Halloween Edition of “The Quibbler” Now Online


Oct 27, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Just in time for Halloween, the latest issue of “The Quibbler” is here containing “all the news you won’t find anywhere else.” This issue features the most haunting news on a possible Goblin War; Ghost Attacks and Muggle cover ups; equally shocking news about Aurors, Dementors, and Gilderoy Lockhart; and much more. In addition to this, “The Quibbler” contains a new batch of Letters from the Editor, Luna’s love advice, and some Halloween themed goodies for your reading pleasure. You can view this issue of “The Quibbler” in PDF format via this link. All of our previous issues can be found in our Archive section. Be sure to also check out “The Quibbler” forum on our Leaky Lounge.

To contribute to future editions of “The Quibbler’ you can email the
staff at [email protected] or check out the guidelines
and more right here. As always, the Quibbler is produced by our own Rudius Hagrid, Chloe, Danae, Doris, Draonsinger, Dreamteam,
Evreka, Jamie, Harry’s Horntail, Abbey, Isabel, libbysmom, Lirene,
Gina, Lunesta, Manaki, Mary Wandygaurd, Moose_Star, Red Scharlach,
rowena r, SeverineSnape, Sevritus, and wordsaremagic. Enjoy!

16 Responses to Halloween Edition of “The Quibbler” Now Online

Avatar Image says: I can't wait to read it! First?Avatar Image says: First, second, fifth, twenty-second....who cares? LOL That was the best Quibbler, to date! I especially liked Luna's Column and meeting Aberforth's Goats! Love it, love it! Can't wait for the Christmas Issue!!!!!Avatar Image says: how do you read it? help or no help, im reading this stuff.. Avatar Image says: this issue was great! the puzzles were so fun, especially padma's dinner dates. :)Avatar Image says: Hi Becca Since I am not sure what computer system you have or what software you use, I can only give general directions. First, you need to down the the PDF file--You can do that from this comments page where you see the words "PDF format via this link. " Put your curson on that and click. Of course you still can't read it unless you have a pdf reader like Acrobat (or if you are a Mac user, Preview). Fortunately these programs are free and come preinstalled on most computers. There are other pdf readers, but those are the two main ones. Some folks have pdf plugins in their web browser and can open the page right in their web browser. We certainly hope you all enjoy this month's edition. Xeno has been feeling a bit under the weather and some of us jumped in as volunteers. I hope we haven't messed things up too much.Avatar Image says: yes. but you see the thing is is that i cannot download the pdf. i was just wondering if there was anyway to just read it on the site. i am absoloutly obsessed with the harry potter movies... (and rupert grint:S) and i would really not like to miss out on this opportunity.Avatar Image says: Well, I didn't mean to insult you or anything, Confederate Lady, so if I annoyed you, sorry. Just saying that your first won't kill anyone. Oh and after I read the articles, it's even better than I expected! Luna's column is extremely funny!Avatar Image says: hello? i really need help with this. im sorry but i cant stay on the computer forever.:PAvatar Image says: becca, why can't you download the pdf? What browser are you using and what kind of computer do you have? PC/Mac? It's very hard to give help or constructive work-arounds when we don't know this... Avatar Image says: Ohh!!! New issue of the Quibbler. I can't wait to read it. Hey, when I got home today guess what I found waiting for me on my porch. My copy of Melissa's book, Harry, A History, was delivered today. I am so excited. I can't wait to start reading it. Unfortunately, I have a whole stack of papers to grade first. Wait a minute, I have to get my priorities straight...Harry first, then grading. Yeah!!!! It looks good Melissa. JKMcGonagall (Kay)Avatar Image says: that was my first read of the Quibbler, what a joy! Are you watching and listening, WB? The fans know what the Quibbler would say, what kind of articles it would contain! I'd like to see Luna's column be like a "Dear Abbey" column, she would give the best, off the wall responses, that somehow always made eternal sense in the end...lol...I am giggling to myself, just thinking about them...hehehe...oh, and wouldn't it be great if Hermione was a roving reporter, she could interview those in the "regular wizarding community" which ofcourse, Xeno would throw his spin on the results...it would be a laugh!Avatar Image says: No offence taken, Ethan! I was more funnin' at myself!!! Meaning, "I didn't care WHERE I came in! It was just great!" Sorry if I sounded "short"...didn't mean anything by it! It was brilliant! [the Quibbler, I mean!]Avatar Image says: ooohh.. never mind guys, iv figured it out! ooohh.. and it IS really cool. lmaoAvatar Image says: The "Unregistered Animagus" looks exactly like my best friend's dog!!!! (except without the suit) =} not kidding!!!!! =O Avatar Image says: Okay every time I click on the PDF format link it just shows a blank page so I decided to try to access the Quibbler from the links at the top under Potter News and it showed my a error sign, I tried it on multiple computers, I am going to try not using AOL, and see if it worksAvatar Image says: I got the PDF link to work in Firefox on the third try. But the Quibbler link under Potter News at the top still had an error message.

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