Video Now Online from Dan Radcliffe, Richard Griffith Interview on “Charlie Rose” Show


Nov 19, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Last night actors Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon) were guests on the acclaimed Charlie Rose show which is broadcast on PBS. Video of this fascinating interview where they discuss their play Equus and more is now online here. Enjoy!

Please note: The bulk of this interview focuses in depth on Equus, with some lovely, reflective, and thought-provoking conversation, especially from Richard Griffiths who is also very complimentary about Dan, his young career, and how he has worked with some of the greats in the Harry Potter films, notably Gary Oldman, Michael Gambon, Richard Harris and Dame Maggie Smith. At the end of the interview Richard and Dan say they will begin filming on the two part Deathly Hallows, with Dan noting he has 14 months of shooting to do for the films

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Avatar Image says: Possibly first? Anyways, DRAT! I forgot to watch that! Thanks for linking to the online clip!Avatar Image says: 1st COMMENTAvatar Image says: I watched this last night, I thought it was quite good. Not ONE question about being nude on stage was asked. Finally! I thought Dan's comments were good, and Richard Griffiths is very interesting to listen to. And by the way, could people say anything more interesting than "third!"?Avatar Image says: It was a very good interview.Dan was given intelligent questions and had intelligent answers, wish other interviewers would take note for next summer....ummmm! I loved how complimentary Dan was to Richard and how much in respect he holds him as does Richard to Dan. Dan's comment about not knowing everything when your 19 was wonderful!!! As he is! Avatar Image says: I wonder would that video be any good to watch???Avatar Image says: great interview- finally an interesting and intelligent one with different and more in-depth questions!Avatar Image says: from the comments it sounds like it was good. "Not ONE question about being nude on stage was asked. Finally! " If that's the case then I definitely want to watch it, i got sick of people always asking that question. could anyone in the Leaky Staff put the interview in the video section? pleaseAvatar Image says: Cool! that was a really great interview, and Richard Griffiths and Dan both looked wonderful!Avatar Image says: Dan looks better than ever. mature,inteligent,funny. I'm finally happy with his hair.since POA ;)Avatar Image says: holy shoot, i love the design of their website. Avatar Image says: I'm with you- FINALLY! The in-depth discussion of Equus that I've wanted since the West End run. That was brilliant, thanks alot Leaky. Loved Richard's story about Armstrong. Daniel was also incredibly hansome and intelligentAvatar Image says: How come no one asked who it feels to be naked on stage? That's like tradition!! And how are we going to find out if the feeling has changed for Dan? That's no good!! There should be a "naked feeling of the day" website, where Dan could post daily how it feels to be naked on stage. Share his naked feelings and naked fears and naked ambitions and.... er.... I just went to far. Just kidding... I like it better with people not asking naked questions.Avatar Image says: What a delightful interview, very proffessional from all parties. I have no qualms about the adult life of Dan. He seems very well balanced. I hope one of his future fims will be a comedy. I think he is versatile enough for that. Thank you Leaky for that wonderfull moment. It was so refreshing.Avatar Image says: Concerning the clips of the play: Bravo, great acting from both of them. Dan has a great future. In his other movies, he is a great actor. At first I wanted to watch him take on another roles, but then I found myself watching because I realy enjoy watching him perform. Avatar Image says: I really enjoyed this interview. Why did it come with the "warning" that it wasn't about Potter? I mean,maybe some would learn about something else! Avatar Image says: Great interview, such intelligent questions! I love dan, he is so mature and well spoken. It's also nice to know that they didn't cut the dursleys from deathly hallowsAvatar Image says: First rate interview between intelligent people, very interesting and informative. So different from the usual inane, shallow clips.Avatar Image says: "That’s no good!! There should be a "naked feeling of the day" website" by Thio. lolAvatar Image says: yes, it's great that people can interview actors intelligently and not always resort to formulaic questions that require monosyllabic responses. dan's always been an intelligent young man, so i'm not surprised he can articulate himself so well in the interview, plus if you're passionate and proud of something then you can often speak well about it. i'm not one of those fans that likes to group the trio together, because they're actors and individuals and not just the "hp trio". However, it would be nice for once to see Emma and Rupert give similar interviews and not just giggle and say "yeah" all the time. Avatar Image says: Thanks for the video to this great interview! miriam, the thing is I'm not sure they would be able to give an interview like this, maybe Emma, but of course not Rupert... Many times they are asked interesting questions and all he can answer is "yeah" and "cool". Emma gives longer answers but I don't think she knows much about theater, she has said so herself. The thing is Daniel and Richard are very well read people, and that's something many other actors completely lack of.Avatar Image says: albus - i didn't necessarily mean i'd like Emma and Rupert do an interview with Rose, I meant an interview that was more in depth - and required more in depth answers. Even in magazine interviews and other TV interviews i've seen of the three of them, Dan seems to be the only one that comes across as articulate and by effect, more interesting. Poor Rupert seems to run out of words and then repeat himself. I can honestly say I have never read an interesting interview with him. Emma seems a bright girl, but i think she's falling into a weird ditzy blonde trap. I'm not insulting the intelligence of either of the three, but isn't Emma meant to a a top student? She must be fairly well read to achieve that. Also, i don't think it's to do with shyness either, because all three come across as a little shy sometimes, but i'm sure they've had interviews with on a smaller scale that they wouldn't feel quite so intimidated by. i'm beginnign to think that neither Rupert nor Emma have anything interesting to say. Avatar Image says: I'm also puzzled by the interviews Emma has given... she might be bright, but she doesn't usually say bright things... IMHO. I like all of Dan's interviews: he generally manages to come up with something new and funny to say, even when he looks quite nervous. I think the way you speak in front of a camera depends on many different things... perhaps Emma can't say what she'd say if she had more time to think.. maybe she can't stay calm enough to organize her thoughts properly!Avatar Image says: despina - but Emma doesn't do much different when it's a mag article (not infront of cameras)... soemtimes she's quite funny, but not often. I don't even bother with Rupert's interviews usually. there're so similar and repetitive. i actually think he's been repeating the same phrases for the past 7 years. and then you hear from the people that work with him that he's "funny" etc - and yet he still can never manage to string a decent sentence together. even if he was a little nervous doing an interview, he could still come out with something original. Avatar Image says: Ditto on Dan's being very articulate in this interview. such mature, intelligent answers. He's really grown up now - and in such a njice way. very liitle sign of his hyperactivity when he was younger. As for Emma - I've often wondered about that too. she's supposed to be the most intelligent of the trio but it doesn't come off when she's interviewed. Maybe it's just a case of bland questions so she also gives bland, showbizy(is there such a word? lol) answers. But then Dan also is asked inane questions most of the time and yet he still manages to come off as articulate and intelligent. As for Rupert, maybe it's just because he is not asked many questions during interviews. He certainly is staying true to form to his supposedly "shy" image. Good way to shy away form inane questions. His "cool" and "yeah" answers are beginning to sound alright to me. Lol. Or maybe it's just because I have high expectations of Dan and emma and low expectations of rupert?Avatar Image says: Jasmine, it's not really expectations, i think the reason rupert gets fewer interviews may be because reporters find he gives boring answers. Whereas quotes by dan can be reported worldwide the same isnt true for rupert. He should be careful not to play journos properly, it will reflect badly on him.Avatar Image says: Jasmine, it's not really expectations, i think the reason rupert gets fewer interviews may be because reporters find he gives boring answers. Whereas quotes by dan can be reported worldwide the same isnt true for rupert. He should be careful not to play journos properly, it will reflect badly on him.Avatar Image says: I just wish Mr. Rose had talked to Dan more. Dan looked *really* good and spoke with such poise and intelligence. The comment that Richard Griffiths made about Dan having more time in front of the camera than he has had in his own career was priceless.Avatar Image says: I agree that Dan's interviewes in general are more interesting than Emma's or Ruperts. But besides the very obvious difference in personalities between the three actors, proper coaching on how to handle interviews and how to present yourself are also a factor in this. Maybe Dan has better coaching and has more of an acting and PR interest than the other two. Maybe he has a better manager. If the other two have a problem with interviewers asking them simple questions because maybe they haven't given interesting answers in the past beside a Yeah and Cool, Emma and Rupert could very easity do something about it such as set up an anterview themselves or when asked for an interview, they could prepare better, ask what the questions will be. It's like a job interview really...most questions come up at each interview with a slight variation depending on the company's particular needs. If they really wanted to, they could sell themselves better during an interview.

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