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Nov 19, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Hey everyone: PotterCast is looking for some editors! Here’s the rundown:

You need to be able to edit audio with multiple tracks (there are many programs with which to do this, like Soundtrack Pro; Audacity may be used but it is less desirable). You should have some ability in noise reduction (or at least a filter on your program to help). An editor also needs to be able to listen to the show for the few things in each episode that need to be cut out – John’s bad jokes, strange audio artifacts, pauses in recording that occur when the hosts need to look something up/check a fact/use the restroom/tell John off, John’s bad jokes, and so on.

If you’re interesting in joining the ranks of the best audio editing team on the Leaky Cauldron, here’s what you need to do:

We have put together a short sample for you to download and edit together; this is a bit of a dry run for what putting together segments from the show would actually be like. We all record separate tracks; we hit “record” at the same time as well as perform a count on the recording to establish proper sequence / avoid delays. This piece is seven minutes; it’s the intro from show 167. You can download the four tracks here:


Download the clips and edit them into one seven-minute conversation; then attach the finished product to an email and send it to [email protected] with the subject, “John – I want to edit PotterCast!” Include how long it took you to edit the show (be honest, we won’t judge…OK, we will, but we’re not telling you how long is normal, so there) and what program you used.

Thank you so much and we hope to be working with you soon!

44 Responses to PotterCast Looking for Editors

Avatar Image says: If only I could edit audio. Avatar Image says: not tech savvy but i found it very heart warming just to randomly listen to John by himself for bit. (frak mentioned it off the cuff once... when you guys were just talking about the vlogs) ..it sounds like he laughs at his own jokes. ok, i need to sleep.. nighty night ps. I wonder how much it would take to get Wood into the battle scene. I know it would never happen... but that would be great. ok.. Now I can sleep hope you find someone good. Avatar Image says: scratch that...what i meant to say was Wow... my computer would explode if i even attempted to put those programs into my computer. so to those who can.. Woot! gee ... I wonder if this has anything to do with the acting troupe.... hmmmmAvatar Image says: Sorry for suggesting but... why not just edit it yourself? The shows as of late haven't been edited very well, at least not compared to other podcasts. I just think that if the PotterCasters edited it themselves, it'd be taken care of better.Avatar Image says: Laura: They probably don't have enough time. What with real life and The Leaky Cauldron, I wouldn't want to have to worry about editing a podcast. Plus, it takes less time with a team of editors than with the four.Avatar Image says: To Laura: The reason they don't do it themselves is that they do not have the time and maybe the reason they are asking for editors is because they do not think it has been edited to their usual level and want future podcasts to be edited better.Avatar Image says: i can try.Avatar Image says: Im not good with audio editing, but I am good with video editing. Ah well :D. Avatar Image says: just hit send... the progress bar for the upload bar is steadily moving alongAvatar Image says: I'd be so bad at this, because I would want to leave in most of the banter and behind the scenes stuff. Oh yeah, and my internet is unreliable at times, so that wouldn't be good to have it go down when I would need to upload a show. But this is something I'd like to do, maybe I'll give it a shot later when I'm more awake.Avatar Image says: Well whoever it is, I'd love it if they would reintroduce a blooper reel at the back end of the podcast. Maybe as a reminder to John to stick to topic.Avatar Image says: Gonna give it a shot tonight.... I think i will win.... :)Avatar Image says: hi im a newbie Avatar Image says: Hire me guys, I'm the man. My approach will be to keep all of John Noe's bad jokes in and edit everything else out except for "Dobby isss freeeeee" . I will pump up the audio with a Hip Hop/dance fusion background soundtrack and several Da Dum drum roll for the John's jokes peppered with a couple of squees and yays from Sue and Melissa. And I do the best sound editing using Minesweep. I got this job, I can feel it in my bones, I got it! Avatar Image says: I could try... but audio is not much of my thing. I bet there are better people for the job around here. Besides... it wouldn't be the same thing listening to a pottercast that I edited myself. I like to be surprised. =o9 Avatar Image says: I can edit video... never tried audioAvatar Image says: LOL, Professor Potter. Very much LOL.Avatar Image says: The real question is whether the best audio team on the Leaky Cauldron will have a magic board as fantastically exciting as the board of the best political team on television or be as funny as a the best political team on the - well - on the planet, let's just say. ;)Avatar Image says: I would be more than happy to be your sound editor :D the only thing is i live in scotland would than make a difference??? please wbAvatar Image says: Holy crap, I'm so on this.Avatar Image says: Is this likely to improve the sound quality? I wouldn't even bother saying this if I didn't love PC so much, but I've found the technical quality to be quite poor recently.Avatar Image says: All right, Elizabeth totally wins for getting the vague joke.Avatar Image says: Alright, just downloaded the files and I´m off to the editing bay. You didn´t specify what kind of mix you woukd like, but I guess one sounding like Pottercast is okay. :) And btw, are there written guidelines or definitions on what qualifies as a "Bad John Joke"? ;)Avatar Image says: Suggestion: time sync would be best done if one person counts "1 2 3" in a steady rythym, and then everyone says "FOUR" what they think is in beat with the first person saying it: that would be like a clapboard on every audio track going off at the same time and that can be synced up.Avatar Image says: Wow! Melissa left a comment here! That's like having a celebrity visiting my home... :OAvatar Image says: wat program do u ppl use? im jusrt wondering...i prob wouldnt be able 2 neway but.....Avatar Image says: Ahh, just sent mine in. It was really fun to do :) But I like editing anything.Avatar Image says: LoonyLovegood - I use Audacity, but there are A LOT of different programs out there. I use Audacity because I have negative lots and lots of money and live on ramen. :DAvatar Image says: Briana, Hmmmmm.... ramen!! ^^ Sometimes I wonder if Ron would have gotten away if Hermione had packed a load of ramen to the Horcruxes hunting trip... ...and yes, I know I have got to find better things to wonder about.Avatar Image says: Thio - I like to think that Hermione, on a whim, decides not to really cook and instead have cup ramen, then Ron, like his dad, has this intense fascination with it and have it for breakfast, lunch, tea-time, and supper. Hermione gets annoyed with it. xDAvatar Image says: Brianna, LOL!! So like Hermione to get annoyed by Ron's ramen obsession!! Poor Ron. Sometimes I wonder how this couple could ever work!! I love then together... but seriously!! You can't find someone more perfect to annoy each other than those two!Avatar Image says: Thio - Aw, I love them together! Because then I wouldn't have Rose/Scorpius to go ga-ga over. In my earlier Potter fan days, I was a big Hermione/Draco or Ginny/Draco fan. Anyways, I think that over time, she grows to find it endearing, or really bearable. I know as more of an adult, I let the stuff that bothered me as a kid/teenager roll off my back. *shrug*Avatar Image says: ummm...i have a mac osx and those woices wont download. i can hear em but i wanna be able to edit them. HELP!! BTW LoonyLovegood I use Audicity too. Avatar Image says: i lov hermione and ron as a couple! since when did ron have a ramen obsession......Avatar Image says: whats ramen? im gonna try 4 this thing...i betta win! Avatar Image says: Dorkie - Sorry, I have windows, and am unable to help you. Good luck! Victoria - He never has had an obsession with ramen, I just like to giggle at the thought. :] abby_lo - Ramen (in my terms) is a package of dried noodles and a little flavor packet inside that contains beef, chicken, or shrimp seasoning. I crumble it up to make it fit in my bowl, put some water from the sink in it, and microwave it for 2 minutes. Then, you mix the seasoning in the packet into it, and it makes a good, filling meal for me. Each packet is usually between 20 cents and 50 cents. I buy the big packs at wal-mart that have 12 for $1.50 or something.Avatar Image says: LoonyLovegood - I use Audacity for all my editing. I tried other programs but I just can't work 'em. Good Luck to those submitting something, I'm not sure my usual editing would suffice (if you've heard PotterFicWWeekly you'll know why ;) ) I'm like LV up there though, I like editing anything! :PAvatar Image says: I did my edit of the clips yesterday and sent an email. Unfortunately I forgot to attach the finished MP3 the first time around, so I double-emailed. :(Avatar Image says: Is this a paid gig?Avatar Image says: No, this is not a paid gig. It is a free service provided by Harry Potter fans / appreciators to other Harry Potter fans / appreciators. If it were a paid gig, the PotterCasters would probably have to charge a fee for each episode and by this suffer a decline in listeners. Or maybe not. :)Avatar Image says: I would absolutely LOVE to be a Pottercast editor!!!! Sadly, I can't do the editing right this moment, as my (ahem) mother is rather restrictive as to when I am allowed to use my computer for long periods of time... Sad...Avatar Image says: WOOOO I'M THE CHOSEN ONE! (but not really - I think this is just the second round o' auditions) But yeah! I got the go-ahead email!!! *airpunches* I'm excited :DAvatar Image says: I haven't heard anything.... :( Does this mean I haven't got it?Avatar Image says: I haven't heard anything either. Briana's comment has me a bit worried... :) But if you've picked some people, then how about contacting the rest of us? I'd like to know that you actually received and listened to my file, even if I didn't make the final cut (pun unintended, seriously), and I'm sure the same goes for everybody else.

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