Dan Radcliffe Nominated at People’s Choice Award


Nov 10, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Entertainment Tonight and Reuters UK are reporting that actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is among those nominated at the People’s Choice Awards, in the new category “Favorite Star Under 35.” Voting is now open for these awards, and if you would like, you can register then play a brackett game through to vote. Voting runs now until December 7. The 35th People’s Choice Awards will be presented January 7, 2009 and broadcast on CBS television.

18 Responses to Dan Radcliffe Nominated at People’s Choice Award

Avatar Image says: first Avatar Image says: I voted just now, but never say his name or even that category!Avatar Image says: i love Dan sfm.Avatar Image says: I just voted and never saw dan's name.Avatar Image says: You have to click on the vote for your favorite under 35 thing, it is not part of the regular People's Choice picks. Then they have you click over and over on your faves and they run them off against each other, so if you want Dan to win you have to keep going until the very end, have him be your final choice (beating out all the others) and then click the "submit" button on the left of where the pics come up. It takes just a couple of minutes, and I assume we can do it more than once. Hope that helps! Go, Dan!!!! :)Avatar Image says: Yes you have to click onthe area that says "favourite under 35" and then Dan's name will come up...come on everyone...VOTE!Avatar Image says: I did it. They picked a bad picture of Dan though. I picked him in the end, but I'll have to say - I really like John Krasinski (or whatever) too. He's very, very funny.Avatar Image says: I think HP fans should get an award for their efforts to repeatedly voting HP stars to a win these sort of online contests. When a HP star makes an award acceptance speech, they thank their fans and boy do they need to thank their fans as they wouldn't have got the award otherwise!Avatar Image says: good luck dan! hope he wins XD and i hope CSI win best TV Drama.. or house, i love that too, but CSI for the win xD Avatar Image says: Went back and forth through the voting several times, followed the directions people previously have written and never found the area where I'm supposed to vote for Dan.Avatar Image says: Reader511, when you click on "those nominated" above, you are taken to the main page. Then click on Play to Vote. That's where you get to choose your favourite star under 35. It's all just fun - I don't really get your point Professor Potter. Who else would vote for any of these people if not their fans? It's a voter's choice thing - not the Oscars.Avatar Image says: I voted and Dan won on my bracket!Avatar Image says: I was able to "play to vote" without having to register. I just clicked on it and the competitive brackets started. You have to play through both the men and women's brackets, and then finally choose between Dan and the winner of you chose from the women's competition . . . and that final winner would be Dan of course! Hope that helps a bit. And well said, Bebe! Avatar Image says: yeah, you don't have to register. you just have to do the CAPTCHA thing (which is especially hard on that site for some reason). I voted for Dan, but it was hard voting against Justin (yes, I'm a guy and a huge Justin T fan. He kicks butt. give me a break), and even harder voting against Anne Hathaway, but I did. ;-)Avatar Image says: Well said bebe, you tell it to me! I was just making a funny friendly jibe at the whole thing, mainly referring to the multiple clicking type voting. The winner doesnt even mean they are the most popular, but whose fans are the most passionate multiple clickers ;) But as you say, all part of the fun I done my fair share of multiple click voting too. I just cant help finding the whole thing funny!Avatar Image says: You're right, Professor Potter, it is rather funny!Avatar Image says: Thanks *Lemon*. I wouldn't have figured that out without you. EVERYBODY VOTE!Avatar Image says: LOVE Harry Potter =)!!!!

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