as well as on our YouTube channel. This afternoon we have for you a mini-episode of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, containing the reactions from the PotterCast quartet. Join Melissa, Sue, John, and Frak as they discuss this ninety-two second trailer in great detail; focusing on the new scenes contained in the trailer, the moments with Harry and Dumbledore in the cave, the attack on the Burrow, Ron and Lavendar, and much more. We also call a number of PotterCast listeners for their opinions and favorite moments from the trailer. To listen, just hit the “Play” button on the right
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“Leaky Trailer MiniShow”

- Serious Dumbledore.
- Cloud of Fire.
- McGonagall’s wand.
- Lines we love.
- PotterCast calls out for fan opinions.

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Producer: John Noe

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Remember you don’t need an iPod to listen. Listen easily on iTunes, which you can download and install here, by clicking here to listen, or you can just use the streaming Flash player at PotterCast.com or just on the right side of this page. Discussion of the PotterCast is right here. Enjoy!

34 Responses to PotterCast 170.5: Leaky Trailer MiniShow

Avatar Image says: oh cool i just asked about this. yes first one to comment! the trailer was soo great! i wish i could have called in!Avatar Image says: does anyone know if mellisas book is bona be in barnes and noble?Avatar Image says: YAY for pottercast 170.5.Avatar Image says: waite im confused it said you can get the mini-episode on itunes but i looked and its not there. can anyone else get it? and i think her book is going be a barnes and noble :)Avatar Image says: i just finished listening to it and it was AWESOME! we need to have a mini show every week (inbetween pottercasts). i love the end of the trailer! i like how after hermione hits harry for calling himself "the chosen one" and he just smiles and is like "yeah...um...kidding..."!!!!!!!!! i am like a level 10 on the squee-o-meter right now!Avatar Image says: YAY! IVE BEEN WAITING 4 IT! I WANTED TO GIVE EM MY # 2 CALL ME BUT I CAME 2 LATE :( .....O WELL CORKYPYGMYPUFF: BARNES & NOBLES IS SELLING MELLISAS BOOK-OR AT LEAST ITS ON THEIR WEBSITE. YAY...3RD COMMENTAvatar Image says: It doesn't show up anywhere on iTunes! Avatar Image says: OMG! What a great start to the day! LOL love Emma and Dan's lines at the end XDAvatar Image says: PLEASE CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF IT IS ON ITUNES! I CANT FIND IT! HELP ME! p.s. love rupert :)Avatar Image says: sorry p.s. I love rupertAvatar Image says: Hi Courtney, The episode should be on iTunes. If your iTunes does not update automatically, you can force and update by right clicking and selecting "Update Podcast." There are also links to download the episode directly in the show notes. Hope this helps! Thanks, Edward for TLCAvatar Image says: Heheee, is it just me or is the PotterCast in fast forward? It sounds cool and adds to the whole feeling of squee all the same. Just checking its not my computer playing up! In the trailer in the beginning sequence where Dumbledore touches the rocks, is that his blackened hand or is it just the lighting?Avatar Image says: Why was McGonagall's wand flashing lighting and everyone was all looking at her strange?? Don't know what scene that was.. any ideas???Avatar Image says: Blu3stick I thought that was a really interesting part too! I have no idea what that could be, but I'm thinking it has to be after Dumbledore's death. Also, didn't the lightning look really fake to you guys? Not up to par with the other effects in the trailer.. Avatar Image says: didn't you notice the disappearance of harry in a scene???, great trailer!!!....and ginny and harry....leaving them for the grand finale???Avatar Image says: THANK YOU FOR CALLING ME POTTERCAST! I turned into a ridiculously over the top fangirl, sory about that. But seriously I'm so happy I got to talk to you guys in any case, thank you, thank you, thank you!!Avatar Image says: OMG! I can't FRCIKIN WAIT EVEN THOUGH I HAVE TO! I just REALLY, REALLY, hope Michael Gambon improves his Dumbledore! BUT OMG OMG...!!! *SQUEEEE*Avatar Image says: Thank you "Edward from TLC" for explaning where to get the pottercast. Sorry i was just spazing out because i couldnt get it even when i clicked the link in the shownotes. But it works now. Thanks again. :)Avatar Image says: I agree this trialer looks like it has some unfinished parts for example McGonagall's spell looks really fake, Bellatrix appears to be casting a spell, without the flash and color they usually add in the movies. Anyways this is awesome! now im goign to listen to the pottercast! :DAvatar Image says: "but I am the chosen one" lolo... so funny! Avatar Image says: "but I am the chosen one" lolo... so funny! Avatar Image says: "but I am the chosen one" lolo... so funny! Avatar Image says: "but I am the chosen one" Something right in the same "vein" as "Just because YOU have the emotional range of a teaspoon!" ROFL!!!! Can't wait for the movie! Thanks, 'Leaky' Avatar Image says: That last scene where Harry tells Hermione he is the "chosen one" is funny!Avatar Image says: correct me if i'm wrong, but voldemort (ralph fiennes) does not make an actual appearance in this movie, so the flash of him is from either GOF or OOTP.. so i don't really see how he would be creeping around hogwart's hallways... did anyone notice, that right after harry yelles: fight back you coward! and they show the cornfield back at the burrow, harry steps in front of ginny to protect her from greyback.. i'm sure it follows the scene where ginny is disarmed. awww my thoughts on if the trailer softened the blow on the wb betrayal: i think a lot of people are feeling elated lately when we get pictures and snippets of the movie.. but i don't buy it. first of all, this is not a confirmed official trailer, meaning wb did not release it, it got leaked. so wb did not give us anything. and even if they give the official trailer, it's not an equal substitute for the movie we were already promised... so as excited as i am for this trailer and the movie, cause it looks great, i'm not letting wb off the hookAvatar Image says: Hahaha! Not Ron and Snape, but Harry and Hermione and the book-whacking!Avatar Image says: Still have not watched any trailer for this movie because I don't want it spoiled. It sucks right now because I am missing out on all this commenting but it will pay off when I see the film next summer and it is all 100% new stuff that I've never seen before. But that's just me, I am happy that everyone else is enjoying the trailer(s) so much.Avatar Image says: That was amazing! I cant wait! Which makes absolutly peeved because the bloody movie does come out for another 8 months. Warner Bros. really knows how to screw things up. Oh well Its still going to be a wicked movie!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: hey Rachel if you are out there you have to watch the trailer! go do it now!Avatar Image says: I love ya Court.Avatar Image says: I liked that trailer better than the last one's you showed me.Avatar Image says: Thank you so much for doing this episode! I enjoyed it a lot, and if I can stay away from watching the trailer and other clips until the premiere it sounds like the cinema experience will be a blast. (I kind of spoiled the whole cinema experience for myself for GoF, by watching everything I could get my hands on.) It's a horribly long time away, the premiere, but I want the visual surprise element this time! :)Avatar Image says: Love the trailer!!! I'm almost positive that the outside of the cave was shot at the Cliffs of Moher on west coast of Ireland. Beautiful, amazing place and it looks just like that. It was also used as the Cliffs of Insanity in Priness Bride, LOL. Avatar Image says: ok, i have a question. Where professore mcgonnigal and all the students are out, is that that one end scene after they see dumbledorel body? If so, why is neville, hermione and ron have no scracthes on them from the attacks? Is this an indication that the battle scene is cut from the movie? thank you in advamce for any thoughts on my questions.

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