“Half-Blood Prince” Named Most Anticipated Film from MovieTickets.com


Oct 29, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

A new poll from MoiveTickets.com asked fans to choose the film they are most anticipating in the coming year. Fans voted from August till October and picked the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” film as number one. The poll indicates that the sixth Harry Potter film is more anticipated by those polled than other future high-profile releases such as the sequels to “X-Men,” “Transformers,” “Ice Age,” and “Night at the Museum.” In regards to the results of this poll, Garry Hiller, a president for MovieTickets.com, is quoted as saying: “These polling results provide very early, valuable insight into
comparative long-lead moviegoer awareness and interest levels.” The Top 10 List of Most Anticipated Films from MovieTickets.com is as follows:

  • 1. “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”
  • 2. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”
  • 3. “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”
  • 4. “Public Enemies”
  • 5. “Angels & Demons”
  • 6. “Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian”
  • 7. “The Informant”
  • 8. “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”
  • 9. “The Day the Earth Stood Still”
  • 10. “The Taking of Pelham 123″

As readers are aware, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” arrives in theaters July 17, 2009.

28 Responses to “Half-Blood Prince” Named Most Anticipated Film from MovieTickets.com

Avatar Image says: Whoohoooooooo HP!!!!!!! Of course this sort of a "well, DUH!!" moment! :D And Wolverine should be great, too!!!!!Avatar Image says: Well of course!!!! I can't wait for this movie!Avatar Image says: Ooooh, big surprise. Not! I think anyone could have predicted that. Avatar Image says: omg. there is NO surprize there, i can truthfully say that harry potter movies are thee bessttt EVEERRR!!! WOOT WOOT!! so random: i love you rupert!Avatar Image says: So shocking, NOT! LOL ! Go Harry Potter!!!! I never knew Dan Brown's Angels & Demons would be made into a motion picture, can't wait to see that as well... but yeah, Harry Potter!!!Avatar Image says: Of course it is! It was the most anticipated movie for 2008 too, but we all know what happened to that so of course now that we suddenly have to wait another year before we can see it our anticipation is going to be through the roof. I mean come on did you geniuses over at movietickets.com seriously need a poll to tell you that one? HP will always come out on top!Avatar Image says: I would except nothing less, though i don't think the movie will due justice to the 6th book whatsoever. I''m sure they'll leave out tons of information as they've done in each other film.Avatar Image says: How is it that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (apparently the most anticipated movie of 2009) FAILED to make the top 3 choice for both females and males? And Night at the Museum 2, the sixth most anticipated movie of 2009 MADE the top three choices for both females and males. I don't get it.Avatar Image says: See? That's why Warner Bros. postponed the film. More hype!Avatar Image says: Of course it is better than other sequels, because Harry Potter is seven parts of a whole rather than- well that was cool, let's try and draw it out. Its certainly the movie I'm most anticipating in 2009, though I did not vote in this poll.Avatar Image says: Bella, have you heard of a little film called The Dark Knight? I'm pretty sure it was the most anticipated of 2008. Avatar Image says: I guess Warner Brothers knows what ther're doingAvatar Image says: Why am I not surprised?Avatar Image says: I think Indiana Jones was pretty anticipated as well. This made me realize how many bad films are out now that night at the museum 2 would make a most anticipated list. Avatar Image says: That's awesome! Public Enemies is high on my list too, because it was filmed in my hometown :) I <3 Johnny Depp.Avatar Image says: I can't wait for HBP, but I can't deny that I am WAY more excited for Wolverine. I know what to expect, more or less, from an HP movie ... seeing more than 2 hrs of Hugh Jackman as Wolvie is something that I've been longing for since the first X-Men movie. :DDDAvatar Image says: Well duh, of course its highly anticipated we hve bin made 2 wait another 6 moths!!Avatar Image says: I kinda get what WB has been up to all along. I mean...Twilight, Hancok, Iron Man, Indiana Jones, Dark Night, Hulk 2...It's kinda obvious that with all the marketing that all these movies are getting, H.Potter might not be so anticipated. But 2009 is free, and WB can sure get more audience after that.Avatar Image says: it's the most anticipated films for me principally because I was expecting to go and see it this next month!!Avatar Image says: HPB #1 i am not surprise at all. when something is good it remain good no matter what!!!!!1Avatar Image says: yeah, i'm kinda glad they postponed it. the anticipation is pretty fun; come next summer everyone's going to be really pumped and it'll be all the better because we've waited so long.Avatar Image says: isn't that what the money grubbing A HOLES wanted more hype more anticipation MORE MONEY,i say we boycott the movie,see how much they like thatAvatar Image says: @G,Johnson you can boycott all you want, i doubt enough people will boycott to make a dent. I for one will not boycott it..i already know by the time july comes around, i'll see it the day it comes out.. Why? because its the most anticipated film of 2009! i want to see it. I was devastated when they pushed it back, but im over it now. I dont care, at least they will be releasing it. I know i wont be able to resist seeing it as soon as i can. Avatar Image says: Hey I agree totally!!!! they should so bring Dobby back,Avatar Image says: Well Duh! Harry Potter is only the best thing EVER! I'm not surprised that it beat terminator thingamy whoop-whoop especially when in Australia to go and get good seats for Harry Potter you have to get in early. It's a bummer that its not coming out until next year, I think I'll just go kill warner brothers, excuse me.Avatar Image says: Of course! I mean, I've read that book (of course). It will be awesome!Avatar Image says: the only other one i've even heard of is ice age.. WOO ice age! but double WOO hbp! can't freakin' wait !!!!!Avatar Image says: EVERYONE IS COUNTING THE DAYS ...I AM STILL CONSIDERING TO CAMPAIGN A 1 WEEK BOYCOTT IN JULY.... THOUGH NOBODY WILL LISTEN 2 ME.

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