New Photos of Emma Watson and More from WB Still Photographer


Oct 31, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Over the years a photographer named Jaap Buitendijk has done work for various movie campaigns, including the Harry Potter films. Mr. Buitendijk has now updated his personal website with a few photos from Half-Blood Prince, including a new one of Ron and Harry walking in the corridors of Hogwarts.

Also, earlier this year actress Emma Watson had pictures taken by this same photographer, several which appeared on her official website, with more now available, one new, as well as these.

Thanks to UHP for emailing about the Emma photo.

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Avatar Image says: Aww she looks really beautiful on all of them. She has changed so much since starting out as Hermione. First to comment?Avatar Image says: Oops I spelt my username wrong it's loveisthegreatestmagic oops silly typo. I really do like these pictures but it would be better to see some of Emma as Hermione and more of Harry and Ginny together. I really can't wait to see the film. It would have been only three weeks if they hadn't moved it (insert dramatic sigh here).Avatar Image says: Ron and Harry have rucksacks in hand? Anyone any ideas as to what they might be doing?Avatar Image says: EmmaLouis I think they are off to go and kidnap Malfoy and hold him ransom. The bags contain food to keep them going during the hideout and anything else they need for the job. OR perhaps the bags are just their schoolbags and they are heading to/coming out of a lesson. We will just have to wait and see but I think my first suggestion is highly probable. (Just in case you haven't realised I have a kinda weird sense of humour)Avatar Image says: Emma is stunning, she gets better looking each film. I can't wait to see her kiss both Dan and Rupert in the next film. Wonder which kiss will be hotter? I'm betting it'll be dan and emma's cuz they got such great chemistry.Avatar Image says: Oooh, some Dutch pride here on TLC. They are lovely pictures.Avatar Image says: i like the pic of ron and harry Avatar Image says: she is so freakishly beautiful. It hurts my feelings. haha.Avatar Image says: I really like the Ron Harry one, if only it was in hi def i'd put it as my wallpaper. Looks like when they were filming at Gloucester cathedral. There was a video a while back of them filming there and Ron says something like "why does it have to be potions" anyway it looks exactly like that scene they were shooting- going to potions class OR loveisthegreatestmagic is right. The whole Malfoy ransom thing seems fairly likelyAvatar Image says: I was on that site yesterday and i could have sworn they had Dan's picture up there instead of the trio's. Ha, bet certain fans complained! (knew it would happen)Avatar Image says: Emma has such a natural beauty about her. It's refreshing to see a young woman who does not feel the need to "hide" that behind too much make-up & fluff! Go Emma!Avatar Image says: Awww I love that picture! I think that the rucksacks are for when they go to Hogsmede or mabe just their school bags! I LOVE HARRY POTTER! I am actually like Luna sooooo much! Its scary I might be in the Deathly Hallows as an extra Cant wait! LOVE YOU ! xoxoxoxoxAvatar Image says: Great, some Dutch pride :). Love the photos ! She's beautiful..!Avatar Image says: Wow who would have known little Hermione Granger would grow into someone like that. She is so stunning. Amazing pictures. I definetly see modelung in her futreAvatar Image says: wow emma is so pretty! these pictures look realy good. does anyone know how to play "The Leaky Song" that is at the bottom of the page? i dont know if my computer is just being weird or what but it wont play.Avatar Image says: those photos of emma really arent flattering. at all. and i hate to think that photographer got paid thousands to take them :/Avatar Image says: wow those were on that site in April. Still love them though. Emma's beautiful!Avatar Image says: but wow gold burying it deep in Prot wowpower leveling :wowlevelingus.comAvatar Image says: HI ITS ME SHUHAB ANJUM I LOVE YOU SSSSSSSSSOooooooo MUCH YOU ARE A GOOD GIRL AND SWEET.........Avatar Image says: when does hermione kiss harry in the next film?Avatar Image says: It's not actually Hermione that kisses Harry it's the Riddle Hermione that kisses Riddle Harry when Ron is trying to stab the locket in DH. But still Emma is going to have to kiss Dan, well that's if the writers done cut it out.Avatar Image says: oops that's meant to be 'don't cut it out'. I really need to proof read what I write.Avatar Image says: Lorelai, the leaky song doesn't work for me too, the photos are too good !!!! I don't want the kissing scene to be cut but I don't want it to be very long either, you understand what I mean to say, I hope ?? Cause I can't bear to see "Hermione" with anyone else except "Ron". And who thinks that the photos aren't flattering ??? I would wander around her like "bees" wandering for honey !!!!Avatar Image says: Totally off topic...Got my "Harry, A History this AM from Amazon. Can't wait!!!Avatar Image says: I was on that site yesterday and i could have sworn they had Dan’s picture up there instead of the trio’s. Ha, bet certain fans complained! (knew it would happen) Posted by sunny on October 31, 2008, 01:04 PM SUNNY MOST OF THE TIME IF YOU GET ON THIS WEBSITE ESPICALLY LIKE MORE THAN ONCE A DAY.. LOTS OF TIMES THEY CHANGE THE PICS.. I'M SURE NO 1 WAS COMPLAINING OR YOU WOULD SEE THE COMMENTS...DUH!Avatar Image says: plus sunny this was the wrong place to bring up that topic.. on this comment we're talking bout how pretty emma pictures are!Avatar Image says: Lovely pictures as always! She is stunning!Avatar Image says: yea, ur right. she looks absoloutly beautiful in thes pictures!!Avatar Image says: What's Harry carrying in the picture? A broomstick?Avatar Image says: I believe Ron and Harry are going to Potions class (considering that video sneak we got AGES ago where Ron's like "But I don't like potions." and that was the scene of them walking down this hall. Avatar Image says: all the pictures are great! and while i agree that emma is beautiful, i really wish that her hair was darker and more hermione-ish for the movie. it's too blonde and styled. Avatar Image says: wow emma is beautifulAvatar Image says: you look so beautiful, I love you Emma...Avatar Image says: Emma you will have no problem as a model, you proved that in the goblet of fire when you appeared on the stairs at the yule ball.daniel was right when he stated in the commentary interview at the end of the movie that you are quite beautiful, and let me say that you are very beautiful. good luck Emma. joe. c.c.Avatar Image says: Emma just keeps on getting more & more beautiful. I reckon she is going to b one of the very few celebs to b able 2 got out in public with absolutely no make up on and still look like a supermodel on the catwalk! Good on u Emma and keep at it, u'll only keep getting better & better. P.S. I think that dan & rupert's photo is pretty cool. Can't wait till the movie comes out! Avatar Image says: i like emma very much ............i love him

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