PotterCast 171: This is Halloween


Oct 31, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

First, have you checked out and subscribed to PotterCast’s new daily vlogs? Second:: As Halloween is now upon us, we have a treat for you in the form of a brand new episode of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast. Our 171st episode kicks off with Sue’s News, which includes Scholastic’s interviews with a few key people behind the Harry Potter novels, more theme park rumors, a marketing professor’s report on the readers of Harry Potter, “Beedle the Bard” publication news, confirmation of two of the people who received hand-written copies, and news on the release plans. This is followed by the latest installment of Bit-by-Bit, which closes out Chapter Fifteen of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” with Ron’s exit. We then have for you a Halloween edition of Canon Conclundrums. Ghosts are theme for this week’s discussion, for the PotterCasters talk about the ghosts of Hogwarts Castle and how they came to be. Finally, the show wraps up with the Quartet talking about Melissa’s book shipping early, Moochka at Halloween, Sue gives John a sock and sends him on his way, more on the PotterCast vlogs, and more. To listen, just hit the “Play” button on the right
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“This is Halloween”

  • Actual news.
  • The Trio lives!
  • Chapter 15.
  • Phineus lending a helping hand.
  • Ron’s struggle with the locket.
  • “…He’s dead.”
  • How house ghosts become house ghosts.
  • Mummy costume for Moochka?
  • Go-go gadget wand!

RT: 81:52

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Editors: Stede Bonnett, Andrew Garner

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Avatar Image says: sweet!!!! happy halloween to me! Pottercast: All treat, no trick.Avatar Image says: yay pottercast!Avatar Image says: Im so tired lol but i cant go to bed without Pottercast!! Avatar Image says: Pottercast at 1:02 a.m. Thanks from the night owls. Hey owls lolAvatar Image says: Happy Halloween, Pottercast! :)Avatar Image says: Yay! Moochka <3 Happy Halloween everyone!Avatar Image says: My guess at the remaining original four Beedle the Bard owners would be Jo's agent Christopher Little, Jo's UK editor for the latter books Emma Matthewson, Jo's sister Diane and Jo's eldest daughter Jessica. Of those I think the first two are most likely, I am less sure about the other two and (as suggested in the show) Fiddy is also possible.Avatar Image says: Happy Halloween!!!Avatar Image says: NOT ON ITUNES! im sad! but it should be greatAvatar Image says: With regard to ghosts moving things it was a WOMBAT 2 answer that "Ghosts can cause movement of both liquid and gas" so they will be able to do water and air, but will require Peeves' help to do anything with solid objects.Avatar Image says: As much sense as it would be for the Ministry to converse with Ghosts, I am sure they don't. Other wise Dumbledore would have questioned moaning Mertle long before Harry did. Most wizards overlook house elves half breeds and the like, if Dumbledore over looked Mertle when he doesn't the others I doubt the Ministry would think much about Ghosts as helpful. That's just my thought.Avatar Image says: Re: the WOMBAT2 question (good find, roonwit!) think about how they actually 'speak'... Unless they're projecting psychic vibes that humans perceive as 'sound', when ghosts speak the air vibrates, either magically or as part of them affecting it physically.Avatar Image says: Please, no more talk of The Tales of Beedle the Bard! I had a copy of the collectors edition pre-ordered but due to the Australian dollar sliding into oblivion I can no longer afford it :( But there is still the Dumbledore approved version, so I suppose it is not all bad!Avatar Image says: Thanks for the Halloween show, Pottercasters! It was good to spend some time thinking about ghosts in HP, and the Bit-by-Bit was interesting too.Avatar Image says: Squeeee! Only two days until Harry, A History!Avatar Image says: i cant get it on itunes either :(Avatar Image says: I'm listening to the ghost part right now and is Peeves considered a ghost? He can hold anything he wants to, and seems ghosty but he's a poltergeist. And then, how do you become a poltergeist? Is that another death door choice? "First choice: Afterlife or Ghost. *picks Ghost* Second Choice: Poltergeist or Normal" Or something. If you think about it, there are so many different types of ghosts so I think it's probably just a character thing. Like the Weasley twins would become poltergeists while someone different would be a normal ghost. OHOH! maybe I'm off but thinking about how all of the ghosts died, it seems like they were all murdered (was the Bloody Baron?). Ehhhh?Avatar Image says: Hmm... a couple notes on ghosts: Wizards must have some jurisdiction over ghosts, because originally Myrtle haunted Olive Hornby (wedding day and all, right?) until she had the Ministry step in... Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. And about ghosts having corporeal form and such, the only example that was cited was Myrtle clogging the toilets, but something similar, I imagine, is the fact that they were able to fan Nick to the hospital wing. If ghosts had no corporeal...ness... wouldn't the fan have had no affect? ... just a couple thoughts I had oh... and Gianni Giovedì! (That's Johnny Thursday in Italian... and it's alliteration, huzzah!)Avatar Image says: HappY HaLLoWeN!!!Avatar Image says: Aires: You don't become a poltergeist, because they were never alive. Peeves is a product of the atmosphere of magical mischief at Hogwarts. With regard to Harry becoming a ghost, I don't think that was an option. He could choose to go on, which means staying in the afterlife, or go back. Normally going back would be the choice to become a ghost, but Lily's sacrifice means that this choice for Harry is resuming his life.Avatar Image says: we shouldn't celebrate Halloween! We should mourn! That is the day James and Lily Potter died to protect their son! The beginning of Harry's miserable life .. =(Avatar Image says: well i listened to it late but i loe the wrap up. when u guys are doing the wrap up. i love when rank (im not sure wat ur name is) and john are talking bout the coustumes i couldnt stop laughing. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.Avatar Image says: i agree with tegalto. good thinkin dude.Avatar Image says: My guess is that a ghost trying to go through the veil would just pop out on the other side, without being able to get behind it.Avatar Image says: horry potterAvatar Image says: I KNOW I AM TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LATE FOR THIS BUT HPPY HALLOWEEN 2 ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!

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