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Nov 23, 2008

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I sometimes look at my three boys and wonder what went through Lily’s mind
as she felt the sharp blow of Voldemort’s wickedness. Of course, I know
that Lily is a fictional mother, but like most moms ,she did what came
natural for her. She loved her child enough to die for him.

There are moms in this world who experience that terror everyday. Not fictional moms, but real ones. I sit here, in my bedroom with my laptop and my “stuff” and wonder what it must be like for them. Do they have to listen to their children cry themselves to sleep at night and wonder if anyone in the world cares about them? Do they sleep restlessly wondering when they will be taken away from their family and raped, or when their young daughters will be taken? Can they dream of their child going off to college and planning a future away from the nightmare they live in or have they accepted that they are a forgotten people who are left by the rest of the world to suffer? Women in Darfur live this nightmare everyday.

The women of Darfur must leave their village to find firewood and in doing so take the chance of being attacked and raped, but for as little as three American dollars a day we can allow them to stay in the safety of their village. According to the Harry Potter Alliance …

STAND and the Genocide Intervention Network have a unique Civilian
Protection Program on the ground in Darfur to ensure that these women
will not have to leave these camps. Instead, they can spend time with
their children as someone else collects the firewood for them. Just
three dollars allows one woman to not have to leave the camp and be
exposed to rape and attack.

For three dollars a day, less then one cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop, less then many of us spend on candy or chips throughout the day, less then the cost of two sodas we could keep one woman safe for one night.

I’d like to ask you guys to take a stand and help the Lily Potters of Darfur. I’m not asking you to donate a bunch of money, I’m simply asking you to give up one cup of coffee and maybe your chocolate for one day. If we all joined together, we could help repel the Avada Kedavra aimed at one mom. All it takes is love.

Along with the Harry Potter Alliance, please join me on December 3rd and give up one unnecessary item for the day. If 100 Harry Potter fans gave up one cup of coffee and one chocolate bar for one day, (aprox. 6 dollars each) we’d raise enough money to protect 200 women for one night.

I also ask you to pass this message on. Ask your friends to Stand Fast on December 3rd with you. Let’s show the women of Darfur that we will stand with them and help protect them. Through the magic of love for a fellow human being, and to honor a fictional mother who gave her son the greatest magic of all, we can help protect these women.

For all Leaky Staffers – as you’ve read in our staff area, I’m challenging you guys to a Stand Fast! Let’s show everyone that our staff is the best! Well, we already know that we are, but you know, let’s show everyone else! : ) The money we don’t spend on our favorite treat (I’m giving up – ok I’ll say it – coffee and chocolate) will protect someone’s mom!

You can follow the link to Harry Potter Alliance, or click on the image below for ways to donate and more information about the Stand Fast for Darfur.

Stand Fast for Darfur

Finding Hogwarts

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