New “Destination Hogwarts” Game Due for UK


Oct 28, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

A new game involving the world of Harry Potter is being released for those living in the UK. The Telegraph is reporting today that a board game called “Destination Hogwarts” is due to be launched later this week, created by a woman who was once a cabbie in London. The original version of the board game was created by Rachel Lowe and ” involves collecting
fares to famous places and avoiding traffic lights and speeding fines…The £19.99 Hogwarts edition, featuring places in the Potter books, is being
launched at a Halloween event and shops expect to sell at least 50,000
copies before Christmas.”

You can see a photo of the game with the creator, here. According to the game website, this product is not currently available to ship for those outside the UK. While details on what is involved with the Hogwarts game are not yet online, if anyone has this game, please send in your photos and report and we will add to the post!

Thanks for the heads up Shannon.

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Avatar Image says: £19.99? The site says it's £24.99! Anyway it looks good, it will be going on my Christmas list =)Avatar Image says: ugh. i wish they would ship it outside the uk. maybe they'll let us american fans get a chance to buy it. i've got my fingers crossed!Avatar Image says: yay something to be added to the xmas list!Avatar Image says: yay a new item for my b-day!! dec 16th ^^ , and ill ask more potter stuff...on xmas a week later ^^ heheheAvatar Image says: Why on earth not for shipment outside of US?? I know I would rather play the game with strictly UK stuff like pounds instead of dollars, weird date formats, etc. I really hope they don't Americanize it too much. That happens enough already with the books!Avatar Image says: Yeah!!!! Im so gonna get that. :) Avatar Image says: Creepy. I saw that woman on some show on BBC America. Is this authorized?Avatar Image says: I love the Destination games, they're really great fun and a HP one would be awesome! I really can't wait!Avatar Image says: Whoa! that is so expensive! isnt that like 40 US dollars?Avatar Image says: wow thats like....$31.17 in U.S dollars. Avatar Image says: Brianna--is that including tax? ;)Avatar Image says: They want ship to the us yeah right everyone has their priceAvatar Image says: will not ship to the usAvatar Image says: ooooooooooooooooh I can't wait I am going to get it this Friday YAY! (I live in the UK)Avatar Image says: I remember her on Dragon's Den. They laughed at her and told her the idea was rubbish. I love these kind of stories where she comes back and shows their arse up

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