Rumor Alert: More on Possible Lego Harry Potter Video Game


Dec 01, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Rumor Alert: is reporting today that they believe Lego is developing the Harry Potter novels for a video game. With very little information or sources given, the site is saying that Warner will do the publishing of the Lego game, “even
though EA has the rights to do the PC and console movie tie-ins. Warner
published Lego Batman too, it’s worth noting.” Additional

“First it was Star Wars (the good ones
AND the bad ones), then came Indiana Jones followed most recently by
Batman. But the next big property to be reborn in little plastic blocks
will be Harry Potter, CVG has learn[sic]…
We’ve got no solid details on what form
the game will take but an action-adventure type of romp taking its lead
from the books (or movies) would be the safe bet. Expect lots of
Hogwarts, and big fat Hagrid and a little boy with Lego hair then.

If we had to pin the tail on a release date… Well, there is a new
movie out next year (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince if you need
reminding). We’ve contacted Warner in the UK for comment. More soon.”

Please note: The rumor of a possible Lego Harry Potter game has been floating on the net for years and had surfaced again several months ago. Please keep this very much in the rumor category for now. We are working to find out more about this and will update when we can.

Thanks Gavin

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Avatar Image says: That would be incredible!Avatar Image says: That would be sooo cool! Although i doubt that all 7 books would be included on one game, there would be like 3 or for on Lego Harry Potter 1 and then the rest on a Lego Harry Potter 2 gameAvatar Image says: Jesse, I could easily see them fitting all seven books into one game. Both Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars have six "Episodes" on one disc, it's very conceivable that seven volumes would work, especially with the potential overlap of Hogwarts levels. It's a great fit if it's for real. However, I think Lego's dropped its licence with HP (no HBP sets announced that I'm aware of), and, as I just stated, SO MUCH of the series takes place at Hogwarts that it would be difficult creating 5 unique levels for each book.Avatar Image says: This needs to happen! I have every Lego game out! Oh I hope this isn't a rumor. They're really fun.Avatar Image says: That would be great!Avatar Image says: I liked Lego Star Wars but still didn't get Lego Indiana or Batman; they both looked like the same exact thing. I'll probably get this either way but I hope they work on the format a little bit, at least make the gameplay not quite so linear. That would be enough.Avatar Image says: I wrote the Lego company after the first StarWars game came out and asked if they were going to do Harry Potter. They didn't say no, but they didn't say yes either. They (I can't remember exactly, I didn't save their response) said they couldn't discuss what they had in the works.Avatar Image says: Expect it to be true, CVG are very reliable when it comes to 'rumored' stories, they first announced Halo 3 would have an expanded sequel and that's now confirmed to be true. The conversion to Lego should complement the series, the guys at Travelers Tales are very clever at implementing a series of films into a very solid game and expect a game with lots of puzzles to solve. Really looking forward to this. Avatar Image says: I love this idea. I am so sad that there hasn't been any new Harry Potter LEGO sets in a while. I still eel though that there should be a comic book series, even if its a mini-series on Harry Potter, that would be my true wish.Avatar Image says: Squeeee!!! i loved the LEGO Star Wars games so this game sounds awesome! It's possible that the game could include all 7 books, but i think it is just as likely they could split the games like they did with star wars. (possibly reflecting the films by having the first game contain #1-4 to see Voldemort return, and then have the second contain #5-8) Either way, there is no doubt the games will be incredibly successful! I was surprised this game wasn't released earlier! A release date would be nice though...Avatar Image says: As much as I hope this is true I would much rather we got more actual lego sets instead. It doesn't seem as if there will be any for HBP and the only set we got for OOTP was a joke. The only OOTP set was yet another Hogwarts castle and the only thing new really was that it had Umbridge and thestrals. It was such a disappointment. Previous sets were great and we had plenty of sets to choose from especially for the first three films. I really miss the HP lego sets. I really don't get why they seem to no longer be doing lego sets for HP. I can't be the only person who buys the HP sets so I doubt its because they weren't selling enough of them. Probably just yet another dumb decision by WB. Still I wouldn't mind if we get this game, its certainly better than nothing, if in fact this rumor is true this time around.Avatar Image says: if they make this im sooo getting it!!!Avatar Image says: I really hope this is true, but I doubt they are making it. Traveler's Tales said in a recent issue of GameInformer that they WOULD NOT be making an HP Lego game. Now, someone else could be making it, but I highly highly doubt that it's Traveler'sTales, makers of the other games. Also, I totally agree with Bella Vita - MOAR HP LEGO SETZ PLX.Avatar Image says: I hope they make it based off of the books, but the movies would be cool too. I'm really bad at video games but I'm ok at my brother's lego Star Wars game. I don't understand why people don't like the Star Wars prequels- anyone want to clue me in?Avatar Image says: When I first played Lego Indiana Jones, the first thought that came to mind was "OMG they should make a Lego Harry Potter! This would be AWESOME!" I really hope it gets made based off the books. Avatar Image says: Does anyone know why there was only one LEGO set for ootp?? Lack of interest? Could it possibly be because ootp was a summer film instead of fall so they would not get any christmas sales? Either way.. they should make more! (Please?!)Avatar Image says: I've got all the Lego Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman for the 360. They are all unique and fun to play. I'd say Harry Potter would be a great fit. It is an interesting point that was mentioned, how each episode would be different since 3/4 of the HP universe takes place in and around Hogwarts. I'd imagine a LOT of creative license would have to take place to make each level fun and exciting. But I can totally see Harry flying around on his broom in a Quidditch stadium level, ala the Snowspeeders or X-Wing boards in Lego Star Wars...etc. I hope Traveller's Tales does the game if it comes out, they have made the Lego games fantastic thus far. I always thought it would be cool to have a Lego He-Man video game. Think of all the unique characters and vehicles that would be in THAT game?!

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