We Interrupt This Crafting for Real Life

Oct 30, 2008

Posted by: John Admin


*looks at date of last blog entry, groans*

Has it really been that long?

*holds hands up in protests*

Okay, okay it has.

*glares at Real Life*

Sometimes, the best ideas, plans and projects get shoved aside for
‘Real Life” Kind of what happened to me for the past few weeks.
Instead of major time with a crochet hook in my hands, I was offered an
addition to my position at work which involved training the weekend
after my last post in OKC and hitting the ground
running to learn a new computer program and input information from the
first of the year in time for meetings in September and on October 1.

It was a push. It was work. It was extra hours….. And it was
accomplished and worth it. And I still managed to sneak in come craft
time to keep it all together as well as some connected time with my
Harry Potter crafting friends and fellow crafty witches (Yes you …
you know it!)

And finally some crafting time as the Oct 1 report was done ready and submitted….

…. well until I ended up doubled over in pain and laying in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm waiting for surgery.

It’s rather amazing to me what thoughts run through your mind when all
you can do is lay there and wait and you’re not sure how things are
going to go. Husband — children — Mom. Making sure hubby calls the
others and reminding him he just has to call A cause you know she’s the
first number listed on your speed dial alphabetically so he’ll find her
easiest. Knowing A will call the rest of your Crafty Witches — family!

And the want… the want to feel a crochet hook in my hands and yarn
and yet knowing I hurt way too much to do anything with them but that
feeling of ‘needing’ it there. Wondering how long before you’d be back
to crafting. All pictures of being home include hubby, furbabies and
your crafting in your hands.

becomes a part of you. A very real part. I learned that these past
two weeks on the most clearest level. Even my daughter had to ask my
husband “Does she feel like crocheting?” to gauge how serious was my
pain or how my recovery was coming. She panicked to find I had not even asked for it. It has become so integral a part
of my life.

Thankfully the unexpected surgery went well and
I am home and went back to work yesterday… But the crochet was back
in my hands the night I came home from the hospital….

Life has its essential needs – breathing, eating, crochet.

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