Harry, A History Updates: New JKR Snippet and More


Nov 21, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

A couple of quick updates: Harry, A History (which you can order here) will spend its second week on the NYT Bestseller list this week, so, thank you again! It’s been really exciting, but I know there’s more to come, so stay tuned.

Second, I have added another vault entry to Harry, A History‘s web site, this time about Harry/Hermione and other shippy matters. By all means, have fun – it’s certainly been earned – but please be nice. :)

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Avatar Image says: congrats Mellisa... 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Haha, shipping wars :) I do feel a bit bad for her, with so many people telling her she has to do it their way and acting as if they own the story, which I could not stand if I ever were to write. Avatar Image says: I hope, after having read Jo Rowling's interview, the lies spread about what she actually said STOP. Harry and Hermione could have been together ( hey, Mike Tyson could have been a ballerina ), but that was never her intention and was never foreshadowed. She did what felt right for HER characters and I was someone who agreed with her.Avatar Image says: I ordered your book Melissa - and got the phone call yesterday to say that it had now arrived (we still have a few days left before its official release date here in Australia) and I stayed up until the wee small hours this morning finishing the book. Brilliant Melissa! You brought back my own personal memories visiting Leaky and reliving such a unique experience. Thank you.Avatar Image says: I agree with Jim: they are her charachters and it is HER who wrote the books (books I loved so much). And, you know, I really like the Hermione/Ron couple, and the Harry/Ginny one, so.. PS=sorry for the english, I'm italianAvatar Image says: I'll have to wait for my copy of "Harry, a History" to know what this whole emerson thing was about. I read a bit of it in wikipedia. But I agree... no one should tell the autor what to do.Avatar Image says: Jim, I LOVED the "mike tyson" comment! WAY too true. Melissa, you have written a masterpiece that, hopefully, will clear up some of the junk that's come out of a lot of people. Maybe, they will understand more, of 'Harry' and Jo's world. JO'S WORLD!Avatar Image says: wth Melissa?! You can't take Obama's #1 spot? ;) I'm so proud of you, and our fandom :)Avatar Image says: Melissa, I am old enough to be your mom but, after reading your book, if I'd been in New York or you in Phoenix, we could have been fast friends in spite of the decades spanning our ages. Of course, that is the nature of the inhabitants of the Potterverse, because Harry is that special. There was only one copy of your book in my nearest Barnes and Noble and I'm glad I nabbed it first. I bought the book without knowing anything about it, without having visited the website you set up for it. All I knew was that you'd written it, you and your friends provided me with TLC and TLC has provided me with a wonderful group of friends with a few silver highlights in their hair from all over the world. I bought it out of appreciation. I figured it would be a cute book about Leaky. I had no idea how much more it would prove to be. You shine as both a writer and a wonderful person in these pages and helped us all remember the first time we opened the pages of Sorceror's Stone (or Philosopher's Stone). Harry: A History is now the only book allowed to reside on my special "Harry" shelf. I thank you for this book and I thank all of you for Leaky. Love, jean (aka Mom Weasley) Avatar Image says: Awesome! I'm reading the book right now and it really does bring back a lot of happy memories! Thanks, Melissa, for writing it!Avatar Image says: I absoultely love this book. Must be why I read it twice!Avatar Image says: does anyone know (melissa?) if Harry, a History will be published in Italy too? can't wait! Otherwise, I'll buy it in english, but it'll be more difficult to me, I'm only 14 and I'm italian. Avatar Image says: does anyone know (melissa?) if Harry, a History will be published in Italy too? can't wait! Otherwise, I'll buy it in english, but it'll be more difficult to me, I'm only 14 and I'm italian. Avatar Image says: Ive got my copy of Harry a History. I was shocked by what she revealed. I am very pleased that it ended up Harry/Ginny instead. Suits the story much much better. In my opinion...the movies did a much better job of showing that it was Ron/Hermione from the beginning. There were clues at the end of Movie 2.Movvie three had some clues too. But by Movie 4, if you didnt get it, you were in Emmerson's words "delusional"Avatar Image says: I'm in mid-read. It's a great story and very well written. I normally eschew non-fiction as I need the mental breather that fiction provides. But your book has been a page turner for me. I'm fascinated by the bits of luck and personal determination of a few believers that turned this into a juggernaut. I'm so glad you've gotten to write this book. I have no doubt it'll be the definitive reference to the Harry Potter phenomenon. Thanks for your effort. So... book number two: what's it going to be about?Avatar Image says: Second week on the list! Hooray!Avatar Image says: Squee! This is amazing, Melissa. And I'm with SueB; when's your next book coming out again? ;-) I guess we can give you a little break... You've definitely deserved it.Avatar Image says: Yay, I got my copy yesterday! I didn't know you went to Fordham! My sister earned her PhD in English Lit there in ... hm... '88 I think...Avatar Image says: i love i love it i love it. i feel so sorry for jo when that couple came out as lupin and tonks at the deathly hallows reading thing. i love it i love it i love it, thats all i can say! Avatar Image says: As both Harry and Hermione came from Muggle background and are only childs it is very well thought to include them into a huge Wizards family, where they keep staying in close contact with each other togehter with their respective kids. Avatar Image says: Will Harry, a History be published in Italy too? please, someone answerAvatar Image says: melis love the book, but can never find it at the columbus circle borders. it is totally hidden. every time i'm in there i have to ask specifically to find it. :pAvatar Image says: I was a fan of the books since 2001 and didn't get involved in the online community till about 2006. I never knew Harry/Hermione shippers existed until one day I was sifting through forums and was like "... What?!" I didn't know there was any kind of debate I thought it was clear by POA and GOF was simply downright OBVIOUS! I was a R/Hr shipper but never saw a debate, in my head it was simply, I'm right- you are wrong. It was stupidly heated at the time for some people!Avatar Image says: WOW!!!! This book is.....AWESOME. I learned So much like harry and the potters and now i am addictted to fan fic(if you don't know what that is read the book) So thanks melissa for one awesome book and good luck with it!!!!! Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa!! Harry, A History, is a wonderful companion book to the series. I've been a fan since book 1 hit the shelves in the US and your book brought back so many wonderful memories of those times and reading the books for the first time. My entire family is hooked on the series and I can't wait to buy them each a copy of your book for Christmas! It was very interesting reading about Jo and how it all began for her and what she went through, as well as the myths you have put to rest. You've also opened my eyes to fanfic and Harry and the Potters. I had no idea they existed! Thank you for putting such an incredible book together. You can tell that Jo is very proud of you and the honest support you've shown her and her creation. Keep up the great work and continued success!!Avatar Image says: I just bought your book an hour ago Melissa! I haven't gotten too far through, but so far it's great!Avatar Image says: I'm currently doing an oral report on the Harry Potter fandom (spec. dealing with the secod book) for my Chrildren's Literature class here at Pitt. Someone suggested I get this book for it and I'm so glad they did! The majority of my info is either coming from it, or from sources listed in it. I just wanted to give my personal thanks for the great resource!

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