Tom Felton Talks Malfoy Manor, Draco and his father Lucius Malfoy, and More in New Interview


Nov 30, 2008

Posted by SueTLC
Uncategorized let us know about a lengthy new interview they did with Tom Felton, where the actor speaks about scenes in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Deathly Hallows and the Harry Potter book series. There are several pieces of note in the interview which you can read via this link. Of particular interest is the following on the development of the character of Draco, his relationship with his father Lucius Malfoy, and Draco’s torment during the course of Half-Blood Prince. Quotage:

We also get to see that he’s not doing what he is doing for Voldemort so much as for his family.
yeah. Sure. But it’s all in the eyes of his father, isn’t it, really?
Normally it’s locked away, but now he feels like he’s the man of the
house and he needs to sort of represent the Malfoy Manor to the
fullest, really, and, yeah, he’s not built from the same stuff as young
Harry is. He’s not cut from the same cloth, by any means, and he
certainly can’t hold his nerve when he needs to.

Yeah. What sort of relationship do you think he has with his father?
very interesting one, actually! I mean, mostly he idolizes his father
to every last degree, and equally, I’m sure, he’s terrified of his
father! He’s absolutely petrified, and I think most things are done
maybe 20% fully from the fear that he might get another clock around
the ear! I’d be intrigued to hear what Joanne Rowling would have to say
about that.

Yeah. Certainly, he’s not the most decent person, but he has a reason, because he’s had a very different sort of upbringing.
I mean, one thing for sure is he’s not the way he is out of chance.
He’s well and truly been brought up that way, if that makes sense. In
this film coming up, I think the ultimate goal that David Yates [the
director] and I sat down and spoke earlier on is that we want to make
him to do some of these horrible things and to instigate some terrible
notions but at the same time”for the audience to hate him, as they
always have done, naturally, but also to feel terrifically sorry for
him and to empathize with the situation that he’s in, because, in
modern terms, you’ve been given a gun and told to shoot the Prime
Minister or the President. He’s been given a task that, really, he’s
not up for.

It’s like, “Do this or we’ll kill your family.” Essentially.
Completely. Completely, and that’s a tough time for anyone to be in, especially a child.

absolutely. And with the progression of the films the director’s chair
has been passed along to different people, so I’m sure that also
affected not only your portrayal but also the understanding of the role.

completely. I mean, one thing that was quite important for me was to
not think of book number seven and not think”he almost goes slightly
back in number seven, back into his old sort of gittish ways”

I know there’s sort of a lovely sort of odd scene in the Malfoy Manor
in which he chooses not to rat them out”I think he chooses not to
recognize young Harry, which is quite a big thing!

Nor to recognize Hermione.
there’s quite a bit of mystery about his character from this one
onward, really! I think that he definitely had a sort of revelation
inside where he doesn’t quite know where he is or who he is or what
he’s doing. And there’s a great scene in this one where he runs into
the bathroom after hearing that he’s hurt someone and he breaks down
and he can’t handle it any more, which is, again, a really interesting
side to see of someone who’s such a slimy git! [laughs]

Speaking on Deathly Hallows, and the Potter phenom as whole, Tom Felton says:

I think that’s because you won’t ever find another phenomenon that’s fully like the books were.
Well, that’s the other side of it, is that you’ll never find another
story like it, you know what I mean? Even if you do find another chain
of films that goes on for ten years and all the rest of it, you’ll
never find”I personally don’t think you’ll find a set of stories that
generally get better as they go along. I mean, usually that’s a cliché,
and usually they make them worse every year, but going along with the
stories, I can only hope that the films are getting better as well. So,
yeah, I am pretty intrigued to see what this one will be like, because
I haven’t actually watched any of the stuff while we were filming it. I
mean, I would see bits of it while we were doing some sound dubbing,
but other than that, I’m as much of a virgin to it as you are. So I’m
looking forward to that.

You know, also J.K. Rowling has created not only a brilliant set of
stories but also this incredible, great, big world into which fans can
just go and be fully engaged.

I know! It’s crazy. I think the
fan base is one of the most unique things about the books and about the
films. The one thing that always, always amazes me is the very range of
age. You know, there really isn’t “an age” where Harry Potter
is cool”you can be five years old”I’ve seen little kids coming up to
the premieres and coming up to the studios, and I’ve seen
78-year-old-men come up to the studios and they’ve been over the moon
to meet Daniel [Radcliffe] and so forth. It’s very bizarre, because
usually there’s a quite clear divide as to whether it’s sort of a kid’s
film or not. We really don’t fall into any category. It’s actually a
film for everyone, and it seems to bring out a really fanatical side of
moviegoers. I mean, not talking from too much experience, but, of the premieres I’ve been to, the Harry Potter ones have been the craziest without a doubt. [laughs] Especially in America!

Thanks so much Kate!

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Avatar Image says: Good insights, Tom! Can't wait to see you in HBP!Avatar Image says: i'm still not finished laughing at his bunjee jumping video! WHOAAAA! WHOAAAA! did i spell that right?Avatar Image says: good interview, cant be bothered to read it all tho haha :SAvatar Image says: Very cool! It's so great to hear from Tom, especially about how Draco's character changes, and I'm glad that the filmmakers are going to show that depth in his personality in the films.Avatar Image says: I love Tom as Draco. He plays him so well. Its nice to see him digging into the character and actually reading the books to know whats going on **coughGAMBONcough***Avatar Image says: I don't know about some people, but I prefer comments that praise a person without randomly demeaning another who has nothing to do with the story. It's very impolite. Can't wait to see if Tom as Draco has improved his acting the way I thought Dan improved greatly in OOTP.Avatar Image says: Looks like a good interview. Tom Felton is going to have to act his pants off in the next 2 films (but I think he is up to it!). This drew my attention to alot of the 'psycholodgy' of Draco that is going on that I hadnt really thought about. Very interesting....cant wait to read more.Avatar Image says: Hey Yoda, I think its okay for Crown Vic to have a dig at Gambon. After all, we are the fans (aka defenders and lovers of the canon) and its almost blasphemous to hear of an actor say he hasnt bothered reading the books we revere, especially as he as involved as portraying one of the characters in the film! How slack is that to not even read the book when it is in front of you and a great source of insight into character psychology! I admire Evanna Lynch and Neville's actor for boning up on the books.Avatar Image says: It is not necessary for an actor to read the books on which a script is BASED ( Gambon has read the books, some people just don't 'get' his sense of humour ). As for Felton, I'm looking forward to seeing how he does with the role now there's a director who requires more depth than just pulling faces.Avatar Image says: I am so happy Tom Felton is getting some spotlight. He's been over shadowed in the movies a lot... I remember I thought he was a much better child actor than the trio in the 2nd movie, but I haven't seen much of him on the hp movies since. Also, the trio have improved their acting a lot since then, and now I hope Tom Felton also finally can show that he can really act too. Can't wait till July 09~Avatar Image says: What a great interview! He totally gets the character and the series, too. Can't wait to see him in the last three films, or the last three films in general! :)Avatar Image says: I always enjoy hearing Tom talk. He's got a great point of view to listen too because I really think he gets his caracter and takes it seriously. Well done Tom!Avatar Image says: What a great interview! Very insightful, not only from Mr Felton's point of view, but his thoughts on "Draco's point of view" as well! @ Scully: I agree 100%...and YES, Mr Gambon DID read the books.I am not sure why, when someone is unhappy, with a person's portrayal of a character, they claim that "they haven't read the books. Sometimes, yes. A statement is made, somewhere "off hand", "I haven't read the books, myself" but it's been over 10 years, now. And actors don't have the time, sometimes, to stop and read every book for every part they play, from a book.I'm almost sure that Mr Pattinson may have had this difficulty] They do, I'm sure, at some point find the time to sit down [while they're between films, possibly] to "read the books" Maybe not. But Mr G certainly has... Being here, in the States, many people don't "get" British humor. Mr Gambon, Mr Grint, Ms Watson and Mr Radcliffe, have it in abundance. I think that will show, especially, in this movie! I am SO looking forward to it. And Mr Felton has given such insight into his character, that I am also looking forward to his portrayal, especially! Sorry about the "rant" folks! Go Tom!Avatar Image says: When I first started visiting fan sites Tom Felton was such a teenager and his comments reflected that. I don't mean that in a bad way, I've always thought he handled himself well. But he always seemed more interested in girls and fishing and teenager type things. This interview you can see that he has really grown up and grown into himself.Avatar Image says: Great interview. From the trailers and the interviews Tom has given, it seems he really has a handle on Draco and that's a great thing. He really hasn't had a chance to spread his wings with this role in past movies - for whatever reason, in the last 2 movies most especially, Draco has been made into a far background window-dressing character. I very much look forward to seeing what he does in this movie. Completely pointless question alert: Why does he always refer to Harry as "young Harry?" The 2 characters are the same age, after all, and he sounds like he's referring to a 5 year old. Completely irrelevant, of course. I was just wondering about that. Avatar Image says: Sweet. I know! DeliaDee. Tom always calls Harry "young Harry" It's not because of the difference in age of Draco and Harry... But maybe that Tom himself is well into his twenties. XD Harry in the books is young compared to him, excluding the epilogue. XD Also it could just be his own manner of speech. I love how he seemed slightly worried about Drarry and Dramione shipping. I myself don't mind a bit of Drarry now and again. It's all healthy exploration/fun times. He's right about getting lost within fandom. If it wasn't for fanfiction, I don't think I would be so intensely invested within HP... :(Avatar Image says: I think you've hit it, Slithereena! It is most likely the comparison to the two of them "in the books" Remember, DeliaDee, they are all still "quite young" in the books. At the point of 'Half Blood Prince', they are only just 16. All four of them! Also, about the Fandom. It's a phenom that most actors [or anyone, for that matter] don't amazes them. Side note re shipping? I'm not really interested. Tends to make things a bit too "energetic" for me! Kind of silly, really! LOLAvatar Image says: I never really saw Draco crying in the bathroom as him crying because of hurting someone but more because the pressure and impossibility of the task completely overwhelmed him. So that's interesting. Plus I don't know why but does it annoy anyone else the way he always refers to Harry as young Harry? I have no idea why that always annoys me so muchAvatar Image says: @Kiwi Mc: I really think it's just Mr Felton's way of putting the phrase. After all, when reading the books, you still sort of have the feeling of them being young. As opposed to being the ages of the actors. It may, as Slithereena said, a matter of his speech...In 'Half Blood Prince' they are only just 16. Mr Felton and the others are in their 20's now...I do agree, with you, on the reason for 'Draco' in the bathroom, crying. It occurs to me, as well, that he is overwhelmed by the task given him. If it were me, I'd be overwhelmed too. Especially if I had the bravado that 'Draco' puts do you "live up" to that? Great interview, and can't wait to see the 'Draco' we all "know and love" :DAvatar Image says: i'm really excited about how well tom gets the character of malfoy. nearly everything he said about malfoy is how i felt when reading the books, especiallly hbp and dh.Avatar Image says: Kiwi MC and Confederate Lady, thats exactly the way I always viewed Draco's crying in the bathroom. I've never thought of it as him feeling guilt or remorse for hurting someone. I've always thought of it as Draco feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and scared both of whether he would succeed or not succeed at the task he was given. Still I think it was a great interview. I always love to hear the actors' point of view and insight into their characters, which is why I can't wait to watch Dan on Inside the Actor's Studio tonight!

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