PotterCast 174: Ballious Repello


Nov 25, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

The 174th episode of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast
is here for you today, ready to give you your super high-energy Harry Potter fix. In the news this week, we have for you information on a new picture of Ginny Weasley from the Half-Blood Prince film, location scouting for Deathly Hallows, the call for LeakyCon Proposals now being open, the upcoming release for Beedle the Bard, the Wizard Rock EP Club, and the Harry Potter Alliance STAND Fast activities. Bit by Bit comes up next with Chapter 17 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In this segment, the PotterCasters continue on Harry’s journey through Godric’s Hollow after finding his parent’s house. This is followed by another edition of Beedle Talk, with a discussion of “The Tale of the Three Brothers.” The show wraps up with a some upcoming plans for the PotterCaster’s YouTube channel and information on how to get your copy of Jingle Spells 2! Do not wait to order, as the limited number of physical copies are going fast. Finally, Melissa gives us an update on Harry, A History being on the New York Times Best Sellers list. To listen, just hit the “Play” button on
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“Ballious Repello

  • Do Quidditch players use athletic supporters?
  • Frak kills the Quartet.
  • LeakyCon panels from the PotterCasters.
  • Hurry up and register for LeakyCon 2009 in Boston, Mass.
  • Have you read the latest Beedle the Bard fan fiction? Neither have we…
  • Beedle Talk on the Three Brothers.
  • A lesson on Parking and Standing Zone laws.
  • Order Jingle Spells 2 now!

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Producer: John Noe
Editor: Andrew Garner

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Avatar Image says: YES. This is why I check leaky at 1:30 AM. :PAvatar Image says: YES. This is why I check leaky at 1:30 AM. :PAvatar Image says: I can't download it :(Avatar Image says: Ditto @ Kevin!Avatar Image says: I have problems with my Itunes. In this PotterCast are there any news that weren't wrote on the site? Sorry if there are grammar errors, I'm italian.Avatar Image says: Incredible! I just saw the hour in which I posted. Only that here in Italy it's 10.37 AM.Avatar Image says: hey, I'm unable to download it...it's showing an error 8006 message...is it just me or is anyone else having this problem? :-(Avatar Image says: Try again everyone! I just got it to download after an hour and a half of trying- it looks like it's been fixed!Avatar Image says: I heard all week that "Twilight" is a story that is as good as the "Harry Potter" story. It isn't even close! "Twilight" is a romance Novel for crying out loud! I hate people comparing the two stories as if they were the same/they are not! I would to hear your comments on this and if you Like "Twilight" or not.Avatar Image says: Sometimes I really want to be there when they do the bit by bit stuff, and they are asking themselves all these questions. There's many times that I'm thinking, man you're confused about this or wrong about that. For example: How did Dumbledore get the invisibility cloak? Their explanation is that because of the fidelious charm no one can get in the Potters house, so he must've gotten it before they put the fidelious charm on the house. It sounded like they assumed that when this charm is put on a house nobody can know where it is. That's wrong. If the charm is put on a house, nobody can know where it is, unless the secret keeper, Wormtail in this case, tells someone where it is. The charm would not be broken, until apparently the secret keeper dies (that's what appeared to have happened in DH, when Dumbledore died). Well my explanation is that Dumbledore knew where the house was and so visited the Potters regularly, and got the cloak while the house was under the charm. Sirius, and Hagrid also went to the house, just after the attack they were there. In OotP they show us how you get in on the secret of the fidelious charm, the secret keeper tells a person, and so you're in. You don't become the secret keeper, so you can't spread the word. Ok now that I've said that, it does leave me with one question I really don't get what happens with Grimauld Place in DH after Dumbledore dies. There seems to be a flaw in the theory of the fidelious charm. It would be to easy for people to get in on the secret of the charm. Just kill the secret keeper, and you get more secret keepers to get the secret out. What kind of fail safe is that? Just seems a little sloppy. Ok I think I've said enough about this... for now at least :) Avatar Image says: Oh and to John, Sue, Melissa and Frack, You're still doing a great job, or I wouldn't keep on listening to the podcast. Just wish I could be there to discuss all the bits where people get confused.Avatar Image says: I really just wanted to thank you guys about mentioning Darfur on the pottercast. I go to school in Canada, and there is a national student organization also called STAND (there is one in the US too), which I am a part of. It is such an important issue, and yet, it is rarely mentioned in the news and there are still so many people who have no idea what Darfur is, let alone what is happening there. It is great that the HP alliance is doing this fundraiser, and I really hope that everyone donates/tells others to donate. Such a little amount of money can go such a long way. Thanks pottercast!!Avatar Image says: I'm going to have to go back to my copy of POA (no problem there), but I'm pretty sure Sirius was the original Secret Keeper and the he switched with Wormtail. And, there's no mention in the book that the Potter's performed the Fidelius Charm. Soooo.... I'm pretty sure Frak is right!!!!Avatar Image says: I mean Frack!!Avatar Image says: Karen: Sirius was going to be the secret keeper, but Sirius persuaded the Potters to make it Wormtail instead. So Dumbledore thought Sirius was going to be secret keeper, but Wormtail was the only actual secret keeper.Avatar Image says: Yay pottercast!!!!!!Avatar Image says: You guys rock! I've been having a horribly bad day since, well, last night, and 4 minutes into the podcast, I was feeling better. I love that you all just lost it. Thanks for making my day!Avatar Image says: Yay! PotterCast <3 Thank you, guys! Beedle the Bard fan fiction?? This is news to me... and what do you mean "Frak kills the Quartet"? O_O haha, it better not mean what I think it means.. * waiting for iTunes to download the podcast * Avatar Image says: hmm.. I wonder if Jk Rowling is going to on pottercast again .... what is that surprise that they kept hinting at??Avatar Image says: I want you to talk A LOT about Ron and Hermione in the next Pottercast, cuz I know the chapter is the Silver Doe, and thats when Ron comes back! I am obsessed w/ the R/H relationship and i need you guys to talk alot about it!!!Avatar Image says: its frak...not frack!Avatar Image says: when i try and direct download it doesn't work? is there something wrong? :( Avatar Image says: Great Pottercast!! Nothing to complain about here - fidelius discussions should be taken to the forums, not argued about here. On another note, if a Quidditch Player forgot to charm their, ahem, "protection", I'm sure a nice Ballius Reparo would work too :) Love the Pottercasts! Keep them upAvatar Image says: Hilarious, especially the first five minutes lol. I kept waiting for Melissa to check out the H/G slug club picture!Avatar Image says: i actually looked up Beedle the Bard fanfic on FanFiction.net- and found some!Avatar Image says: Just to let people know, the plot for "The Tale of the Three Brothers" is based on the Pardoner's Tale from Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales." Rowling even admitted this in an interview once. So I was pretty surprised you didn't mention that. You might want to mention that fact in the next episode just for the heck of it, so that anyone who wants to read the Pardoner's Tale can go do so. I think there was even an essay posted here on the LC in Scribbulus that compared the two stories, but I might have read that on some other website. I don't remember. Anyway, if anyone is curious about the inspiration for that story they can read "The Canterbury Tales", which really they should do anyway because it's such a classic work of literature as well as because a lot of the stories in it are actually really funny. Trust me; they really are funny. Try reading The Miller's Tale and not laughing. Have you figured out that I was an English major in college yet? LOL. I'm such a nerd; I'm always looking for HP comparisons in everything. But seriously, there are so many in jokes in the HP series for people who know "classic" literature, particularly Greek mythology, but also some other stuff. Avatar Image says: Thanks so much! Yayy! I love Pottercast! xxxAvatar Image says: hey does anybody know which pottercast is the one where the potttercast hosts or whatever you call J, S, F, and M--where they talk about the S.S. Potter's travels--as in, the canoe that tips over??? i have to listen to that again! it makes me so happy and i could use something that's cheery.Avatar Image says: MELISSA! Please try to calm down before you blow up at Frak. The Fidelius Charm is a very confusing piece of canon, and if I hadn't randomly researched that on HP Lexicon before, I wouldn't have known either. Just say "The Potters performed the Fidelius Charm, so they must've known Peter was the Secret Keeper," okay? I know you're all about trivia, but other people contribute to the fandom without being as knowledgeable as you. Please try to control your temper (I've heard people complain about how you shoot down other podcasters' ideas before, soo). Thanks. :)Avatar Image says: uh, strider- dumbldore dies in HBP not DHAvatar Image says: I must say I was dismayed at Melissa's behaviour during this podcast. From time to time I have noticed that she tends to take control of the podcast and just spout her views over the others' views, but this week was out of control. What's with the yelling at Frak like that? I thought his theory made sense and frankly, the Fidelius Charm is a confusing bit of the books. Please reign in the bitchiness...yes that's what it was, I'm sad to say; I mean I lay in bed as I listened and was furious at Melissa's attitude!. You know a lot about the books, Melissa, but your co-hosts know a fair amount as well! Give them some credit and be patient, for heaven's sake! Would have been more profitable, I think, to just listen to Frak's theory and reason it through with him. And Sue, PLEASE STOP APOLOGIZING for commenting so honestly and openly about how you feel about the books! I love hear your views, especially when you talk about being a single mom as I was raised by a single mom and grandparents. Don't be sorry, Sue. Just talk about your feelings =) Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and all the best for Christmas and the New Year.Avatar Image says: Why isn't pottercast.com working? It says: Status: 500 Internal Server Error Content-Type: text/html Application error Change this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html It's been like that for a few hours :S Sorry I didn't really know where to post it but does anybody know why that's happened? And to a couple of commenters: PLEASE LEAVE MELISSA ALONE. Thank you :)Avatar Image says: Well it's not about leaving Melissa alone. I merely commented on her behaviour; it's my opinion and not an attack on her at all.Avatar Image says: PotterCast site is down again!!! Exact same message as before, server must be stuffing up or something. If it isn't up tomorrow or by Thursday, I will scream cause by then I will have something of great importance and worth to show ya'll. I cannot wait to reveal what I have in store.Avatar Image says: Great Podcast guys! I noticed something, though, that did not make sense during bit by bit. When you guys are talking about us seeing Voldemort's memory of the night he killed the Potters, Melissa mentions that he sees James, through the window, entertaining Harry by conjuring puffs of colored smoke from the tip of his wand. But then, in the same sentence, you say that Lily and James were caught off guard, both without access to their wands when Voldemort came in. I don't have access to my copy of DH so I can't look it up, but what's the deal there? If James had his wand one second, why didn't he the next? If the explanation is that he dropped it in the chaos, your (IMO very good) point about the Potters becoming lax in their "constant vigilance," and the ensuing discussion about the Fidelius charm, are wrong.

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