Trailer Talk on PotterCast: Call-In With Your Thoughts!


Oct 26, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

We’re recording a special PotterCast right now about the new International trailer, so if you’re around and want to weigh in, e-mail your Skype name or phone number to [email protected]. Do it now and we’ll call you soon!

Update: All done! Thanks for the great discussion, guys.

14 Responses to Trailer Talk on PotterCast: Call-In With Your Thoughts!

Avatar Image says: Oh so tempted to call, but I'd probably fangirl too much.Avatar Image says: That was short notice. I probably missed it. :( New TLC poll?Avatar Image says: Crap, I just sent an email and then realized how lond ago this was posted :(Avatar Image says: They just called me, and I babbled like a tool, LOL. But it was fun! Thanks, Pottercast! Avatar Image says: Sent my skype in. Freaking excited and hyper as a little puppy that had way too much sugar.Avatar Image says: omg! i just saw this right now and like freaked out! i so wanted to call but then i saw i was to late )= now to go find my head phones so i can watch the trailer! i'm so excited! Avatar Image says: What its over?! i missed it!!!!!!!!! dang that sounded like it would have been so much fun! But the trailer is great! :)Avatar Image says: wow, sounds like this'll be uploaded soon! sweet, trailer talk. Avatar Image says: OMG, the new trailer is so exciting! ...can't say more, have to go and watch it ad-nauseum, see you in July!Avatar Image says: THANKS SO MUCH FOR CALLING ME POTTERCAST!!! <33333Avatar Image says: So is the pottercast on itunes yet to get? does anyone know?Avatar Image says: omg. i missed it. well.. that sux. lmao Avatar Image says: ok, i have a question. Where professore mcgonnigal and all the students are out, is that that one end scene after they see dumbledorel body? If so, why is neville, hermione and ron have no scracthes on them from the attacks? Is this an indication that the battle scene is cut from the movie? thank you in advamce for any thoughts on my questions.Avatar Image says: Да, интернет - он не маленький, если и такое можно откопать ;)

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