Emma Thompson will NOT return as Professor Trelawney for Deathly Hallows films.


Nov 11, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Actress Emma Thompson has given a new interview to MTV where she states she will NOT return in her role as Professor Trelawney for the remaining Harry Potter films. Instead she will be making a second Nanny McPhee film, noting “I’m making my own ˜Nanny McPhee’ next year. They mean much more to me.”
She continued:

“The Harry Potters are great big franchises that are something I’m not
emotionally attached to or necessarily particularly creatively attached
to’ Thompson explained. “That’s more like doing a turn, whereas the
Nanny McPhees are something I’ve written. The art is in those films,
they’re very handmade, they’re something that’s very close to me. Those
are the ones I really care about.”

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Avatar Image says: i'm interested to see how many people will be outraged by this...Avatar Image says: this actually makes me very sad :( why doesnt Emma love it as much as we do?? Boo... not like they cant get around Trelawney's character in both of those films though... it wont be that big of a deal, but still...Avatar Image says: So... does that mean that there will be no Professor Trelawney in the final films or that the character will be there, just not played by Emma Thompson?Avatar Image says: Damn I'm outraged by this! I love Trelawney as a character and I think Thompson portrays her really well :( Like Addie said though, she doesn't really have a huge role in the film - but I don't think they'll be the same without her, she was great comic relief. Hopefully she'll change her mind!Avatar Image says: GREAT! She always was a mediocre TrelawneyAvatar Image says: That's awful! I know a lot of people really liked her as Trelawney, as I did, and it won't be the same if they have to change actress! :(Avatar Image says: Wow, this cuts a bit. You would think she would be more connected. So what if it's a great big franchise, she started it and should see it through. I'm sure they could work around her schedule. It seems like something else is going on here and we only get a tiny piece of the story....Avatar Image says: I'm not outraged, only sad... But honestly, it's not like she had that big of a role in DH. I'm sad that we won't get to see her, she plays Trelawney so well, but I respect her too much to be angry with her decision. She's a great actress, who brought my Trelawney to life really well, and I thank her for it. I'm sure DH will be great with or without her, and i wish her good luck with her future films.Avatar Image says: emma thompson is my favorite actress.i hope its not true.but if she will not return its wb and others fault not her.trelawney,snape,minerva' parts very small.now they allay harry' and voldemort' parts too.i think only ron and hermione will be last movie.Avatar Image says: While disappointing in some respects, I'd say "outraged" is a bit much. (I don't even remember the character being in "Deathly Hallows" come to think if it.) I always thought Helen Mirren or Tracy Ullman would be wonderful in the role. Hey, if we can change Dumbledores midstream, we can certainly deal with another Trelawney. Avatar Image says: What a pity. She did the role very well, but I can see the logic of being more committed to her own project. It's only logical. Nanny McPhee is a lovely film of which she deserves to be proud. I'm glad she's going forward with it. The role in DH would be a very minor cameo (flinging her crystal balls at Greyback) and, as others have said, easily written out. I'm not sure how her chose is 'wb and others fault'. She had a choice to make and she made the logical and best one for her. *salutes a fine actress*Avatar Image says: Nooooooooooooooo! I want her tennis serving crystal balls! That means if the last time we see her is OOTP her point to the film series was... well... basically nothing! She's not even in HBP is she?Avatar Image says: Good. I would rather have a true harry potter fan playing roles in the harry potter film then someone whos just in it for the money. Im not mad, jsut as long as someone who loves the books and movies as much as we do gets the part. Avatar Image says: I don't think it's a big loss - Trelawney was there only at the end of DH - in the battle. I just hope the writers/directors devote enough time for Snape's character. Avatar Image says: Wow. That was kind of a harsh statement. She was a great Trelawney, especially in the third film, and I think she will be missed in Deathly Hallows.Avatar Image says: my immedate thought was, you have got to be kidding me. but now that im thinking about, she never really was that great of an actress, at least in a harry potter way. i will not miss her from deathly hallows. i think the Deathly Hallows movie will be good for it. but if they replace her, i will not be happy at all. it is quite easy to write her out of deathly hallows. so if they replace her for mere comedic affect, i will be very disappointed. all i can say is, THANK GOD she stayed for Half Blood Prince.Avatar Image says: She is in the book HBP (she tells Harry about the whooping she heard in the Room of Requirement and that Snape was the spy who heard Prophecy #1). She's in the movie HBP too, right? I always assumed that she was. Her statements about the Potter films are really quite correct -- for the adult actors that have such tiny roles, they really are just "turns." So it's completely understandable to me that she wouldn't want to spend time doing yet another cameo when she has projects of her own in which she is much more creatively involved.Avatar Image says: Awwwww! She made a great Trelawney! But she isn't really in DH except for when she is throwing crystal balls out the window at in the last battle, right? Avatar Image says: Face it, folks, she's a two-time Academy Award winning actress/writer, who's not in this business to make us HP fans happy. She's a creative artist in her own right and should follow her own star. Perhaps if there had been more Trelawney in OOTP, perhaps she'd feel differently. When David Yates and Michael Goldenberg cut the whole (very important, as I saw it) sub-plot about Trelawney having the prophecy and Snapes overhearing it -- well, perhaps Thompson just felt somewhat left out and letdown, who knows? And in a way, who could blame her.Avatar Image says: woahhh. Emma Thompson is my favorite british actress. there's now way they can replace her for this. now i'm hoping to not see Trelawney in the remaining films. I don't want another Dumbledore affect.Avatar Image says: Boo! I love her in just about everything she does and it was great she was in one of my favorite movies series (HP)...but I'll probably still watch her as McPhee again. I suppose the movie won't suffer intensely.Avatar Image says: "The Harry Potters are great big franchises..." Congratulations Emma Thompson! You really hit the nail on the head! Very brave indeed. Thank you very much. Finally an actor who is courages enough to say what she thinks. Avatar Image says: Sadness :(:( I wanted to see her throwing crystal balls at deatheaters :(Avatar Image says: i'm a little thrown off by the general comments; personally I respect her decision... If she wants to make her own films, GO EMMA! She has a life and a motivation, too. But I really was looking forward to the crystal tennis balls! I wonder if they'll come up with something creative in place? like all of a sudden Professor Flitwick does Kung-Fu. Alright, that's a little dumb, but they have lots of elbow room ;)Avatar Image says: Nanny McPhee - really? wow... In other news Daniel Craig is stepping down from being Bond so he can be the star of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2 and Mike Myers isn't going to be Shrek in Shrek 4 so he can work on Wayne's World X: Old and Still Rocking. All that is sarcasm by the way. I'd prefer if they just don't show her at all - I hate them changing characters. I'm still annoyed with Dumbledore...Avatar Image says: It is sad...really sad...I want the same actors. its stupid to change them. but maybe there will be no Trelawney in DH...Avatar Image says: Dissapointed both in that she didn't enjoy the part or want to finish it off and that the comedy of Trelawney won't be in there. i had kind of saw the battle scene as a reunion of everyone from Hogwarts joining together to fight and to prove to Harry that he was never really alone even tho he tried to be. DH can survive whith out her small scene tho as long as McConagel doesn't bail out! Avatar Image says: Hmm. That's an interesting way of looking at it. I'm not necessarily angry, but I think that sort of says something about the way the films are being pumped out, and the way WB is portraying this story. I wonder if Miss Thompson ever read the books? Or knows any of the history behind them? Hopefully, this is only a statement about the franchise, because to me, the original story is as artistic and homemade as anything. Avatar Image says: aw, found that a rather harsh way of putting it.. im thinking she could of put in nicer but im not saying she shouldn't do DH or anything like that. good luck to her with nanny mcphee! she was a great trelawney, was hoping to see her in DH but oh well. so does this mean prof. trelawney wont be in DH, they wont recast the part will they? i'd hate to see anyone else do the part now.. Avatar Image says: As an actor, I understand her desire to be creatively fulfilled with something that speaks to her. However, this was an awfully harsh and bitter way to speak out against not doing any more installments of HP. I respect her, but wow...Avatar Image says: What a shame, I love her as Trelawney, and it's not like she would have had to spend a huge amount of time filming - a day or two at most. But best of luck to her with the Nanny McPhee franchise.Avatar Image says: Fair enough.Avatar Image says: Although I have admired Emma Thompson's work for years, I was disappointed in her Professor Trelawney. Perhaps the fault lay with the directors, but, for me, it was a caricature not a character. I wish her well with Nanny McPhee. I don't recall Trelawney having any dialogue in DH, so I don't think WB would have considered asking Emma to turn up for a walk on part. I don't think they would have any difficulty in selecting someone of a similar build and kitting them out with a wig and huge glasses to take part in the battle of Hogwarts. I'm pretty sure they rejected Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood) for the same financial reasons. Business is business.Avatar Image says: Darn I was looking forward to her dropping crystal balls on people's heads! :(Avatar Image says: Ame, i think she means their homemade for her, because she wrote the ["whereas the Nanny McPhees are something I’ve written."] so obviously she'd be more dedicated to those, over something she had a small (but hilarious) role in, and Nanny Mcphee will be much more important to *her*, personally i would have loved her to do both! but apparently that wasnt an option.. ..but all the best to her with this new Nanny McPhee!Avatar Image says: there's surely something else going on here... it's virtually impossible that they can't work out some time for a couple of scenes. Anyone can portray Trellawney from a distance with a well placed wig so she won't be needed in big scenes, and I don't remember her haing much of a role in DH that couldn´t be sorted in a few days record. This smells.Avatar Image says: wow. i cant believe this. i always loved her in the movies. :( i hope they find a good person to take her place.Avatar Image says: WOW. I'm not happy about this at all....it seemed that she fit that character....now i wonder who will be taking her spot...Avatar Image says: GOOD FOR HER!Avatar Image says: I think she's great as Trelawney, but I also think she's probably right about the HP films. David Thewlis also recently mentioned something similiar about them recently, too. She's very talented and creative, and more power to her for choosing roles and projects she finds truly fulfilling. I imagine many of the HP actors aren't as attached to their roles as we like to think they are. I hope she's in HBP, though.Avatar Image says: Ho hum, well, I've always loved Emma Thompson but since I saw her say proudly that she's never watched the original Brideshead Revisited televison series because she was a "punk" and it was "not her thing" I lost some respect for her as it's unquestionably a masterpiece, and most of those who didn't see it at the time have remedied that by now... I thought this was a bit harsh on my part, suddenly disliking her for shunning Bridey, but now she's shunning Potter, too? Hmph!Avatar Image says: *Tim* - you said.. "All that is sarcasm by the way. I’d prefer if they just don’t show her at all – I hate them changing characters. I’m still annoyed with Dumbledore…" if my memory serves me correctly.. wasnt Prof. Dumbledore played by richard harris, who passed away in about.. 2002? i may be completely wrong but im positive i'm not. so that was a totally needed re-casting, *was it not*? & *Patrick* - you said "she never really was that great of an actress, at least in a harry potter way." wow, seriously? *she's an amazing actress!* what movies have you been watching?.. *fair enough* if you don't like her version of Trelawney, but to critisize(pardon my bad spelling) her acting, i find rather, strange..Avatar Image says: WTF is this women thinking nanny macphee over the last harry potter which will definately be one of the most epic movies ever. someone needs to sort or her prioritesAvatar Image says: WTF is this women thinking nanny macphee over the last harry potter which will definately be one of the most epic movies ever. someone needs to sort or her prioritesAvatar Image says: Does anyone realise that out of the ENTIRE series, we've only seen Trelawny in about FOUR scenes! Its pretty sad. I was hoping she, like most of the teachers, would get a good send off by lobbing some nice, heavy crystal balls at Deatheaters. Shame. I would like to see more Dursleys in the final film however, as my only criticism of the last book was that Jo discarded them rather quickly, too flippantly.Avatar Image says: Not a problem, her part is too small in DH to worry Warner Bros. And the scene when she dropes balls on deatheaters must stay in the book, it won't be good on screen. As long WB can bring back the main adults characters and also Gary Oldman and Imelda Staunton (I want those MoM scenes !!!).Avatar Image says: I hope they get ssomeone else to play her!!! It's not a big deal, Emma Thompson is hidden behind the costume anyway... Avatar Image says: I think there are many hypocrites on this forum. All of a sudden, Emma T. is not a good actor and does a poor job playing Trelawney?!? At least, she's honest! Honestly! Do you really think all these actors truly LOVE acting in the HP movies? OK it must be fun, but I can understand that a great actor like her will set its priorities like she did. She doesn't sat HP is bad; she doesn't say it's bad to act in a HP movie. She just says she would rather concentrate on something of her creation that is important to her. What is wrong with that? And of course, I'd love to see her in the HP movie too. I'll miss her, but I understand her choice. Avatar Image says: That's too bad, but I completely understand: I can imagine making the same choice- after thinking it over and over for a looooong time :-)Avatar Image says: I agree with Ginger.... she will be missed...but I will love to see another nanny McPhee movie. Avatar Image says: I respect her descision, but I don't think it was the timeframe of when the two movies were being shot- they could have easily gone around it. I think she just doesn't want to be a part of a "zombie-like" franchise, it's just not her thing. You only see her once in the book, they'd probably cut her out anyways... I'd like to see Flitwick and his students wingardium leviosa-ing big heavy statues of the top of the stairs at the death eatersAvatar Image says: This is incredibly disappointing, and I daresay, a bit selfish. Even though she is not "emotionally or creatively" attached to the films, people love her as Professor Trelawney, and she should come back, if not for herself then for the fans who adore this character. She does a wonderful job as Trelawney, and I think we should have seen more of her in the films.Avatar Image says: Jenn - yeah, I know he passed away but the recasting was awful. 1) he was nothing like the first Dumbledore and 2) he's nothing like the Dumbledore from the books (at least how I read them). I mean, they didn't even try to make them look the same!Avatar Image says: I think that's kinda jacked up or her, but i kinda agree. She didn't have any creative freedom and she wasn't even a HUGE main person, so i can see her not going it. I think im okay with it. But i cant wait till Nanny McPhee 2 i love that movie!!!Avatar Image says: Please note that I'm not saying she's a bad actress or did a poor job playing Trelawney. I just think this is a rather stupid move on her part. What's another year or even two between Nanny McPhees? There's no Nanny McPhee 2 countdown, there's no pent up rage for Nanny McPhee. You have a chance to be a memorable part of one of the biggest movie franchises in cinema history and you're passing on solidifying your part of it so you can make another B movie... Just really doesn't make any sense...Avatar Image says: Thnx WB you've lost another great actress for not giving her a bigger role. I want Trelawney back and that's that!Avatar Image says: @ Tim She already IS a part of the biggest movie franchise, just not all the way. And who says that one only has to work on big famous movies? There's other things as well. It's not because it's less big, that it's less important.Avatar Image says: ...so not cool. freaking-a. nanny mcphee? really?Avatar Image says: I realize she is a big part but if they give it to someone else and she has some huge part in DH people will remember her less and the person replacing her more. That's just the nature of how these things work. I'm saying that given an opportunity to *cement* your status as one of the beloved characters of the one of the biggest franchises in cinema history it's stupid of you to pass that up to make another B movie. Avatar Image says: I have a feeling that if we were only a week-and-a-half away from a HBP release (as originally planned), we'd be seeing a lot less animosity and frustration towards Thompson on this site. All this anger and disappointment is just plain nonsense. Avatar Image says: How long would it take to film her throwing a few crystal balls in front of a green screen? And lemme guess, she would get say $200k for it, too? Life is unfair. Second thought - If WB can chuck out S.P.E.W. they can do without Trelawney. Let me guess - they are going to chuck Bill and Phlegm's wedding too.Avatar Image says: I don't think she's interested in being remembered as Trelawney. She just wants to do what feels best for herAvatar Image says: I guess having a ginormous ego helps when you're an actor, but she didn't need to to that -- trash the HP movies and books to promote her own. I'm not in an uproar over it but I think it reflects rather badly on her that she said those things. I would have not thought of it a moment -- except to be disappointed, because I thought she did a brilliant job of portraying that HP character -- if she had just said "Unfortunately I just don't have time. I'm writing a new Nanny McPhee movie ..." etc. It isn't the "franchise" that looks superficial now -- it's her. Avatar Image says: @ NuttyAsSP Krum sees Lovegood's Hallows pendant at the wedding, so that's important. (If I remember it correctly?)Avatar Image says: @ susan schmidt How did she trash the HP movies? With what words? I don't seem to have read them. I don't think she trashed anything.Avatar Image says: Aw, that's a shame. She's one of my favorite actresses, and it makes me sad that she's not attached to the series. :(Avatar Image says: In addition to my previous post, I think she may lose some fans because of this. Yes, Nanny McPhee is great, but it will never compare to Harry Potter. Ever. She is giving up a chance to endear herself to even more fans, and to establish herself further as part of the Harry Potter universe. I understand actors/writers have projects they're particularly fond of, but Harry Potter is so huge...there hasnt been anything like this in a long, long time, and when you have a chance to be a part of something so world-affecting, dont you want to give it your all and contribute as much as you can?Avatar Image says: I am saddened that she won't be in DH, I wanted to see her chucking crystal balls too. I really enjoy and appreciate Emma, I thought she was really funny. Can't blame her for wanting to make a full feature movie of her own. sigh......Avatar Image says: how can you leave something as magical and successful as Harry Potter for something like Nanny McPhee? I mean really!Avatar Image says: I am very dissapointed in her, i hope she can read these statement and see how upset she is making fans, i have lost so much respect for her.Avatar Image says: I was straining to remember anything about Trelawney in the 7th book, she throws some crystal balls off the castle, but that's it. Maybe a flash back scene from Snape. But really neither of those scene's will it matter if they have Emma Thompson or not they already have a recording of her voice. There is a good chance she wasn't going to be in the script anyway. Its cool to have a famous person in a bit part, and I love her so much and its sad can't be involved. But she is such an amazing screen writer and talent that I understand that she wants to devote herself to her projects. Avatar Image says: It's just a bad career move. Let's say you're a VP (one of, say, 10-15) of a widely successful company. You're well known for it, you get paid well for it and, ultimately, you really don't have to do that much work. The CEO comes around and says we'd like to keep you as VP, you say, nah, that's ok, I've been wanting to try my hand at running a pizza parlor again. Is that admirable? Of course! Is that a good business decision? Heck no, that's a horrible business decision. Let's just be honest here - big time acting is a business. If it was just for the love of movies or cinema they'd agree to get paid as much as the unknowns on Broadway (not that much). They are just like the rest of us - they use their talents to make money and she's leaving huge sums on the table. Not to mention the fact that she might actually get MORE people to go see Nanny McPhee if she continues on with DH. Look at Equus - perfect example of the "HP Halo Effect" Avatar Image says: @ Rik Potter and others Don't mix the HP movies with the books. Never forget, it's the BOOKS that are so incredibly amazing. The movies are good too, but they're not as great as the books! If there would have been something like 'Emma Thompson doesn't allow JK Rowling to write about the Trelawney character in her next book' - THEN it'd be a horrible thing. But the movies are something different! The BOOKS are the phenomenon, not the movies...Avatar Image says: hmmm, I'm not that impressed. She should feel privileged to be part of the franchise imo, but then she is a good actress who has probably never been out of work, so doesn't need to be privileged I suppose. I thought she was great as Trelawny in OotP, that scene I find very emotional each time I watch it. But the character is not that essential to the end of the series.Avatar Image says: Aww... bummer. I'm glad we had her for a couple films, at least. Can't expect everyone to've been bitten by the Potter bug, I guess. On the upside, I'm now feeling inspired to put Nanny McPhee on my list of Movies to Watch. :)Avatar Image says: This is so disappointing. I really respected her until now. Shame, I won't have any part of the next Nanny McPhee due to this ridiculous insinuation. Everyone involved in the Potter movies seems so invested- look at Jason Isaacs (personally, I like to look at him all the time). Avatar Image says: emmy - they are both phenomenons... Just like LOTR.Avatar Image says: did I mention that I have a huge crush on Jason Isaacs??? Mainly because he loves the HP's so much- quote "this is like crack for kids- I read the last book while driving" Aside from him being breath-takingly gorgeous... he's a die-hard like the rest of us.Avatar Image says: Honestly, wtf? It's one more! Just DO it betch!Avatar Image says: ellabellatrix, I'm with you on the Isaacs bit! Now there's a great actor who isn't so up himself that he can't enjoy putting on a wizard costume for the odd 'turn' and then go off and do other serious creative stuff as well.Avatar Image says: Amen Sars... A-effing-men. Avatar Image says: Yes Anne!!! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that appreciates Mr. Isaacs!! Not too proud to admit how much he loves HP. Gotta love that in a man!Avatar Image says: Yes Anne!!! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that appreciates Mr. Isaacs!! Not too proud to admit how much he loves HP. Gotta love that in a man!Avatar Image says: @ Tim The LOTR films aren't the best in the world either ;-)Avatar Image says: Wow, This is surprising! At least it is not Alan Rickman, I would Aveada Kedavra someone if he had to leave and if he chose to leave I would sit in silence the rest of my life. I was wondering if Jo, was ever going to make a cameo appearance this would be a cool opportunity. And yes Jason Issacs is very handsome. So is Alan though, IMO.Avatar Image says: They don't let me edit so I need to clarify that 4.5 billion is Box Office alone - not including DVD sales or rentals which tack on 100's of millions of dollars.Avatar Image says: Is she even in DH? Avatar Image says: @ Tim So you judge the success of something only by the amount of money they make?Avatar Image says: Wow. I've always liked Emma Thompson, though she was never my image of Trelawney. However, I thought she captured the character well. Her remarks though, sound a bit snooty, and I didn't think she was like that. And Nanny McPhee was not her original creation. The books were written by someone else, and she has adapted them, so I find her comments a bit rich, and frankly, irritating. PatAvatar Image says: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! You've got to be kidding me! Harry Potter is the biggest movie franchise in the world, and she's ditching it for Nanny McPhee!!!!????? Nobody likes Nanny McPhee. I saw it and thought it was the most pathetic movie ever. Trelawny is very important in DH, and it just won't be the same if they have to re-cast her part. She probably wouldn't have much film time anyway, and it wouldn't take her long to film the part. I understand she wants to stay with her own movie, but why can't she do both??? She could simply push back the movie a little bit. I'm sure not many people would mind.Avatar Image says: emma - no, I judge how much of a phenomenon they are by how much money they make :) Avatar Image says: Ha! You've got to learn to translate what actors say. Translation: They cut me out of the last two films, so I got no offer." It always makes more sense that way.Avatar Image says: @ Tim, Then we have different priorities. I prefer going where my heart tells me to go, not where the money is... So you think Emma's stupid to leave the HP movies, and I think she's right to do so, if that's what she feels she should do. Ok!Avatar Image says: She must have been out of her mind to even write to even write that movie. Again, nobody cares about Nanny McPhee, she'd most likely get more money from HP anyway!!! She's throwing her career down the toilet. A lot of HP fans are going to hate her for thisAvatar Image says: Where'd my avatar go???Avatar Image says: Awww. That was kind of cold...but I'm already over it. its great that shes found something that she's enjoying, but I'll miss her in DH. Good luck to Emma Avatar Image says: You know what, as much as I love Emma Thompson, I totally don't mind this. She's got good reasons for going and I think they can cut her out of the story without too much trouble. They can always just have some character mentioning her without her making an actual appearance. I'm actually watching a film in English with Emma in it, and she really is rather wonderful :)Avatar Image says: That's a pity, I thought that her character was one of the best cast in the whole series, but, as everyone is saying, it won't be particularly hard to get around her absence (if someone else isn't playing her). I was rather looking forward to the crystal ball flinging though "I have more for all who want them"Avatar Image says: Well, you do know that something like 2.5 - 3 times as many people have seen the movies than have bought the books right? I mean, that's pretty impressive especially considering the state of movies in the non-major territories. So acting isn't a business? I'm just saying if they offered her a job and she knew, for a fact, that she could just wait a couple years (or less) to start work on Nanny 2 it seems stupid to look a gift horse in the mouth and turn it down. I mean, it's essentially free money. How much effort does she really have in these movies? It's not like she has huge gigantic parts that she has to devout an entire year to.Avatar Image says: @ Hermione Weasley: Get over yourself. She's making a personal decision, you have no right to decide what she should do with her career. No reasonable person would hate her over this choice. Some people must care about Nanny McPhee else they wouldn't be making a sequel.Avatar Image says: @ Tim: Emma does not especially need money. She is an artist, and I reckon she'd much rather spend a year creating a deep and interesting character that she's proud of, than walk onto a set and say a couple of lines.Avatar Image says: Linny - well, be a generous human being and do it and donate it all to charity. There's literally millions of people dying of starvation. If she doesn't care about the money just donate it all. Even if she did DH she'd still have a year to create a deep and interesting character that she's proud of. This isn't an either or situation - she can very, very, very easily do both with no consequences at all - that's what makes it a bad decision. If it was either/or - fine but it's not, not even close. I'm inclined to think Justin is right...Avatar Image says: @ Tim, Just one last post: I work in the movie business, and I have turned down jobs with more pay, so I could do a job that earns less money, but that is way more fun to work on. And not just the movie business, any kind of job: you can either always go for the money and only do things that have the most attention, or you can sometimes choose something that gets you less money and less attention, but is still something that makes you feel good... Anyways - goodnite!Avatar Image says: Tho I'm disappointed in her comments, because as Eeyore says, they do come across as snooty (I have always found her a bit like that though), she is a great actress. Those saying she's throwing her career away obviously don't know just how much part of the acting establishment she is (in the UK). She will always have work and HP are and were never essential to building or maintaining her career. She was already firmly established long before they came along.Avatar Image says: emmy - but she can do both!! Wouldn't you choose both?Avatar Image says: to follow on from my previous, of course the same can be said of pretty much all the adult HP actors, all of whom are establishment, yet they still stick with the parts and seem to enjoy them.Avatar Image says: @ Tim (ok, THIS will be my last post then ;-) ) Maybe I would do both if I could, but you don't know the circumstances she's in: sometimes you might try to postpone the shooting of a film, but by that time, the people putting the money in it, may not want to do that anymore. Or specific actors may not have the time on other dates. All sorts of reasons. And also, if she feels it's important for her to do this now, who are we to say she shouldn't?Avatar Image says: Wow, that's too bad. She is certainly entitled to do whatever she's passionate about in her career, but it probably would have been nicer of her not to come out and say she has no emotional attachment to Potter, even if that's the case. Oh well, as many others have said, all we'll miss is her throwing those crystal balls. It would have looked great in the movie as a quick scene in the battle, but this isn't the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination.Avatar Image says: w0w...that was a little harsh...i thought she did a really good job. i dont think hallows will b the same w/o herAvatar Image says: - emmy - I really do envy the fact that you are at a point where you can choose the lower paying option because it's more fun. I'd say the overwhelming majority of people in this world will retire without ever having any idea what that's like (myself included). We're the fans - we're allowed to whine and complain until the end of the earth! haha Of course we also have the freedom to realize that all of our complaining isn't going to do anything *cough* release date *cough* Night!Avatar Image says: AND I forgot to say that I really don't think it was a matter of choosing between the two projects, given the short amount of time it would take to film her one Potter scene. I bet that would only take one day.Avatar Image says: Not surprising. Trelawney is incidental to the DH storyline. I'm happy to see she's doing another "Nanny McPhee". I watched the first film only because of her. I didn't know what to expect really. I thought it was just for kids. LOL. I LOVED it!!! I've watched it several times. It is a VERY FUNNY movie with some VERY GOOD actors (adults and kids). I thought Celia Imrie, Angela Lansbury, and Imelda Staunton, in particular, were hilarious!!!Avatar Image says: Tim, honey, I ain't rich, on the contrary, I sometimes have to scrape. But I'm happy. So you go get rich, I'll go get happy. :-) Funny how Emma Thompson made this convo start! Nite to you too (man I can never just close!)Avatar Image says: There's a part of me that thinks "Maggie Smith has *cancer* and she's still getting it done." There's another part of me that thinks "She'd only have a scene and a half at best - it would probably only take a day." There really aren't any parts of me that see where she's coming from.Avatar Image says: emmy (award winner? hehe) I've actually had this discussion with quite a number of people. Being rich won't make you happy, I think we can agree with that but what having money does do is it removes the stress associated with scraping by or not being able to provide for your family. The majority of stress for the poor and middle class is "am I going to be able to afford my bills." Financial stress is easily one of the worst stresses out there because you can't just go workout or de-stress and be done with it, it's with you until you figure out what to do about it. Every single time you eat, every single time you drive somewhere, every time you turn the heat on, your finances run through your head if you're under immense financial stress. I mean, if you can manage that stress and be happy then more power to you but I think that makes like maybe 5 of you type of people in the world! ;)Avatar Image says: Emma has no stress. She's already earned all the money she needsAvatar Image says: She's replaceable, she didn't have to put down HP in the process of saying she wouldn't be returning, that was uncalled for. I'm pretty sure someone else can handle the role if they even need the character.Avatar Image says: I wasn't actually talking about her - I was talking about you since you said you scrape by sometimes. I still like the idea of doing it and donating it all to charity :)Avatar Image says: I get the charity idea, but you can say that about anybody. And she still has enough money to donate, even when she doesn't do the HP movie. When you go out to get something to eat that you don't really need, or to get, say, a pair of funky socks just cause they're crazy- you can just as well give some money to the beggar outside the shop where you bought it. But in any case, she's got the money already. Her choice to not do the HP movie doesn't make a difference in her choice to donate to charity.Avatar Image says: She should do what she wants to due put she not a major character, but one that adds so much to the story, i don't why the two movies cant work together and set aside a 2-3 week period where she can do harry then go back to nanny, her deleted scene in GOF was sooo funny!Avatar Image says: Aw, Emma... :( she was a great Trelawney, I'm going to miss her in Deathly Hallows... I wonder if they're cutting Trelawney out of the movie completely or just getting someone else to play her. If they find someone else, it'll be weird all of a sudden having a new Trelawney... I won't be able to stand it if they cut out her chucking crystal balls though :)Avatar Image says: She does sound resentful. I'm fine with her decision, but it seems like she went out of her way to minimize the Potter films. Probably if she had as big a role in the Potter films as she has in Nanny McPhee, then the art would be in the Potter films...Avatar Image says: That's true - however, let's say they don't fill her spot so now WB gets to sit on an extra 100k (or 200k or whatever the heck she was getting paid) - do you think WB is going to donate even 1 dime of that? I think it would make a great statement that, hopefully, would flow down to the rich actors that hey, ya know, we're already insanely rich, we've got all the material possessions would could ever need - why not donate our salary to charity? I wish I made more so I could give more!Avatar Image says: sad but understandable! Good luck on the new Nanny McPhee's i say!Avatar Image says: I think you guys are getting a bit blinded, here. She had no creative imput and basically said some lines and went home. Whereas with Nanny she wrote it and her heart and soul is in it. Duh, she's going to pick her baby over the pure job. I'm going to miss her, but I want her to be happy doing something that she really enjoys, because Emma Thompson is a wonderful human being. I doubt Trelawney was going to get anything to do in the last two/three films anyway.Avatar Image says: Booooo! Well, that stinks. It would've been nice to have everybody for the final film. But you never know, something may change. Avatar Image says: Ouch!Avatar Image says: i'm sad, but I can understand what her reasoning is. I really hope people don't get too upset about this. Avatar Image says: Wow... some really angry people here. Look, it's the difference between a book/film that you yourself wrote and being in someone else's creation. Yeah, we all love Harry Potter, but if it came down to being in Harry Potter and doing something YOU wrote/produced/starred in... what would you do? I loved Emma's portrayal of Trelawney, but I'm sure they'll find a capable replacement if indeed she has a role to play in DH. Good luck to Emma in her career and future endeavors!Avatar Image says: I'd understand her reasons for choosing Nanny over Potter if she really had to choose between the two. To me, I can't understand why she can't just do both. It's not like her DH role would be very time consuming. I also agree that she did seem to go out of her way to take a jab at HP when making her comments. I'd say that was uncalled for. There is art in the Harry Potter films, too.Avatar Image says: I know they replaced Dumbledore because they had to, but if they can do okay replacing such a HUGE role, then it should be no trouble at all to replace the Trelawney character with another actress. Ms. Thompson has probably had less than ten minutes of screen time in the entire series. I loved her Nanny McPhee movie and am eager to see her new one.Avatar Image says: I can guarantee you Emma didn't get paid $100,000 (much less $200,000) for any of her performances in HP to date, by the way. And she stands to earn a lot more than that for "Nanny McPhee #2."Avatar Image says: Yeep di-doo!Avatar Image says: I like her as Trelawney, but I can see her point of view. It must be hugely more satisfying to her working with her own creation. The only thing I'll really miss from Trelawney in Deathly Hallows will be her shooting of cristal balls... and there is a chance the producers might get Neville to do that, as he always is the "Hey! We forgot to put in that character! Oh, let's just use Neville" kind of guy.Avatar Image says: How did she betray you people? She's looking for a meaningful way to make her living. Actors have to eat, too. Besides, what exactly does Trelawney have to do, even if they do end up casting her again? Not very much. Choice - be one of many on a huge Hollywood set, or make your own movie. What would you pick?Avatar Image says: Skyler - first off she's not even remotely hurting for money so this has nothing to do with her ability to eat. Which one would I pick? I'd do the Hollywood movie and THEN my own because then I'd have a claim to fame and a near guarantee to make at least a little bit of money from my own flick :) Basically, HP was nothing but easy money for her.Avatar Image says: Yup, I would go for the making my own movie!Avatar Image says: That's unfortunate...She was a great Trelawney and I'll definitely miss her in Deathly Hallows, but I do understand where she's coming from. Hey, maybe they'll find another one--as someone said in an earlier comment, Tracy Ullman would be great.Avatar Image says: I can understand why she wants to do her work. I don't understand how she can make the HP movies out to be trivial or impersonal. I do hate when they leave out the greatest parts of the books to make the movie's. But I do understand that the movie's can't be 6 hrs long. I think we'll be just fine without her. : )Avatar Image says: Photobrad - of course she won't make as much with DH as she will with Nanny McPhee 2 but the return per hour worked will be much greater with DH than with Nanny McPhee. She wants to write, direct, star over the course of over a year as opposed to DH where she'd probably show up for maybe a week, 2 at most, take her money and go back to working on Nanny 2. I just don't get it - she's essentially walking away from free money that wouldn't prevent her from doing anything she wants to do. Avatar Image says: ...okay, that analogy works fine with you, but Emma Thompson doesn't need a claim to fame. She's done quite a lot other than the Harry Potter films. Her critics in this situation are saying that she should throw crystal balls at Death Eaters rather than do what she actually likes to - write. I'm just saying that the fans are being rather selfish. Her character's role in Phoenix was reduced to roughly 5 minutes. Anything in the last films is going to be tiny, and might as well be cut.Avatar Image says: Wow... sounds like somebody's having a diva fit because they didn't get asked back. Would've love seeing her throwing those crystal balls, though.Avatar Image says: Skyler - that's not the case at all. As I said - this isn't an either/or option. It's not show up for filming for 2 weeks and then you're contractually obligated to sit on your butt for two years. She'd take a couple weeks out of her schedule to shoot her part of DH and then continue working on NM2. Oh, no, that'll delay NM2 by a couple weeks - I think she'll live. I'm really inclined to believe they either offered her basically nothing or she was this close to being written out anyway...Avatar Image says: I'm just trying to wrap my head around why people are so upset with her on a *personal* level. It's rather uncalled for. Her character had a book-long arc in Phoenix and it was reduced to nothing, and all she does in the last books is throw some crystal balls around. What are we going to be missing, realistically? Nothing that constitutes insulting her.Avatar Image says: WHAT?!?!?!?! This is so sad! I was so looking forward to seeing crazy Trelawny throwing crystall balls at the death eaters!Avatar Image says: Skyler - I think people are upset with her on a personal level because any one of us would kill for the chance to be in a HP movie (much less DH) and here she is just saying "nah, I'm good." I think that's really where the hang up is...Avatar Image says: I was so surprised to see the backlash against Emma Thompson for this. Come on guys, it's time to learn that every single sentence of the book can't be translated to the screen. That's not how movies work. There is no reason for her to continue to be involved in a large franchise with a small role when you have things closer to your heart to work on. It would be a chore.Avatar Image says: At least it's not some of the more major characters. I'm sure it must be boring for a lot of these great actors to have to be in these films but get only a handful of lines (you could see how bored she was in the deleted scene from OoTP where she was improving with her food). So no wonder she wants to act in a film where she's the star. On the other hand, HP is a kids series that can be enjoyed by people older than 8. Can't say that for Mcphee.Avatar Image says: Seems like, Tim. It's just kind of sad.Avatar Image says: I was a tiny bit upset at first only because I really wanted to see her throwing those crystal balls at the DEs in DH. Compared to the move of HBP to July, though, this is small potatoes. As much as they cut from the films, and the fact that she's not even appearing in HBP at all where she had a much more important scene with Harry... well, whatever. I can understand her wanting to do her own stuff (even though while Nanny McPhee was cute, it's no HP, whether she wrote it or not). But as a fan of the movies and her character in them I just don't appreciate the attitude that seems to be under the quote. If she "doesn't care" about HP, fine, but we don't need to hear that. Just say there was a scheduling conflict and you're really sorry but you can't do both. Make the point without sounding snobby.Avatar Image says: She'll be missed.. she was a great actor in the movies. But Trawlanwy wasn't huge in Harry Potter 7. Still it would have been funny to see her drop crystal balls in the final battle. Avatar Image says: She's welcome to feel however she does and I understand that her own creation means more creatively, but I think her attitude is a bit pretentious and rude. Good riddance...Trelawney's a very minor character in the films, anyway. Who needs her?Avatar Image says: I say cut Trelawney all together from DH if Emma isn't going to be her! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM REALLY QUITE SAD, EMMA! AND disappinted! WB, offer her a bundle of money! I will miss seeing you in DH, Emma. :(Avatar Image says: damn!!!!! why cant she do the two films? her role aint that long in deathly hallows.. so it shouldnt be that hard... :@Avatar Image says: Trelawney in at best a very minor character in DH. I don't think anyone will notice who plays her in the film.Avatar Image says: Boy! You can tell she doesn't do interviews much! She should have said it was a scheduling conflict period. What a stupid thing to say! Don't bite the hand that has fed you. That being said she can be written out.Avatar Image says: ...It's true that it's not a great loss, with her character having such a small role in DH...But it still hurts that she seemed so nonchalant about not choosing to be in DH...Avatar Image says: Aww, that's too bad. However, I respect Ms. Thompson's decision. Avatar Image says: :( That makes me sad. I was looking forward to a sort of seeing all of my favorites for the last time in DH. :(Avatar Image says: Outraged? Please, that's a bit extreme. I understand her point of view. The other film is her work, her doing. I will miss her Emma Thompson's Trelawney, but like one poster said, "if we can change Dumbledores midstream ...".Avatar Image says: Boo!Avatar Image says: what... a... bitch... i never liked her anyways. those "nanny" movies aren't even that great. whatever, her loss - missing out on a film as epic as deathly hallows.Avatar Image says: I hope they choose a good actress to chuck crystal balls in Deathly Hallows. I'd prefer that to cutting Trelawney. Harry is grassroots at its base as well.Avatar Image says: Whatever! She's not even in the last book anyways. Emma Thompson sounds like a b**tch in this interview though...I mean seriously. She's been working on the Harry Potter films for 5 years so you would THINK she would sound a little sad about having to stop before they finish. Why are they even making a second Nanny McPhee...I think they should quit while their ahead. Avatar Image says: This is the second most stupid thing she's ever done. The first was letting Kenneth Branagh get away. What a putz. - MAvatar Image says: That's okay, I never cared for her in the role and if she's happier elsewhere, good for her. Avatar Image says: That's okay, I never cared for her in the role and if she's happier elsewhere, good for her. Avatar Image says: That's a bummer. I would loved to have seen her deliver the lines, "I have more!...More for any who want them!" in the scene where she's throwing crystal balls at the Death Eaters (I laughed so hard when I read that part and thought, "wow, she finally found a good use for those crystal balls"). I'm sure she would have made it so funny. You'd think she could make time to show up to film one scene.Avatar Image says: Is Trelawney even in Deathly Hallows?! I sure don't remember her being in that book except on one part during the battle and they can get Neville or Luna throw the stupid crystal balls. Melissa's book is AWESOME!!!!Avatar Image says: Too bad! I just loved her as Trelawney. Avatar Image says: Well, I'm a sad panda :( I loved her as Trelawney and respect her enormously as an actress. Her role in DH is so small, that I'm sure she could have spared one or two days of filming for it. Methinks, as some previous commentators have said, that we aren't hearing the whole story.Avatar Image says: I don't really like this excuse because we are probably going to be seeing very little of Trelawney so I don't think it would take that much time at of her schedule to shoot a scene or two. Avatar Image says: What is stupid about this is that her part of HP 7 would have only taken 1-2 days max of her time. No one will be able to replace her because she created that character and has owned it for 3 movies... emma, why not come in for 2 days while mcphee is doing some secondary filming and just film your sceen, it means a lot to people... Avatar Image says: Ugh, what utter BS. Her role would have taken, what, a few hours to film even if they did like a hundred takes? I'm sure Nanny McPhee 2 could have worked around it. Also, I can't believe there's even gnna BE a nanny mcphee 2 - the first one was an extremely finite story. Oh well, I'm sure the films will survive without her.Avatar Image says: Anyone else think this sounds like sour grapes?Avatar Image says: I'm a little bummed only because its like the final two movies and if Trelawney is in it then it will be a little weird to see a new one, but to me it sounds like she wasn't going to get paid enough so she had "creative differences."Avatar Image says: I can definitely understand where she's coming from and I don't think she means anything bad against HP. She sounds excited about the Nanny McPhee stuff, and that's very good for her! I'll really miss seeing her as Trelawney.Avatar Image says: She's not essential for the last 3 films, but I hope that they at least mention the fact that she was the one who made the prophecy about Harry and Voldy so that the movie audience understands why she was significant in the books. I mean in the book HBP, the way Harry finds out that Snape was the one to hear the prophecy and tell Voldy about it and, therefore, that he was largely responsible for Harry's parents's murder was because Trelawny told him that information. So if she isn't in the the HBP movie, Harry's going to have to find out that information some other way, which is possible, unless they're not planning on telling the movie audience that Snape was the one who told Voldy about the prophecy and was, therefore, largely responsible for Lily's death. And if they change that fact, they will basically ruin the DH films for me, and frankly I don't trust them to not change something that important, since in the movies they clearly care far more about plot than character development and complexity which they don't seem to care about much at all. I mean I really hope Trelawny's absence doesn't affect Snape's part in DH in any way. Avatar Image says: "I wonder if they’ll come up with something creative in place? like all of a sudden Professor Flitwick does Kung-Fu. Alright, that’s a little dumb, but they have lots of elbow room ;)" well, Flitwick was a dueling champion when he was younger, right? (that's mentioned in CoS) so you never know. but yeah Trelawny isn't essential for DH since anyone can throw the crystal balls, if they keep that scene at all. although now I totally want to see kung- fu Flitwick, lol! Avatar Image says: well atleast shes not a huge roll in DH.. and even if she was, shes a VERY easy character to be played by anyone really.. shes hidden under crazy robes, huge hair, and big glasses, and shes already "over the top". there are worse characters to recast than her. its ok. Avatar Image says: that sounds really stuck up this is huge and a once in a blye oppurtunity she shouldnt just put it asideAvatar Image says: It would've been nice if she was available, but Trelawny's role in DH is virtually non-existant. Emma Thompson is in no way required to be attached to this series ( or any other ) - still it would've been better if she could have found a slightly less condescending way to break the news. I'm sure the emotional attachement to the very fat pay cheques she recieved from the franchise remains.Avatar Image says: By the way, I'm not the Scully whose comments are on Page 11. I've always liked Emma Thompson as Trelawny.Avatar Image says: I enjoyed Emma Thompson no matter what role she played either Nanny McPhee or Professor Trelawney in the HP films. I am sorry to hear she is leaving the HP franchise as I wanted her to finish out the last 2 films.Avatar Image says: *Tim* - yes, it would seem the only similarity was that Harris and Gambon were both Irish.. but if you watch the first movie, and look at the origional Dumbledore, then watch the more recent films, that dumbledore wouldn't have fitted in there, would he? not the way he's dressed or that huge, slightly OTT, mass of white hair and beard..? i think its a shame they didnt cast someone a bit more quirky and, different.. like the character of dumbledore is supposed to be, but they dont really show that side of dumbledores personality anyway so.. and i may be wrong but in the first movie(s) prof. Flitwick was extremely old and.. a bit unhuman looking? with lots of white hair? now when you look at him in the recent movies, he has short black hair, and just looks like a very small human? but he's always been played by the same person. they've always changed the way things look in various movies.. i do hope they dont recast a new Trelawney, though.. if they have her in DH i hope we just get a view of her from the back throwing crystal balls at DEs.. if it was a big part then i'd love to see a new trelwaney obviously, but since its just a small part i think it best probably not to.. Avatar Image says: i think people are slightly overreacting, quit Emma bashing, and stop comparing McPhee to HP to make it look like crap, im sure if you were writing something etc, you'd choose something you've personally made over a small role in a huge movie, McPhee is more important to *her*! she shouldn't have put this the way she had, that was like, harsh.. but at least she didnt use false reasons and make some speech like that Alan Horn guy who announced the delay for HBP telling us it was a great movie and he'd seen it (even though we can't for another .. however long..) it's a shame, but it was just a small part in DH.. Avatar Image says: I have to admit that I, for one, did not like her as Professor Trelawney. There was just something missing from her portrayal, and it seemed more like a caricature of Trelawney than the character of Trelawney from the books. But then again, I did not like the first Nanny McPhee movie. It was one of those films where I went, "Why did I pay money for THIS?!" at the end. Avatar Image says: I really liked her as Trelawney, just right for the part. But, do we even know if they're gonna include Trelawney in the film? She's really not that much in the book, so, chances are they're gonna exclude her, particularly after this..Avatar Image says: I absulotely love Emma Thompson but I understand her point. If I was a respected actress I wouldn't want my name attached to the Harry Potter films either. They are crap. I haven't liked a single one. Avatar Image says: Well then, good riddance. Leave the Potter films to people who can appreciate them & want to be involved. This woman has always thought a little too much of herself anyway.Avatar Image says: well... i'm not outraged but a bit sad. They WILL NOT recast trelawney for sure, so there will be no trelawney in HBP and HPDH.... anyway, she played her role very well... Pity on WB that they don't give other actors much attention.Avatar Image says: Emma Thompson is my absolutely favourite actress and funny girl since I saw her in Tall Guy. I'm disappointed with this news but totally respect her decision. Its a no brainer. She was given a "one or the other option". If you are in her shoes, what would you choose? She has a pet project that's being given the green light (a very big deal) with a specific production timeslot that clashes with a 1 minute appearance in Harry Potter. Trelawney was a very minuscule role which she simply couldn't choose over her pet project. Any scathing attack on Emma for this decision is terribly unfair. I thank Emma whole heartedly for giving it her best in her portrayal of Trelawney. But more importantly, this news will in no way wound DH what so ever. Avatar Image says: Emma doesn't say she'd been asked and turned it down, she just say she's not in it. I take it as she wasn't asked. They will cut some characters from the films as they always do, Trelawney is just one of them I take it.Avatar Image says: Lada, she had to choose as the two productions clashed. It was one or the other for her. Therefore, this insinuates she was asked to play Trelawney again, methinks.Avatar Image says: Nonsense ... If she doesn't want to play Trelawney just have the studio call me ... I'm the right age and very passionate about the Potter franchise ... and I have the right hair :-)Avatar Image says: ... oh and VERY THICK GLASSES :-)Avatar Image says: This is a huge shock for me and I feel really sad. Thompson really became my Trelawney film after film and it's disappointing and sad to hear she isn't attached to her character. I'm also angry about the fact that her announcement means Trelawney will by totally cut out of DH, which is a pity since it's characters like her that give spice to the book, not to mention the films. Anyway, I respect her decision, but I can't deny that I'm sad and disappointed.Avatar Image says: Those who do not "get" Harry Potter really don't "get" it. Obviously Emma is one who does not "get" it and that's ok, but in years to come will people remember Nanny Mc-who-ever or Harry Potter? I don't need a crystal ball or tea leaves in order to answer this question. Avatar Image says: Well, everyone has a right to do other things, and it is very important that she make the announcement now, instead of after shooting began. I don't think that there is anything wrong in her decision. She IS a "minor character", but will be sorely missed. I don't think "something else is going on here, and we're only getting part of the story". I think it is a decision that was HERS to make, and hers alone. @Sarah, it is not a "harsh statement". As I said, better now, than after filming starts. Very responsible, on her part. I would like to join in, with cw, in giving a salute to a fine actress!Avatar Image says: If she's in HBP to reveal to Harry who it was that told Voldy about the prophesy, that's fine: ALL she did in DH was lob crystal balls with the tennis serve: she didn't appear ANYWHERE else, even briefly. So, what would Ms. Thompson do? show up on set, say ONE single line... "I have more, for those who want them!" or somesuch? Totally nice to have but when real people are involved who have their careers and lives to plan, it's simply not enough of a part.Avatar Image says: I get it completely. Trewlany or Emma I should say probably spent what 5 days totall on the set? the character is shown in such a small way. Dont think of the books, really thats the Trewlany that stands out. I can see why its not near and dear, they didnt give her any good material....and I loved her as Nanny McPhee one of my favorite movies. Good luck to Emma, who knows they may slap the big glasses and wig on someone else..I mean in DH we dont see Trewlany much anyway....its all good.. Dont blame Emma at all..Avatar Image says: Well I guess it's too bad the character will have to lob crystal balls from off screen. Is there anything else she does in that story.Avatar Image says: I don't think we should be so outraged by this. Its not like she's saying she HATES Harry Potter. She is just stating her preference for a project that she created herself and has an inherent passion for. Her presence in Deathly Hallows would be what? No lines, just throwing crystal balls at the attacking death-eaters. That may be really funny and exciting to see, but its not exactly fulfilling as an actress, particularly one with her talent and experience. I will probably be the only one to defend her but I do understand her decision. I'll miss Trelawney, but it won't affect the films that much.Avatar Image says: I'm a little upset but like some other people are saying when the leave comments on here i dont even remember her being in the last book and ive read it 4-5 times their mite be mentions of her predicting the whole thing about a boy being born in july but i dont know. I wish the best for her but also like people are saying maybe we could get a true Harry Potter fan to play her character in the last movie if her character happens to have a roll in it. No hard feelings thoAvatar Image says: Not being in DH is one thing...if one goes by the novel, then her bit would come down to what, 30 seconds? Its HBP that matters.....the script/film of OotP left out a lot of the important story line elements, including the fact that Trelawney made the prohpecy. In HBP, we learn from Trelawney about Snape's role in overhearing the prophecy and passing it along.... I'm very curious how the various missing story line elements (the locket, as a crucial one) will somehow be dealt with And, again, I am jealous and envious of all of you who will still be around when the remake is made in 30 years (more or less)....Avatar Image says: Boo to her. But it's not like Trelawney is absolutely pivotal to DH, is it? She throws sherry bottles and that's about it. Emma Thompson was a great and very funny Trelawney, but if she can't see the magic of the story we're better off without her anyway.Avatar Image says: Hm.. that's sad :( i started reading after watching the third movie, so naturally i associated her with the character, you know? it'll be weird to get used to someone else as Trelawney. but w/e well always have the books :) plus she makes me laugh haha her voice is so perfect for the role.Avatar Image says: Oh, noooo. This is really sad news. I worship Emma as an actress, and will miss her very much. But I can't blame her. If you have the very best actors in the world and only give them half a line, no wonder they choose to do other things. I'm surprised (and delighted) to see the wonderful Alan Rickman is still on board after the way his character is being treated (ignored)! This is a big loss for the Potter franchise. Also, I am more than a little disappointed to read that Emma does not share our love for the Harry Potter stories, but of course, different people have different tastes... I wouldn't watch that Nanny McPhee thing if they paid me a million pounds...! (Sorry, Em).Avatar Image says: Wow, some of you...I can't think of the words. "I only want true Potter fan to play these parts" "I thought she was more conected" So she was going to put her goal and dream on hold just for a few lines because all she has in the last book. I enjoy the Potter Series, read them four times, but way too many people make it into a cult. A lot of people need to wake up to the reality that all of this comes from the imagination of J.K. Rolings--One of the best authors I have ever read, and can't wait to read the mysteries that she's about to come out with--and it doesn't realy exist. You sing praises to her for being in the movies, but then you condemn her for not wanting to put her new project on hold for a few short lines!?! Avatar Image says: Dear Emma: We will miss you! You are a great actress, I've loved you in all the diverse roles you played. Won't you please reconsider for your fans? Surely the filming of the 2 movies could be coordinated to allow you to do both. I can't imagine anyone else as Trelawny.Avatar Image says: I reckon about 80% of comments here are supportive of Emma's decision which is re-assuring because I was a little concerned with the flurry of scathing comments on page 1. In all honesty, I think most of the actors enjoying the Potter productions because they are amongst friends, money is good, and most of their children are proud of them to be involved. I dont think they are at pure bliss with the actual challenges of the roles they play itself. But they are professionals. They submit all the talent they have into their roles, large or small, and are honoured to be involved. Emma is no exception. She was just simply faced with a choice to make and weighing out the little significance of her Trelawney role, it was ultimately a no brainer choice to make. And yeah, I'd like to join Confederate Lady and others to thank Emma for her wonderful contribution to the series. Avatar Image says: PERFECT!! go ahead and leave you stup1d b1tch , you were the worst character anyways , always hated trelawny and i also hated your mediocre acting...if we could only get rid of Gambon now... Anyways good luck on you sack-o-poo movie you old cun|\|tAvatar Image says: Maaaaybe a wee bit harsh Chrno?Avatar Image says: OUCH!Avatar Image says: Funny thing is I couldn't get my kids to even watch Nanny McPhee. They thought it was stupid. I didn't care for it much either. When a new Harry Potter comes out we see it opening day. We buy the video the day it is released. I guess Emma is too good for us. She should have never taken the roll in the first place. She has lost this fan.Avatar Image says: Emma wrote the story she will be starring in. I think she should do what she loves. She will be missed, but I will be happy that she is following her heart. Isn't that what Jo did and isn't that what we are taught by the books?Avatar Image says: honestly, correct me if I'm wrong, but she only appears in a flashback when she tells dumbledore the prophecy and snape overhears right? I don't remember alot of her in the last book. with everything going on she can be skipped over I'm sure, she was pivitol in POA though.Avatar Image says: I think the bigger disappointment is that she isn't in HBP, so no one tells Harry about Snape's overhearing the prophecy; that's a major plot point ignored.Avatar Image says: Well, Trelawney doesn't really have a big part in DH, she just shoves crystal balls to the death eaters, and that particular bit seemed a bit comical to me... but not in a good way, like Percy resigning, but in a sort of... well, ridiculous way, just like Trelawney is... and well, she doesn't love the series... it's good she portrays a character I don't particularly like...Avatar Image says: Potter-fan, Schmotter-fan. If we waiting for fans to be good enough performers to do a role well, we'd be waiting until doomsday for the first movie! Emma's a fine actress. And I fully understand her being bored with cameos, which is really all Trelawney's role is, at this point. She has a real commitment to something good: more power to her!Avatar Image says: While I'll miss her in DH, I can understand her decision. Nanny McPhee is more her creation, while her part in Harry Potter is really just a job.Avatar Image says: ouuuuuchhh. it seems a lot of the more experienced actors really don't feel 'creatively or emotionally attached to the films' to be honest. i mean both allan rickman and michael gambon (forgive me for spelling their names wrong), have made it quite clear they really don't bother putting much effort into it. sad really, seeing as there are probably hundreds of unknowns out there whod be perfect for the role.Avatar Image says: Well i can't say i liked her character she was potrayed as sort of weak and helpless. Which i don't recall that of her character in the bookAvatar Image says: Oh yeah i forgot and a blundering idiot who can not see. Messed up her character with to much comic reliefAvatar Image says: ah well. pretty disappointed, but i think that as she says she couldn't care less for the hp films, its better off than forcing her to do a film she doesnt want to do :S Avatar Image says: Nanny McWHAT? Oh, yeah - that movie that went straight to DVD? That movie that no one ever saw? That one? Mmmm... yeah, artistic blahdeblah... sure. Avatar Image says: I can understand her wanting to focus on a more personal project that's she's much more involved with but the harshness towards the HP series is off putting. There's a feeling like she thinks less of the HP series because it's such an 800lb gorilla. Maybe she's upset her best work in movie 5 (eating at the dinner table) was cut from the film? Best of luck to her. She's a wonderful actress. I'm just confused by the bitterness of her comments.Avatar Image says: This is disappointing. I think she could have announced her departure without saying she wasn't emotionally attached. Badly done, Emma.Avatar Image says: "Nanny McWHAT? Oh, yeah – that movie that went straight to DVD? That movie that no one ever saw? That one? Mmmm… yeah, artistic blahdeblah… sure." while I never saw it, nanny mcphee didn't go straight to dvd. according to boxofficemojo, it was in theaters for over three months and grossed 122 million worldwide. and i dont understand why you seem to be scoffing at the idea that shes doing it for artistic reasons, for if what you claimed about its lack of financial success were true, artistic reasons are about the only thing I can of that would make her want to do a sequal in the first place. Avatar Image says: Marcheline, people obviously did watch it or she wouldnt be making another! shes not saying like "its better than HP muhahahaha" shes saying it means more to *HER* and the lot of you whining are just making yourself look stupid and selfish, its her life and she has to make choices that are best for *HER* not you. shes actually WRITING nanny mcphee, in HP all she's doing is throwing crystal balls at DEs, its a shame she isnt in the movie but quit all the Nanny McPhee bashing and hating on Emma, she didn't say it in the best way, but at least she's not making up BS reasons. Bruce, she isnt being harsh to HP, shes saying shes not emotionally attached, shes not saying she "thinks less" of HP, just obviously writing a movie is going to be higher on anyones list of priorities than a small role in a movie. Avatar Image says: Bee, when did Alan Rickman indicate that he didn't much care about the movies? This is the first I've heard of it. I always thought, given the care he has taken to match movie Snape to book Snape (unlike Gambon), his complete care not to reveal anything about the character in the interests of protecting the innocence of children's involvement with the story, and his being in the know with Jo, that he cared very much indeed. Am I missing something?!Avatar Image says: Can't she wait until HP is done or do it in between?? I also think that was a very harsh comment from her. If she really wanted to she could make it work with both films but it's apparent she didn't care about HP. How sad. Oh well hopefully they get someone better. I didn't care for her too much.Avatar Image says: Why does she not like the fandom like we do? I get that she wants to work on something else, but it shouldn't take too long to film the scenes for DH, at least. That was my favorite part of the Hogwarts battle, Trelawney throwing the crystal balls. I am a little bit mad.Avatar Image says: Yeah, I think that is all a bunch of bull. She's probably mad because they wouldn't work around her schedule. I mean lets be honest here. She can pick the movie where she has a couple lines or the one she stars in. It has nothing to do with all that artsy fartsy stuff. lolAvatar Image says: .Avatar Image says: Sad.... I like Thompson, she is a wonderful actress, but yes it is her choice, I would die to be able to play a part in the films (I won't of course, but at least I will be playing a Hogwarts teacher here in Berlin next year! And I will not be doing it for the money, since I won`t get much for it!) I will miss her though. If she really did not feel that attached to it, the better an actress she must be, for in the films it sure looks as though she is having more than a little fun doing it (remember the outtakes on the DVD for OotP, AWESOME!)Avatar Image says: What?! No! NOOOO!!! Avatar Image says: Maybe JKR could do Prof. Trelawney as a cameo. Avatar Image says: Her choosing another film over Harry Potter may seem awful to people on here, but you have to remember, that this is a fansite for Harry Potter, people on here naturally are huge fans of the Harry Potter series (like myself.) That doesn't mean everyone is, and I can see what she means by her point. She is portraying a book character when she plays Prof Trelawny. She doesn't have much room to work on her character, as her character has to match the already clearly defined character of Trelawny, at least in films like Nanny McPhee she can make the character her own. She's a good actress, and her part in the Harry Potter films wasn't huge anyway. If they feel that in need of a Prof Trelawny, they'll find one!Avatar Image says: How much did the first Nanny McPhee make again? Like, 100 dollars? Hey, man . . it's her life. She's not even IN Deathly Hallows . . . it's too bad though, but the films won't suffer with her gone.Avatar Image says: Why do I feel that us fans have become less and less supportive of the Harry Potter franchise?Avatar Image says: It really is too bad. I think they won't bother to replace her...she isn't so improtant in the last film...but she was always good for comic relief!Avatar Image says: Seriously...Nanny McPhee...no one will remember it in 10 years. But the Harry Potter movies? Will be watched for decades and decades. Hmm...I'm an actress and I look quite a bit like Emma...where do I apply?? Oh, drat, I'm not British....Avatar Image says: OUTRAGEOUS!!! WHY DO ALL THE EMMAS CONSIDER DROPPING OUT? THE NAME SHOULD BE BANNED.HOPE THAT THIS EMMA CHANGES HER MIND.... LIKE THE 1 STAvatar Image says: I'll bet they meant something to her while she was cashing those fat paychecks, though. Greedy ignorant woman. I've lost all respect for her.Avatar Image says: I can understand her being interested in her own project more. And I can live with another actress playing Trelawney, since whoever it is will be mostly hidden behind those silly glasses anyway. True, Thompson has a gift for comedy, but so do other good actresses. I don't think she was in it "just for the money". Emma is not shallow; she puts herself into any part she play. I don't perceive her statement as "harsh", as much as simply matter-of-fact as to how it relates to her own life. She wrote the "Nanny McPhee" script, and she wants to work on it. I can understand why she'd prefer to work on her own stuff. It's not like Trelawney is a key part like Snape, Dumbledore, or one of the trio. I only hope they find someone else with a gift for subtle comedy, so I don't really notice any falling off.Avatar Image says: I can totally understand her decision. It's a shame cos she's one of my favourite actresses and cast members from the Potter movies but it makes sense why she's more attached to NM (I'm not a big fan of that film which I thought was just good for kids but then I've not been overly impressed with the Potter movies either). They've cut far more important things from the Potter movies so I'm not too bothered she won't be in the last films, I don't recall her character doing that much anyway in DH, as long as someone reveals it was her prediction (if they haven't already, I tend to lose patience with the films and may miss little things when distracted by something missing or shown incorrectly) I don't think we need to see her again (although obviously were she to change her mind it'd be great). There are plenty of other characters that need more screen time (and haven't piggin' had enough yet!!) and character development.Avatar Image says: Wow... I hope there is no new prof. Trelawney.... Emma Thompson was great, I love her so much. Definitly too bad. I would have loved to see Trelawney throwing those chrystal balls! (But it has got to be in the shape of Emma!)Avatar Image says: urgh! how hard is it to stay for one more freaking film? They should make the actors sign a contract for sequels, it isn't fair to the fans to replace them!Avatar Image says: I have always loved Emma Thompson as an actress--she was wonderful in "Howard's End," "Remains of the Day" and "Carrington," and she even brought me to tears as Alan Rickman's betrayed wife in "Love Actually." I was thrilled for her when she won an Academy Award as the screen writer for "Sense and Sensibility," one of my all-time favorite films. And I do wish her well with the next Nanny McPhee project. Like multitudes of HP fans, I am still furious with WB for the altogether greed-inspired delay of HBP and the equally profit-motivated decision to split DH into two films, so I can appreciate somewhat Ms. Thomson's statement about the HP franchises. However, I was dismayed by her rather haughty attitude regarding the artistic merit of the HP films compared with her own project, which seems to imply that HP fans are being fed, and are deserving of, mediocrity. Sorry, Emma. The HP film series keeps getting better as the story evolves, just as the books did, and the actors, young and old alike, have been mostly wonderful. The saying, "There are no small parts, only small actors" comes to mind in this circumstance, and if the shoe fits, one must wear it. Avatar Image says: OUTRAGED, OUTRAGED I AM, NOOOOOOO! I WANTED ALL OF THEM BACK FOR MOVIE 7 NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: @ Pigwidgeon: Thanks for your balance and detail; I love Emma Thompson too. But I'll have to take issue with the "small parts/small actors" line. She has done the small part for several films, now, and done the comedy well. But the role only gets smaller after the great eviction scene in COS. But where is room to work? I don't think she's comparing the artistic merit as a viewer, which is how we see it. She's comparing the artistic merit as a actor. Compare a bare 1-2 lines plus a few frames of wicked wand-waving to a whole script to write AND perform. That's comparing pudding to the whole trifle bowl. NMc, for all its Mary Poppins derivativeness, is a whole new world for her to play with and in. And the production schedule for these movies is often very tight: she can't be two places at once. Which to do, then: pudding or trifle?Avatar Image says: I'm not outraged but I am profoundly disappointed. Emma is a wonderful Trelawney and, while I understand why she loves her Nanny McPhee so much (I've never seen it but it's her baby), her role in DH wouldn't have taken so much of her time that she couldn't have done it. She's really only in the Battle of Hogwarts. Would that have made it impossible for her to do her Nanny thing? I sincerely doubt it. It's all about time management. And I will dearly miss her in that scene. She would have made it hysterical. I do think her attitude is appalling though. She knew she was dealing with a mult-movie experience when she signed up for Trelawney. And her statement really is quite insulting. I always liked Emma in her interviews and love her as an actress. I must admit that this gives me a bit of pause regarding her.Avatar Image says: That's such a shame, she was a fantastic Trelawney and it BITES that she won't be back for the final HP - and even more so when Nanny Mcphee is such a bad movie to begin with - why on earth make a sequel/second one?!

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