Video of Tom Felton Swimming With Sharks, Bungee Diving and More (Updated)


Nov 12, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

As readers will recall, actor Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) is set to be featured on a new installment of the UK reality program Jack Osbourne’s Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie. ITN now has a new video preview of the program where we can see new footage of in the water with a shark, as well as Tom telling his girlfriend I love you before making a dramatic bungee jump. Tom is also interviewed for the preview clip which you can (UPDATE 2) now see here in our video galleries. Jack Osbourne’s Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie program will air tonight at 9 on ITV2.

On a related note, be sure to check out for their fourth part of an interview with Tom, where he discusses the program as well. UPDATE: Thanks much to Misha for letting us know about this new video piece on ITN news where Tom briefly discusses filming for “Deathly Hallows.” He says it will mark a decade of his life, and he will ‘tear up’ when it all ends.

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Avatar Image says: First to comment--First time I was able to do that. I wonder what will happen to Malfoy. Going into the last book, I thought that he would come back later as the potion teacherAvatar Image says: Yea, I thought the same thing. When Malfoy couldn't bring himself to Kill Dumbldore, I knew that my feeling was correct that inside Malfoy is somewhat like Snape--arrogant, condescending, ect, but deep inside wants to do the right thing. I knew that Neville would return as a herbalogy teacher, but I was also going into the last book thinking that Malfoy would take the position of Potion teacher. Avatar Image says: ooh i didnt realise Wendi Peters was on the show too, i love her! Tom looks great in this video ;o !!! Avatar Image says: wow, Jack looks SOOO much older.I haven't seen him since The Osborne's Went off the air. I love his father <3 Ok. This isn't a site about Ozzy. I thought it was sweet that he said he loved his girlfriend. When I read that I was like "Aaaawwwww" lol, I'm such a girl. I also liked the look on his face when they were in the flying thing. His face was like this O0O. lol,quite cute ^_^.Avatar Image says: As hundreds of Dramione shippers find a way to fit the "I love you, girl" soundclip into their latest fanvids.. Hahha. This looks really scary! I don't know if I could watch lol.Avatar Image says: Heh, that was fun. I agree with Linny - it's only a matter of time.Avatar Image says: Tom so cute but the poor boy is going to be bald soon. I think all the blonde Draco hair dye has not been good for his hair line. He is so lovey dovey about his girlfriend it is really sweet. Oh to young and in love again. I love the comment about his idea of thrill seeking is a country walk in the park with his dog. It looks like he had a good time stepping out of his comfort zone. Avatar Image says: i think he said walk in the dark, but yeah. i think my face was like OOO when he jumped!!!! that's freaking terrifying!Avatar Image says: "Tom seems to be struggling for the right words to get him out of this predicament. Expelliarmus, perhaps?" hahahaha Wow, that looks scary. His girlfriend must be so supportive.Avatar Image says: OK, lemme just say this, and I hope people share this with me: When Tom jumped off (or was pushed, I'm not sure) I peed in my pants! Not of fright or compassion, but of laughter! His WOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH WOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Just make me laugh so damn hard!!! I'm sure he wouldn't thank me for saying that, and I feel so much for him, but HOLY COW! I will always laugh at that, harder than I do at the youtube video of the cat that says "Oh my dog. Oh long johnson. Oh don piano. why I eyes ya? All the live long day." hahahah aha a ahahahahaAvatar Image says: man, i wish i could c this show. i only have twenty channels, which means i don't ITN. this looks like its going to b hilarious ; ) Avatar Image says: do not smoke tomAvatar Image says: Ha! so You so Amazing Tom. Me and Kayla are Hook Up again but Me not be annette friend it SO SAD! HA hahahaha ahhahaa Loves You Tom! I am so Hot of You knows...Tom.Avatar Image says: hahahahhahahahaha Hey sis nicole so we loves you Tom Felton! =)Avatar Image says: Hey Sister kayla. so u knows that my friend is kayla so she likes you and i just loves you more. ok From Nicole and kayla!Avatar Image says: Kayla said: You so sexy of nicole knows are you just Right body. Nicole Kayla: ummm I think so but it is not True but lt Just Dream! Huh! KAYLA! kayla said: Nicole Kayla alway talk so much about you Tom Felton. Nicole kayla said: wh...wha...WHAT! Oh my god is it True! kayla! Kayla said: Yup nicole. Nicole Kayla Said: so it Awsome is my Dream About You Tom Felton. Aww. thank you kayla! Kayla said I had a go now ok bye sis nicole kayla! Nicole Kayla said: ok see you later kayla. and you too Tom Felton.

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