Scholastic to Publish 3.5 Million Copies of “Beedle,” Ads Planned for NYT, USA Today and More


Nov 10, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Publisher’s Weekly has a lengthy new piece online regarding the upcoming The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling where it notes that as this is the first new Harry Potter novel due out at the height of the holiday season, retailers are hoping for good sales. The article states the book “will have to ship from wholesalers during the Thanksgiving rush.
Ingram Book Group’s director of merchandising Mary McCarthy says the
logistics will be “challenging.” The company meets weekly to review
orders and transportation to ensure that everything will go smoothly.
Although she doesn’t expect Beedle to sell at the same levels as Deathly Hallows”Ingram’s initial order was roughly one-third of its initial buy for Deathly Hallows”it is still a major title.”

With Scholastic due to make a “first printing of 3.5 million copies” of Beedle, book stores are hoping sales will continue through the entire holiday season, and efforts are being made on that front. Major retailers such as Amazon and Borders are continuing to promote The Tales of Beedle the Bard, with Borders highlighting the book on Borders’s homepage and giving it front-of-store treatment in its stores on publication. Smaller book stores are taking a different approach. “At Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, Ill., children’s
coordinator Jan Dundon reports that advance sales are off to a slow
start. “It may not have the upfront excitement of a Harry Potter book,
but it will keep on selling’ she predicts. Following Rowling’s lead,
Anderson’s will use Beedle as a charity fundraiser throughout December for a local literacy group.”

Publishers Weekly notes that Scholastic has “decided to save most of its publicity push until late November and December,” with online promotion due to begin in earnest closer to publication date where fans can also expect “advertising slated for the New York Times Book Review and USA Today.”

On a related note, the article mentions Harry, A History by our own Melissa Anelli, and says that the book is now in its third print and that there are 98,000 copies of the paperback original in print. You can pre-order The Tales of Beedle the Bard and Harry, a History via our Cauldron Shop.

14 Responses to Scholastic to Publish 3.5 Million Copies of “Beedle,” Ads Planned for NYT, USA Today and More

Avatar Image says: Wow thats alot of books! First?Avatar Image says: Yay! I was first! lolAvatar Image says: I'm just happy it's printing more than Breaking Dawn sold...Avatar Image says: I really can't wait until I open my mail box and see it in there!!!!! OMG! It's almost here! I just love JKR!Avatar Image says: I can't wait! And I'm dying of suspense to read Harry, a History! It's not out til the 19th here... I've been bothering the Princes St Waterstones salespeople trying to get my hands on it... ;)Avatar Image says: They do realize they probably don't even need to advertise right? I mean, with stuff like likely throwing it all over the front of their site the types of people who are going to be most interested in this are going to know about it and an ad in the NYTimes isn't going to sway someone either way. They'd probably be better off spending all the advertising money on the internet as it would hit more of the core demographic than the NYTimes.Avatar Image says: I have been always somewhat disappointed that the leaky front page has no countdown or even a picture of Beedle the Bard. There's a spinning book and countdown for HoH (which I am equally looking forward to) but none for Beedle. I think Beedle's anticipation was diminished since Amazon told all 5 stories. The only excitement left is to read the stories in Jo's own words. I think it would have been better for Amazon to take down their "review" when it became known that Beedle would be published. But their is still much to be excited about, such as Dumbledore musings, Jo's illustrations and most important of all her own narrative! Then there is the collector's edition for those who've pre ordered. Avatar Image says: Christie, did they say they may have it before the official release date, like in US? Melissa said she wont get angry if we get to read it earlier ;)Avatar Image says: How sad I'm I that I ordered The Collectors, American and Uk versions of Beedle?Avatar Image says: I'm reading 'Harry, A History' right now...It's so awesome!!! I can't wait to get my hands on 'Beedle the Bard!!!'Avatar Image says: I dont think its enough copies.Avatar Image says: =D SO EXCITED! I really hope that they didn't print nearly enough, and sales are INSANELY high/ record breaking. Also, has anyone heard of any release parties in Toronto?Avatar Image says: Well, I already bought one copy and I'm planning on buying another, so I hope sales go well. Harry, A History wrocked, by the way. If you haven't read it you should.Avatar Image says: We're working on the beedle countdown, it'll be fab, and up soon :) Sorry, somehow this got pushed back.

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