Richard Griffiths to Appear at Macy’s Tree Lighting This Weekend


Nov 21, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon) will be appearing at the famous Macy’s Herald Square Christmas tree lighting event in New York City this weekend. The acclaimed actor, who is currently appearing on Broadway with fellow Potter actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) in the production of Equus, will be giving a reading of the classic poem “The Night Before Christmas.” (A Visit From Saint Nicholas by Clement C Moore) reports this event will take place this Sunday, November 23 at 6:30pm on Broadway in NYC, between 34th & 35th streets. Anyone attending please send in your reports and photos!

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Avatar Image says: Does anyone know if this will be televised, here, in the US? I'm in South Carolina, and don't have TV. But I do have access to one....I would LOVE to hear Mr Griffiths read this wonderful Holiday Classic! And see the tree, lit, of course! ThanksAvatar Image says: And instead of A MOVIE, we get our beloved cast to light up trees. Better than nothing :)Avatar Image says: I know that the Macy's Thansgiving Day Parade, is, of course, televised, but I don't know about the tree lighting. Oh I would love to see it!Avatar Image says: I like the idea of him lighting up trees. But I would like it more if, just to say, the HBP film were released on december. Christmas present? Sorry for the english, I'm italian.Avatar Image says: That's great that while Richard and Daniel are in NY they are doing other things for us to see them in.Avatar Image says: it would be nice is people just got so over the fact that HBP is delayed and not mention it in every new post on Leaky. We get it, get over it, and wait until July, because it ain't coming sooner.Avatar Image says: @ seth: personally, i know warner bros isn't going to move the movie. but i'm still upset about it. so please be a little more underrstanding of the people like me. about the lighting ceremony, does anyone know if its going to be televised? i'd love it see it.Avatar Image says: Today is a very depressing sister, my aunt , and my mom just left to see twilight for my sister's bday. Just think, I would have already seen HP last night at midnight!! :( And what makes it even sadder is my sister is starting to like Twilight more than harry!!!!!!!! Soooo horibble. :(Avatar Image says: @ Harry Potter PONES Twilight!!!: i know how you feel : (Avatar Image says: Coonfederate Lady, The Christmas Tree lighting is carried on local TV every year but I'm willing to bet galleons it'll show up on YouTube pretty quickly.Avatar Image says: Man I wish I could be there just for that! I would LOVE to hear him read The Night Before ChristmasAvatar Image says: seth: like lily_luna says, I just can't wait 'til july. I have the right to be upset!Avatar Image says: seth: like lily_luna says, I just can't wait 'til july. I have the right to be upset!Avatar Image says: I love the Night Before Christmas, I read it every christmas eve in a nice little edition of the poem. Plus did anyone hear of Daniel Radcliffe donating his jeans. Seth people are upset, its Harry Potter season and I could have used the pick me up. A tiny tiny tiny part me of thought maybe it was all just a big marketing plan and they'd surprise release it, phew lucky that was only a tiny part of meAvatar Image says: Great ! but i find it amusing that a guy who dislikes children as much as Richard does would be doing this lol!Avatar Image says: @ Jeannine; don't exactly know if you're joking... This is great, I bet he'll do amazing!Avatar Image says: Of course I was just up there (only a few blocks away) but came home because I didn't know about it. Now I've missed it. This is exactly the kind of stuff that happens to me all the time :(Avatar Image says: I loved it. it would have been better if the dad in front of me didnt have the child on his shoulder so my view was possible but i did get some pictures of RG. He was really good in his narration of Twas the Night Before Christmas. It was really fun. they had sing along Christmas Caroles. Kermit was there as was Grandma from the Big Apple Circus.

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