Charity Auction for Jason Isaacs Malfoy Manor Photo Now Underway


Nov 29, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

There is a new charity auction underway tonight, for an autographed photo of actor Jason Isaacs. The auction is for a photo taken of the actor in his role in the Harry Potter films as Lucius Malfoy, showing the actor lounging at Malfoy Manor in high style, sitting by the fire with brandy in hand, the lads at rest nearby. Jason signed the piece in typical humorous fashion, with the sentence “Throw another dog on the fire” then added Love Jason Isaacsx. Proceeds from the auction will benefit Oxfam America, with the auction running now until December 5. Please note that Jason has willingly and generously continued to donate his signature for these charity auctions over the years, with this photo signed recently during the filming of his Brotherhood TV series here in the US. Good Luck to all bidders!

Thanks so much to Hilary and to the crew at LostGirls, JasonIsaacsFanzone, and Char at JasonIsaacsPhotoAlbumsOnline!

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Avatar Image says: WOOOOO HOOOOO GO JAAAAAASON! <3 u!! (1st comment-oh yeah!)Avatar Image says: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh I bet Sue is loving this! :)Avatar Image says: Awesome! Love you, Jason!!Avatar Image says: Sue we should just all pull in money like we did for the Get a Clue drive years ago so you can win that picture!Avatar Image says: Such a phenomenal actor and apparently a good heart too! I hope this goes for Lots and Lots!!!Avatar Image says: Where's the picture?????? Ugh! You can't talk about a picture of Jason and not show it. Cmon. Show the picture.Avatar Image says: Just click on the link for the auction Jordan, the picture is there :-)Avatar Image says: I love him, I love him, I love him. And what is more, his brilliant sense of humour fits in perfectly with jo RowlingAvatar Image says: Okay,in the picture I SOOOOOO didn't picture the dogs that mutt-ish. I love dogs and all but those don't look like Malfoy dogs. I think small pure bred white fluffy dogs would fit for the Malfoy's.Avatar Image says: Those dogs are English Wolfhounds. They used to be very popular with the Royal Family. As the Malfoy's consider themselves to be wizarding royalty, I believe the dogs fit perfectly. I love this picture. I loooove Jason Isaacs.Avatar Image says: Kind heart + wonderful sense of humour + great actor + stunning looks = Jason. Who says the perfect man does not exist? I hope the auction is a big success. The pic is amazing (thanks Edward for the hi-res). It says "from a deleted scene", oh noooooooo... I hope it will be in the DVD extras! It looks like a scene out of a fan-fic... mmm... hee, hee, better not go there.Avatar Image says: ahahah, "Throw another dog on the fire" lol, that's brilliant. XD thanks for the high res pic, edward!!Avatar Image says: Sorry to go off topic but speaking of giving things for charity. Remember that piece of glass that Jo signed and drew a snitch on to help some church. What ever became of that? Did anyone win it or is it still on offer?Avatar Image says: Sorry, but these dogs are actually Scottish Deerhounds. They're one of my favorite breeds so I can't let them be wrongly identified!! You're right about the royalty part, though.

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