WB Adds New Trailer to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Website


Nov 19, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Not quite a week since fansites had the exclusive first look at the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but we have a quick update today to note that WB has now added the piece to the front of the HBP website. This trailer will be playing in front of Twilight, when it opens in theaters this Friday.

As reported previously, we have the trailer direct download links here, in our video galleries and on youtube, as well as our PotterCast trailer extra here on youtube. Finally, be sure to check out our fantastic high definition HBP trailer screencaps here in our image galleries.

28 Responses to WB Adds New Trailer to “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” Website

Avatar Image says: Damn, it still bugs me that I could be watching it this coming weekend, if they had not pushed it to July. Avatar Image says: it looks amazing, can't stop watching itAvatar Image says: Warner should release a teaser poster anytime soon ?Avatar Image says: I was ecstatic on thought of seeing the next movie this month. Why was it pushed back to July? Is there still two sequel movie for book six?Avatar Image says: Vanessa, WB moved the movie for 2 reason :1) they had cashed much more than what they expected with Batman this year 2) Writer's strike... because of it WB didn't have anything BIG on the making for next year. Solution: pushing HBP to 2008 what will guarantee profits for 2009 since Batman did the trick for 2008. And, yes, there will be two movies made for Deathly Hollows! :) They will start shooting that on February.Avatar Image says: wow for a second i thoudht tere was a new trailerAvatar Image says: Is the international trailer going to be up on an official website for download anywhere? I got it from Leaky to go into iTunes but it won't transfer to any of my iPods. I'd like to have all three (so far) trailers in one spot besides my computer.Avatar Image says: I always haver to ask this for any HP trailer, becuase no on EVER seems to know, but ------ when will the trailer be shown in UK cinemas???Avatar Image says: So was it part of the deal that WB sent you the trailer but you had to put a link to the Twilight film page on the site as well? Even though Twilight has absolutely nothing to do with this site? Absolutely shameless. Just when I think Warners couldn't sink any lower in their appalling treatment of HP fans, they go and do something like this. Are we supposed to be grateful for yet another measly trailer, when they've blatantly only released it now to persuade HP fans to go and see this piece of rubbish instead? Anyone who goes to see Twilight just to see the HP trailer on the big screen should be ashamed of themselves. Don't forget, we were supposed to be seeing the whole film this week, if it wasn't for Warners spending their entire 2008 promotional budget on bloody Twilight instead. By the way, if anyone can come up with something amusing offensive I can use to replace the world Twil****, I'd be immensely grateful. Avatar Image says: Now, now Flora. No need to get all upset about Twilight. It's just another movie, and the more $$ WB makes, the more they'll be able to spend making the Harry Potter movies. As for the link, there is much cross-over interest here, so just relax and accept it.Avatar Image says: Flora, I don't think Summit, the company that is producing Twilight, has anything to do with WB. It is not uncommon to have trailers for upcoming, BIG movies to appear in front of "out of house" films, especially if both films are of the same genre. I remember seeing trailers for Disney movies showing in front of Dreamworks and WB movies before. It's just advertising. On another note, will they put up posters and wallpapers on the website again? It's time for me to switch to a HBP desktop.Avatar Image says: I feel you chikit I was so looking forward to seing the movie this friday sat and sun lol. Oh man this so sucks.The trailer got me so eager to see it ASAP! WB should hold a contest and let us see the film in December for some fans like at least 1000 fan but they should make us work for it in a fun way like a scavenger hunt HP style lol. Oh well I guess we no choice but to wait.Avatar Image says: Carol, Thanks for the clarification, i thought half blood prince was going to be splited into 2 parts. Avatar Image says: "Don’t forget, we were supposed to be seeing the whole film this week, if it wasn’t for Warners spending their entire 2008 promotional budget on bloody Twilight instead." WB has nothing to do with the Twilight film,as far as I know, and, even if it did, that wouldn't necessarily mean pushing back HBP had anything to do with when Twilight was released. I'll admit that I'm as angry as anyone else about HBP's date change, but Twilight has nothing to do with it, so stop blaming it, people. That's just not fair. I do think the company that made Twilight is trying to get people to see their film by having the HBP trailer attached to it, if they are the ones who made that decision that is. So that would be kind of manipulative. It could also just be normal advertising, though; I mean the HBP trailer has to be attached to some movie, so why not Twilight? Who wouldn't want an HP trailer attached to their movie? And I agree that anyone who goes to see Twilight just because of the HBP trailer is kind of crazy, especially since we now have the trailer online for free to watch whenever we want. Only go see Twilight if you actually want to see Twilight. Otherwise, save your 10 bucks. Don't be silly. Avatar Image says: I wonder how they are going to keep this up. We now have three trailers and the film is not to be released for 8 months. I think it is a little strange. It is possible that they may have already bought the time or something so they just went ahead with it. It is also true that they have previews for films that come out many months later but they usually don't have a lot of footage. I guess the fact that the film is finished is the reason that they can show so much footage. It still seems strange. Avatar Image says: fantastic!!!! I can keep on watching it, over and over and over again .... :-))Avatar Image says: Well, maybe--just maybe--this movie will follow the book more closely than 3, 4, or 5 did. So far, based on the trailers, it looks promising. We can only hope.Avatar Image says: I was really disappointed last night. I didn't go to see Twilight entirely because of the trailer - mostly because I just like midnight release parties for anything, and it was shot and filmed here in town, so I wanted to see familiar sites - but the trailer was still a fun incentive. And it never showed! Did anyone else have the same thing happen? Avatar Image says: Bobby, I also was looking forward to seeing the newest HP trailer in front of twilight, but they didn't show it... =[ However they did show the teaser trailer (the one w/ all the Tom Riddle footage). It was cool, but I kinda wanted to see the NEW trailer.Avatar Image says: I just saw Twilight, and the trailer wasn't there!! Has anyone else had this issue in their cities? Kinda bummed, but at least I can watch it in high def on my computer! Can't wait for this film :)Avatar Image says: I just got home from watching "Twilight". HBP wasn't shown in the trailer preview leading up to the movie. Avatar Image says: Bobby, I was the same way. Part of the reason for my seeing the movie was to see the HBP trailer on the big screen. I don't know where the rest of you guys live, but in Canada, they released the movie in a least two auditoriums in larger Cities. They had different trailers for each Twilight movie. In one it was the new Tom Hanks war movie (Kenneth Brannaugh is in it as well, or at least it looked like him), a parody of "Save the Last Dance", Ink Heart and Knowing( (which looks like a really promising Nicholas Cage movie) and some sort of two Football jocks become Cheerleader movie. Sorry, their names escape me at the moment. I was kind of let down there was no Potter trailer to fill that void. Anyway, the movie is excellent and anyone who has read the book should see the movie. Avatar Image says: I was so excited to see this trailer on Twilight, and so was about half the theatre full of fans. We all cheered when the WB logo came up, and then gasped in suprise when the music for the wrong trailer started playing. No one even payed attention to the trailer because they were talking about how it was the wrong one. It made me sad. At least it is on the internet. It is the best of all the trailes so far, I love bushy hair Hermione.Avatar Image says: Posted by Bobby on November 21, 2008, 06:12 PM "I was really disappointed last night. I didn’t go to see Twilight entirely because of the trailer – mostly because I just like midnight release parties for anything, and it was shot and filmed here in town, so I wanted to see familiar sites – but the trailer was still a fun incentive. And it never showed! Did anyone else have the same thing happen?" omg!!!! I saw twilight on sat, and no trailer, I was looking forward to seeing the trailer, I was dissappointed :( Avatar Image says: I live in Colorado, and I went to one of the biggest theatres in town and no HBP prince trailer, none at all, sounds like at least some people saw a trailerAvatar Image says: holy crap its freakin amazing i CAN NOT wait its not possible and i can't wait to prove to all those junky twilight over harry potter people that harry potter makes wayyyy more money in the box office than that stupid twilight doesAvatar Image says: Well I'm still upset i didn't see harry potter this weekend. But i did go to see twilight and I didn't see a trailer in front of it. I saw a bunch of commercials and 3 previews for other movies. None of which were harry potter and the half-blood prince. It just further disappointed me.. And then my disappointment was made even larger when I realized how bad the Twilight movies actually sucked...it was bad..Avatar Image says: WB has EVERYTHING to do with Twilight! And, seeing this movie will not bring HP closer to theaters. Besides, WB only cares about making money-which they did this weekend with Twilight-I wonder how many TRUE Potter fans went to see it, just for the trailer? Those that did, do you not realize that YOU-essentially-have allowed WB to not take us seriously? What happened to the boycott? What happened to "down with WB"? Proving that WB cares nothing about the fans and more about money should be at the forefront for every Potter fan! So, to those that seen Twilight this weekend, Thank you for allowing WB to make more money this weekend proving that they (WB execs) were correct in not allowing HP to be released! BOYCOTT THE JULY RELEASE!

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