Happy Birthday, John Cleese


Oct 27, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Birthday wishes go out today to actor John Cleese, who portrays the character of Nearly Headless Nick (Sir Nicholas de Mimsy Porpington) in the Harry Potter films. Please join us in wishing Mr. Cleese a very happy 69th birthday! Cheers!

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Avatar Image says: Have A Very Sexy Birthday John! I LOVE YOU :-)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday!! You're a totally awesome guy!! I hope we get to see more of you in the movies to come! <3 <3 <3Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Mr Cleese! Manuel, bring the cake. No, no. The CAKE.Avatar Image says: happy 69th, john! the harry potter movies wouldnt be the same without nearly headless nick! xoxoAvatar Image says: Cool!!! It's my birthday too!! Happy Birthday, you make a great Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington!! (Nearly Headless Nick)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday!!!!! (Side note: Is he coming back for DH, because THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!)Avatar Image says: LANCELOT!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Basil!!Avatar Image says: I had seen some of the "Monty Python" shows and liked them very much, but a friend gave me the "Fawlty Towers" series on DVD and I fell in love. My only regret is that there are just 12 episodes. It's some of the VERY FUNNIEST comedy I've ever seen!!!!! I adore you John Cleese and may you have a HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday!!!!!Avatar Image says: The only thing that would make me more (if possible) exited for the HBP movie would be a picture or video snippet of a ghost. I'm so sad they've not been very present the previous films. I guess Moaning Myrtle has, but I want them knights and the bloody baron.. Something to give Hogwarths more depth and history in the movies, i felt the ghosts really gave that. Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday John!!! You are SO totally awesome!!! Sir Nicholas is a great character, and you are such a talented actor!!! Best Wishes!!! Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DAvatar Image says: Have a fantastic birthday John! You have brought so much laughter into everyone's lives, and comedy wouldn't have been the same without you. You rock! And thank you for making a fantastic Sir Nicholas :) Radish :)Avatar Image says: Si, Si, Mr Faulty! Happy bday!Avatar Image says: "You started it, You invaded Poland" Lmao - I love John In fawlty towers, also in the HP movies. Happy B'day!!Avatar Image says: "You started it, You invaded Poland" Lmao – I love John In fawlty towers, also in the HP movies. Happy B’day!!Avatar Image says: I missed Nearly Headless Nick from OOTP. I really enjoyed his scene with Harry during the end of the year feast in the book. The whole loss of Sirius makes my eyes water every time.Avatar Image says: I agree Ben, the ghosts in the first 2 films really gave Hogwarths a sense that this aint no ordinary boarding school! I miss the ghosts too. KB Prez, John Cleese wrote and produced that series and deliberately stopped at 12 episodes. He didnt want it to deteriorate and felt it was right to end it there despite the rocket high ratings. He is like today's Ricky Gervais, they never run their ideas into the gutter and dont give in to pressure. Cleese was brilliant in his day. Fawlty Towers is my second all time favourite comedy series which I can never get bored of watching again and again.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday John Cleese! Avatar Image says: Any Monty Python member is welcome to have a great birthday!Avatar Image says: Congratulation and salutations! I hope you're getting lots of um... cake. Many happy returns (and Colin the Lemur say "hi")Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Birthday Twin (same day as me!) May you have many more, or as many as you care to. We love you! Avatar Image says: Happpy birthday nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: @KBPrez, the reason why Faulty Towers is so excellent is because there are only 12 eps. They also had a very high standard of production, taking 6 weeks to film one episode! It is also one of my all time favourite comedies, and Monty Python are legend.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday John!Avatar Image says: I've been a fan of Cleese for a long time. Things like Monty Python and Faulty Towers only get funnier as you get older. If he wasn't NHNick, he would've made a perfect Scrimgour. I think the whole Monty Python cast should've been in the movies. Terry Jones would've made a perfectly revolting Aunt Marge (or maybe Umbridge), Eric Idle would've been a memorable Peeves, Michael Palin would've been great as Sirius or a Gaunt(I'm thinking of him as the old hobo during Flying Circus credits), Graham Chapman (were he alive) would've made a fitting Fundge, and of course I'm of the opinion that Terry Gilliam should've directed the whole series. I want to visit the alternate universe where Monty Python's Harry Potter was filmed.Avatar Image says: My husband! Ni! (as in... the Knights who say "Ni!)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday! Hope it was great. You are a good ghost :-)

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