Amazon Contest For Possible Chance to Buy Half-Price Collector’s Editon of “Beedle the Bard”


Nov 22, 2008

Posted by SueTLC
Uncategorized has launched a new contest for consumers to vote for special items they would like to purchase at a highly discounted price this holiday shopping season. According to this press release, among the items possibly being included in this special sale will be 1,000 copies of the Collector’s edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. In addition, the first 35 customers to place an order will win a copy
autographed by J.K. Rowling herself.

Please note that to win a chance to buy the book at half-off the $100 USD price, there is a slightly complicated process that is as follows:

  1. Go to this link and vote on a series of six groups, picking the one item you might like to buy at a hugely discounted price. The last grouping contains the Beedle the Bard book, which is currently losing badly to a great deal on the Kitchenaid Professional Stand Mixer. Vote wisely ;)
  2. On the morning of Thursday, Nov. 27, Thanksgiving day, check your email to see if you have been selected to participate in the “Race to Buy” event, aka the winning products at the discounted price.
  3. Come back on another specified date contained in your email to then race to buy the item (login early before it goes on sale, as they expect demand to be high and items to go early, so the idea is to ‘race’ against other customers), possibly then purchasing a discounted Collector’s Edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Note: According to the FAQ, if the book ends up as a runner-up, it will be made available for $70 (USD) Amazon stresses that while they are pleased to offer this possible sale, all donations to the Children’s High Level Group charity will be calculated from the full list price of the book ($100).

Good Luck! As a reminder, The Tales of Beedle the Bard by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling will be released on December 4, with proceeds to benefit the Children’s High Level Group charity.

36 Responses to Amazon Contest For Possible Chance to Buy Half-Price Collector’s Editon of “Beedle the Bard”

Avatar Image says: That's the strangest contest I've ever seen. Good thing I already have the mixer. I did stop and look at the incredible price on it, but voted for Beedle instead.Avatar Image says: i am going to try my level best !!!!!!!! voting for the BEEDLE!!!Avatar Image says: I guess this is Amazon's equivalent to the early morning day after Thanksgiving sales that all of the non-online stores have.Avatar Image says: Ah but I've already pre-ordered my Collector's Beedle... And this contest is very confusing. Oh well, go Beedle! I think.Avatar Image says: Yea I think I'll just wait for the one I already pre-ordered...besides it's another 50 bucks going to a good cause. I would feel like I was cheating those kids in need just so I can save a few bucks.Avatar Image says: great literally 5 minutes ago i bought 2 copies at full priceAvatar Image says: Billy: The contribution to CHLG is the same for these Beedles as the non-discounted ones - I presume Amazon are funding the discount from their advertising budget. Note that as far as I can tell you can still buy Beedle if you are selected, even if you voted for the Kitchenaid Professional Stand Mixer.Avatar Image says: Ah ok, thanks for clarifying.Avatar Image says: Are you kidding!? I totally get why Beedle is losing.... I would totally buy that Mixer for 69 bucks.... But I voted for the book anyway... I already have a pretty good mixer and I don't have any prospect to buy the book for $100, Can't afford... And it would be awesome if it was signed!!!!!Avatar Image says: People... GO AND VOTE ANYWAY! Even if you are not planning to buy.....!!! Please... Please!!!! :) Avatar Image says: Im pretty sure that for this round of voting you get notified on Dec. 3 if you were chosen. Avatar Image says: The Mixer is also the best bargain, $61 cheaper if it wins the vote whereas Beedle is only $20 cheaper. It makes sense that the mixer would be winning before the Potter fandom noticed the promotion.Avatar Image says: Oh, I would love it if Beedle won! :D I guess the mixer deal is pretty impressive, though, so I can see why it's losing. Bleh.Avatar Image says: I trust that the same amount of money is still going towards the charity with this promotion :) I ordered my copy on Wish they could do a half price Wii console...;)Avatar Image says: So... it's a contest to save $20 (or $69 if you go for the mixer) that doesn't even guarantee you'll get the item for the discounted rate? (Per the rules: "If you're randomly selected to participate in the race to buy, you still need to check what time the buying starts for each deal that round and log-in early, as we expect to have many more people participating than we have deals available.") Come on, Amazon. Really? I mean... really? Why not just have an after-Thanksgiving sale and drop the stupid, convoluted gimmick?!Avatar Image says: Roonwit, I dont follow what you are saying. As it clearly states, 1,000 of the books will be 50 percent off, which means a savings of $50 USD dollars, or Beedle will be $70.00 USD if chosen as runner up, which would make it a savings of 30.00 USA? Both seem to be more than just 20 dollars off? Agree about the fantastic price for the mixer. I paid much more for mine, which I love and is fantastic btw lol. SueAvatar Image says: I dunno- I'd really like a good deal on a mixer . . . I already ordered my special edition, but a chance to win one signed by the author would be awesome.Avatar Image says: My point was that if you vote and are lucky enough to be selected, then you are voting for Beedle at $50 and the mixer at $130, or Beedle at $70 and mixer at $69 (or for some DVDs). Of course if you only want one of them then it makes sense to vote for the one you want, but if you want both it makes sense to vote for the mixer. The price of these items outside the promotion shouldn't affect which way you vote, just whether you want to take part in the promotion or not.Avatar Image says: I've already pre-ordered the Collector's Edition, but I'm gonna enter anyway, because _a signed copy_!!! I so want that! But this contest is really strange... It's gonna be hard to remember everything.Avatar Image says: So I guess those of us who pre-ordered this book months ago when it was first announced, lose out on this contest. I would have to delete this item from my pre-order, then hope I can win the half price, and if not maybe lose out on a chance to get the book at all because by then they will be sold out? No thanks.Avatar Image says: Sadly, Beedle isn't racking up anywhere near the votes of the mixer...Avatar Image says: I'm confused. So even if Beedle doesn't win to be on sale, do the first 35 people to purchase copies still autographed copies??Avatar Image says: confusing much? i'll just wait for the one i pre-ordered ages ago. though i really want the autograph from j.k rowling, but such is life, a 35 in how many millions chance?Avatar Image says: deana: The vote is over prices. If Beedle loses, then the 1000 copies with the first 35 signed are still available to those selected to take part in the race, just at a higher (but still discounted) price.Avatar Image says: Oooh, I wish that Beedle was in first place. Please vote for it, even if you aren't going to buy it (unless you really want the mixer). Right now, Beedle is in last place, and I don't think that last place gets a discount. Beedle should at least be the runner up. Please go vote so that other fans can have a chance to buy it!Avatar Image says: I voted for Beedle... I am one of 10%Avatar Image says: really? the general public is going for the mixer? Avatar Image says: Amazon has done this in previous years. Sometimes the items are really great, other times, not so much. Two years ago, I managed to score an elliptical trainer for $200 that normally sold on their site for $800 or so. It all depends on what you are looking for and what catches your eye. Even if you can't use something, there is sure to be someone else who could really use the price break.Avatar Image says: C'mon HP Fans! Let's at least try to get it to runner up status!Avatar Image says: The mixer is, for example, on sale right now at JC Penneys for $399 plus tax. To get it for $69, no tax, and free shipping, avoiding the insane mall is a big score, if you want a solid mixer. If you voted for Beedle the Bard, if you are selected, do you have to then try to buy what you voted for or what won that category? The rules aren't clear on the what-ifs?Avatar Image says: Please people! Go and vote for Beedle! Even if you don't plan to buy it or already have ordered it... Help your fellow Potter fans!Avatar Image says: Beedle the Bard is tied with the Sopranos DVD set with 13% of the vote. But the mixer is still ahead with 74%. Beedle is in Round 6 and voting for that category ends at noon PT December 2nd. The invitations to "race to buy" will be mailed to selected people on December 3rd including what time the sale starts, and buying for this round is on December 4th. After we shop on-line on the 4th, then we race to our bookstores to pick up Beedle the Bard and wait for our Amazon purchases. Keep voting to at least get Beedle the Bard as the runner-up. A fun few days coming up!Avatar Image says: Hey guys.... We are so close to becoming runner-up on Amazon Customer Vote contest. Keep up the good work and keep on voting for the Bard. Avatar Image says: SRP: If you are selected you can buy any or all of the three items in that round regardless of what you voted for. The vote just determines which product gets the best discount (and the time that item becomes available to purchase) - it doesn't matter which item is 2nd or 3rd because they both get the slightly higher possible price for that item (though are still discounted).Avatar Image says: Thanks, roonwit! Now if only I had a fast internet connection....that would speed up the process on the Big Day if I'm one of the selected. I bet Amazon's servers will be groaning on the Sale Days. As tempting as Beedle the Bard is, the savings to be had on the mixer will be hard to resist.Avatar Image says: YOU'RE WELCOME ANN-MARIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333

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