Presenting Ginny Weasley, the Quidditch Player


Nov 20, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to Oclumencia, we can now see a new photo of Gryffindor Quidditch player (and future hero of the Holyhead Harpies) Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This photo is part of a collections of scans from Brazilian magazine, RECREIO, that also has new photos of Quidditch Ron (Rupert Grint) and more here in our galleries. Courtesy of ScarPotter, we can also see a photo of Quidditch Harry (Dan Radcliffe) and more from the same magazine.

Thanks to Oclumencia and ScarPotter!

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Avatar Image says: amazing! i cant wait for the movie! first?Avatar Image says: i like it ... but it makes her look fat :[Avatar Image says: In this photo she really looks like a woman. I get this Lily Evans "vibe" when I look at her. I love how she holds her head up proudly. This is the Ginny Weasley of book 5, 6 and 7, and not the "little girl" Ginny Weasley (which annoyed me a lot in the first few books). Bonnie Wright has really grown up. I'm feeling kinda proud of her ;DAvatar Image says: I like it... it does not make her look fat. :)Avatar Image says: @ Eva: She doesn't look fat, the uniform is supposed to look like that. You can't expect 17 - 18 yo's to look like supermodels and Barbie dolls! That's just silly. She looks fantastic in my opinion. I think you are focusing on the wrong things. Avatar Image says: She looks great, very confident (and she really does remind me of Lily).Avatar Image says: This is a great picture. I am actually looking forward to a little quidditch in this film even though i have never been a huge fan of it. Avatar Image says: Fierceness!!!!!! Love it. Go Ginny! Avatar Image says: I love ginny in this and i love bonnie. She looks great in the new quidditch outfit. And i like her broomstick too. Avatar Image says: Yay, Quidditch!Ginny :D I'm so glad they didn't cut her out! She becomes a future professional player and all!Avatar Image says: She looks Great!!!! So grown up!!! Bonnie does a wonderful job bringing Ginny to life considering how much they cut out in the movies.... Can't wait to see it, dam that Warner Brothers!!!!Avatar Image says: Tomorrow's going to be a depressing day for all us hp fans. Avatar Image says: Ginny does not look fat!!!! She looks wonderful. I can't wait until the movie comes out.Avatar Image says: oh yay! proud brazilian here! I can translate it if you want! Ginny looks great, even though I´m not a fan of her character, I liker Hermione more.Avatar Image says: All pictures make me depressed I would have been out tonight to see that film. Now we wait until july. She looks great buy the way.Avatar Image says: rupert looks amazing & tough on a broom cant wait to see it... & now we finally get to see the grown up ginnyAvatar Image says: trailer = no.5 here = no.6Avatar Image says: She s awesome....I ve been waiting for so to see Bonnie in this kind of photos... She looks very good!! A real Ginny (my fav character!!!)..... But I want to see more... Avatar Image says: Finally. This is what I have been waiting for: Ginny in quidditch gear. It suits her quite well. Im loving all the attention she is getting in this movie. Ron looks so determined. Dan looks.....oldAvatar Image says: I think we should have a mourning ceremony tommorow for the Lost Half-Blood Prince Ceremony. We had one at school today.Avatar Image says: omg- she looks amazing! :D Great to see that Ginny is finally having her moment.Avatar Image says: Cool pictures. We need more pictures. Harry Potter H,B,P would half been out tomorrow. I hate that they changed it. I guess they took down the countdown on the left hand corner underneath the picture of Harry. Avatar Image says: That's my Ginny! Just how I've always hoped she'd look in the movies, it's fantastic!! But I wish they wouldn't have changed the quidditch costumes, I liked the old ones better. Avatar Image says: they should market quiddich cards like baseball cards but with harry... and fred and george... and a harry rookie card... I think it would be funny... but really COOL and a really rare James Potter one with his quiddich acomplishments on it... that would rock... Avatar Image says: She looks great!Avatar Image says: TOMORROW!!!!! the movie was supposed to come out tomorrow!!! darn u wb!!! these pics r amazing, though. ginny looks great and i think dan radcliffe is soooooooo hot!!!Avatar Image says: Ron & Ginny look so good in their Quidditch robes. I'm wearing a black arm band all day tomorrow in memory of what should have been!!! WB sucks so bad!Avatar Image says: I'm so excited to see them in action, the Weasleys who would have thought? Plus I've always had a crush on Ginny and her ginger hair. :DAvatar Image says: hooray!!!! yeah!!!! ginny is my fav character like, seriously, shes me. love this. ug, guys, hbp couldve come out in 2 hrs. ickAvatar Image says: Cool. I hope this means we get to see a lot more of her fierce/strong side in the Quidditch scene/any time during HBP. She's seemed so of placid to me since CoS.Avatar Image says: Yessss i cant wait for Quidditch! I think Bonnie is the perfect Ginny, i cant wait to see her in this movie. she looks amazing!Avatar Image says: OMG! Bonnie looks fabuous. Finally a picture of Ginny Weasley/Bonnie Wright promoting HBP... I hope they issue a toy in her Quiditch outfit! Thank you!Avatar Image says: It would have been one hour and twenty-nine minutes. Instead we have to wait seven more months. I hate this. Avatar Image says: ----> Eva: I honestly cannot believe how rude and superficial you are. She is not fat; it is the way the outfit was made. Even if she were "fat", why would it matter? Would you want someone to post a pic of you and then describe all things wrong with you? I am sure that you would not so you should not do it to others. I loved the pics, especially the one of Ginny because I like it when young girls are portrayed as being beautiful, strong, fierce females and not just a damsels in distress.Avatar Image says: Sophie nailed it: Bonnie/Ginny looks awesome. WHERE does anyone possible see any "fat" on her??????????? Adjust your monitor.Avatar Image says: Cool...although she does 'not' remind me of Lily Evans. Lily hated Quidditch.Avatar Image says: IF THERE'S ANYONE WHOM I LIKE MORE THAN HARRY IT'S GINNY! HER'S IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER.....Avatar Image says: sweet pic of ginny she looks awesomeAvatar Image says: from the neck down, great, abovr the neck, just fail. That's both. sad.Avatar Image says: Boy, some of you people are really judgemental and harsh. Like so many others have replied - she does not look fat. She's athletic and healthy looking. And remember - beauty is in the eye of the beholder - she is a cute kind of pretty, but if you personally aren't attracted to someone - that's just your opinion, no need to be mean and cruel. As for Dan - he does not look old - he looks like a kid with the clean-shaven look. In fact, he was a kid - 18 when this filming was done. Avatar Image says: She looks awesome, all grown up. Anyone who thinks shes fat is a git.Avatar Image says: ginny looks great. Eva eats s..t and so does Wb. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I think i might kill myself. I actually might.... Avatar Image says: @Eva: It's obviously how the costume are made. Can't you see it's not figure-hugging? Avatar Image says: i didnt mean to be rude or anthing but the angel its taking in makes her look fat becase the uniform looks big on her i know shes not fat , Ginny is my fav. caractor but im just saying.Avatar Image says: i didnt mean to be rude or anthing but the angel its taking in makes her look fat becase the uniform looks big on her i know shes not fat , Ginny is my fav. caractor but im just saying.Avatar Image says: Eva how does she look fat!? She looks great. Just how i imagined Ginny to look like. Shes still a teenager and not some skinny model. Thats her character. Cant wait for this film :)Avatar Image says: This is how I wanted Bonnie presenting herself! Now I'm super pumped to see HBP.Avatar Image says: *POTENTIAL SPOILER WARNING* Did you ever wonder - Was Quidditch played during Harry's 7th year? - If yes, who was the captain of the Gryffindor team? - And who became captain of Gryffindor team Ginny's 7th year? - And if Harry was so good at Quidditch, why he never tried pro?Avatar Image says: Bonnie looks excellent in this shot, she really brings Ginny to life.Avatar Image says: Ah...she can catch my snitch anytime ;)Avatar Image says: she reminds me of lily potterAvatar Image says: DAMN I LOVE HER <3 so HOT SORRY HARRY Avatar Image says: Wow. They *do* make 'em ok at HogwartsAvatar Image says: I love the way Bonnie looks as Ginny here...totally the Ginny I envisioned!Avatar Image says: ron is looking horrible isn´t he? but ginny looks great! i can´t wait for the movie!!! Avatar Image says: Ginny does not look fat from any angle. She looks fantastic.Avatar Image says: Wow, fantastic! I think Bonnie is the ideal Ginny. She is fierce in this photo -- I finally see that "blazing look" that Harry loved!Avatar Image says: Wow, cool! :)

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