New Contest for UK residents to Win a Trip to the Beedle the Bard Release Party with JK Rowling


Nov 19, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

The Sun has now launched a new contest for readers in the UK to win a chance to attend the special The Tales of Beedle the Bard release party held by J.K. Rowling next month in Edinburgh, Scotland. According to the paper, children aged between 8 ’ 11 years must fill in a postcard
with their name, address, phone number and age, as well as write a few lines on why they would like to meet the Harry Potter author. Five winners will be chosen to attend the release tea party due to be held on December 4 at the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh, with two runners up winning a signed collector’s copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

To enter (UK resident) mail postcard to: The Tales Of Beedle The Bard Tea Party, Sun Features Department,
The Sun, 1 Virginia Street, London E98 1SN. The closing date is November 23,

Good Luck!

A reminder that The Tales of Beedle the Bard is being published by the Children’s High Level group, with proceeds of the sale of the new book by J.K. Rowling to benefit the charity which helps vulnerable children in Eastern Europe.

14 Responses to New Contest for UK residents to Win a Trip to the Beedle the Bard Release Party with JK Rowling

Avatar Image says: YET AGAIN, only for little "fans" who don't even really know ANYTHING about Harry Potter! WHY can't there be anything for the fans who have stuck with Harry AND Jo through the/her whole Harry Potter journey? THAT I don't understand. Avatar Image says: DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SCHOLASTIC CONTEST?? they never posted the results for the contest. the site it directed you to gave some lame tech. response that the site was no longer active or something like that and i checked the day the results were supposed to be posed. biszar.Avatar Image says: the scholastic people were notified, but i don't know why it isn't up and im really mad that it isnt! i want to know who else won because i know someone who did! i think its going up on friday thoughAvatar Image says: No doubt these comments are going to be littered with whiney complaints from supposed "adults" who are too old to enter the competition. Just because HP is great for grown-ups too doesn't mean that millions of children don't read these books and appreciate them just as you do. Why not be happy for the kids getting this chance and get over yourselves?Avatar Image says: Its funny to think the Sun is the sort of paper that would print a picture of Jo in bikini on a beach,. yet they are being host to this Beedle comp. Maybe they donated too. And those damn kids, what's so special about them? I want Jo to put me on her lap and read to me. I want a lolly too. No one buys me a lolly any more... :)Avatar Image says: Strangely enough, the Sun seems to be on reasonably friendly terms with Jo, so a lot of stuff from her appears in the Sun, and one of it's sister papers the Sunday Times. Also any child who is keen enough to find out about this offer and enter before the deadline (entries would have to be posted today (for preference) or tomorrow) is probably a sufficiently keen fan to get a lot out of the event. Of course the event means that vast portions of fandom misses out, but that is inevitable because of how big and widespread it is.Avatar Image says: ~"Just because HP is great for grown-ups too doesn’t mean that millions of children don’t read these books and appreciate them just as you do."~ I guarantee that these 8-11 year old children don't appreciate the books as much as us fans from day one who are never invited to enter anything. ~"Why not be happy for the kids getting this chance and get over yourselves?"~ I have been happy many times for them. Many times because this happens ALL the time. There has never been a chance for supposed "adults" to enter. Avatar Image says: Yeah most of the brittish newspapers seem to like JKR, when some of the story of ootp before it had been released was lost someone found it and tried to sell it to them to put in the paper, instead they bought (or took it i duno) and didnt release the story but told jo about it. Anyway i agree these competitions should be available for all ages its kinda unfair.Avatar Image says: It's all very well saying that adults can't enter, but correct if I'm wrong, a 12 year old is not an adult. This should be open from 8 to at least 17 year olds like the Scholastic one. (Well it should be open to all ages, but that's not going to happen.)Avatar Image says: Though it would be nice for many of us adults (supposedly!) to see Jo at such events, we shouldn't really complain. Jo cant do these sort of events very often. So when she can, given her passion for children's needs, she simply wants them to benefit more from the time that she can give and provide them an opportunity of inspiration whilst giving them a day to remember. Having said that, I find the age range of 8-11 quite puzzling, though i think it may be because Beedle the Bard is a fairy tale book which is certainly targeted towards the younger audience then the Harry Potter books. Avatar Image says: plus, the fans since the begining should have had the time to see her when she still did tours... I know i started reading when i was 9 and now im 16, so thats 7 years, and I never got the opprotunity to meet her, so I think that its great that the younger kids get an opprotunity! plus, it helps promote reading for them, which is a very important thingAvatar Image says: Well I am an so called adult, and I think it OK to step back for our younger HP-fans to get a chance to meet Jo. It's realy amazing that she does this kind of meetings and yes I agree the age group is nicely choosen as it is a fairy tail. Only I shouder at the tale of the wizards heart, that's very dark, brrr.... Avatar Image says: What I find funny is that these competitions are for 8-11 year old but the last two movies were rated 12+ in the UK.Avatar Image says: How many of You working and have plenty of time ... it's boring to do comletely nothing so good way it's to play something funny Try this : Fantastico Flash Girl invite Good fun!

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