New HBP Video Game Screen Shots of Quidditch, Slughorn, and More


Nov 20, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

A number of screen shots from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game on the Wii platform have appeared online via Netherlands news resource, Nieuwslog. The screen shots, which can be viewed right here via our Image Galleries, give us looks at Ron and Harry in their Quidditch uniforms, Harry and Professor Slughorn around the school, and more. The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game will be available for purchase on multiple platforms in July of 2009, to correspond with the release of the film on July 17, 2009.

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Avatar Image says: First! Graphics look great by the way. Avatar Image says: That's soo cool! But that is ot a norwegian site, I believe it to be dutch, at least it seams so to me. Beside nl. is for the Nederlands. Norwegian sites ends with .no ... Just couldn'æt help noticing since I am NorwegianAvatar Image says: So excited for this game. It looks great! I was upset when E.A had to move the release date to match the movie.Avatar Image says: Didn't they say they were working on improving facial expressions, etc? Well, they still look a bit blank-faced to me. But okay all round. EA must have been a bit peeved with WB. I certainly would have been.Avatar Image says: But when is the demo coming out. That can keep me occupied untill the movie is released. And .nl is indeed the Netherlands and the site is in Dutch. And I can verify that since I am Dutch :)Avatar Image says: Looks FABULOUS! Can't wait to immerse myself there!Avatar Image says: Awesome! Slughorn looks pretty cool and since the trailer has come out I can't wait to see the astronomy tower! Avatar Image says: I just had a brainstorm. Could it be that they delayed the release of HBP so that it would not have to compete with the release of Twilight in Novwember?Avatar Image says: very nice pics indeed , graphics look sweet and Sybil Twightwas originally slated to be in early december and moved to its current releasedate ( today BTW) when HBP vacated it

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