Emma Watson Lights Up Christmas 2008


Nov 18, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Emma Watson is lighting up Christmas again, this time in London, England. The Evening Leader reports the Hermione Granger actress turned on the Christmas tree lights today to mark the opening of the Somerset House Ice Rink. You can see early photos here via Wire Image, via Rex and here via WENN. The paper states “Watson turned on the lights on the Tiffany Christmas tree decorated
with huge blue ice skates. She said she was “absolutely delighted” to
be officially performing the switch-on.

Wearing a red scarf
and a black coat, she added: “I’ve been coming here since I was about
13 and I absolutely love it. It’s Christmassy and wonderful.”

38 Responses to Emma Watson Lights Up Christmas 2008

Avatar Image says: Let the holiday season begin!!!Avatar Image says: waaaaaaaaay too much eye make-up!!!!Avatar Image says: It is Somerset House, which is in London, not Somerset (which is a county in the West Country and possibly where Hagrid comes from).Avatar Image says: This counts as news?Avatar Image says: what's the make uo all about? She looks weird. Quite unusual...Avatar Image says: she doesnt look weird at all... it's actually very fashionable (and I've seen way worse in the eye-makeup department). Wow... Torvil and Dean were there! I love them! Looks like emma got on skates and skated around with the kiddies... fun.Avatar Image says: Wow! what an honor. I guess the equivilant would be lighting the Rockefeller tree. so Wow. Avatar Image says: I was kinda surprised by the make-up too. It looks fine, but is very strong for Emma Watson. I don't think we've seen her wear her make-up that heavy. Yeah sure, other actresses pull it off easy but with Emma it just feels different. It doesn't seem to suit her. Not her style. It could be her look yes, but it's not consistent with what we've previously seen from her. augh. I can't believe we're actually discussing Emma Watson's eye make-up... Anyway, I was also surprised to see how big she looks while ice-skating with the other children! She's all grown-up now!Avatar Image says: Don't forget that she is making a public appearance in her capacity as a filmstar, and the lighting conditions at the rink are probably very draining on the complexion. She wouldn't want to look like a ghost on her photographs.Avatar Image says: i also think she has too much make up for her. i want her to skate with me!Avatar Image says: The eye make up is good, but her face is kind of shiny... O_oAvatar Image says: I personally think she looks awesome! it is some what of a different style for her, but she seemed to carry it just fine!Avatar Image says: I thought her eye makeup was fine, kind of like what she wore to a fshion show (Burberry, maybe?) awhile back. But her skin was a bit too shiny. otherwise she looked great! I wonder though, were those kids she was skating with just random kids, or were those her twin sisters?Avatar Image says: John Barrowman did the Birmingham ones, I think. I love that man. Whooo go Emma too! ^_^Avatar Image says: aw the kid!Avatar Image says: Oh, Somerset House is one of my favorite places in London--I wish I could have been there!Avatar Image says: I think the eye make up is fine as well. Why try to paint her in a corner. She's allowed to experiment, that's what this age is for. Avatar Image says: i think she looks really good and beautiful emma keep din what you are doing!- i love youAvatar Image says: OMG she looks gorgeos!!!Avatar Image says: oooo...she looks pretty...specially her eye makeupAvatar Image says: OMG she looks gorgeos!!!Avatar Image says: Beautiful, as always!Avatar Image says: Unrelated, but I just spent two minutes making both Harry, a History and Beedle the Bard spin like crazy in their respective countdowns. You would not believe how fun that was. Wheeeeeeeeeee. Oh, um... yay Emma!Avatar Image says: Trust Emma to be the talk of the HP world even when she does nothing. (no work, that is). That eye makeup is so heavy I'm wondering if she can still see through it. lol. I'm eerily reminded of when Dan said that he'd like any excuse to wear heavy eye make up. Must have gotten the idea from dear old Hermione. LOLAvatar Image says: bad make-up.... very badAvatar Image says: Oh how I miss skating at Somerset House and the holiday season in London. I miss my Bloomsbury... :(Avatar Image says: Bad eye make-up. She's trying hard to look indie but the 'emo' look doesn't suit her. all it did was to make her look old.Avatar Image says: she looked beautiful. Don't be too critical. *sigh* women...Avatar Image says: Emma has such an innocnet face, such too heavy make-up really ruins it! I hate how women run after make-up and its latest trends without real consideration to how much it actually suits their natural features....Avatar Image says: She looks like she walked into a door. By the way, I think you mean The Evening Standard. There's no such paper as The Evening Leader, unless there's one in, I dunno, Philadelphia or something. She's almost as good at applying eye make-up as she is at acting. Actually, scratch that (remembering Goblet of Fire) - much better at the make-up. Avatar Image says: Oh, btw, not remotely on a par with lighting the Rockefeller Center tree - this is about the fifteenth "Star Turns On Christmas Lights" story we've seen just in the last fortnight. Oxford Street got the Sugababes and a much bigger crowd. Avatar Image says: Emma looks great!!!Avatar Image says: Emma you are soooooooooooo prettyAvatar Image says: The make-up is hidious! The pictures of her skating are sweet though.Avatar Image says: "Wow! what an honor. I guess the equivilant would be lighting the Rockefeller tree. so Wow." LOL no, that's not a good comparision at all.Avatar Image says: i have to say i agree with those saying that the make up doesn't suit emma. i think she tends to look much better when she goes for natural tones. when she uses harsher/more intense colours, or even a bright red lipstick, it seems to swallow her face up somehow. she's a pretty girl that doesn't need to hide behind makeup, and certainly not makeup that doesn't suit her. yes all us girls try out different looks, but not many of us leave the house with a look that makes us look 10 years older and slightly haggard. at least, not intentionally. Avatar Image says: This looks like a really fun event with lots of families and kiddies in attendance. Nice job, Emma! (I agree she looks better with her eyes more natural, less made up! Otherwise her face looked fine to me. Maybe she just wants to be grown up, which is normal. I agree her best look is natural, with minimal make up.)Avatar Image says: I love Emma soooooooooooo much! Yesterday it Movie Magic Day! We had to dress up as our favorite actor. I chose Emma Watson(Hermione Granger from Harry Potter). To be honest I do not recognize her make-up at all. She looks good just the way she is.

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