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Dec 11, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

(Update: We’re done, and had a ton of fun. Thanks, guys! We’ll give more warning next time.)

Hey guys: We’re trying a new thing on PotterCast this week using TalkShoe so that you can listen as we record the episode. We’re live right now, so here’s what you do:

If you would like to listen via the Internet, click here. You will be directed to a chat, but do not have to be a member to be part of it nor do you have to actually chat. Audio of the recording should start playing on your computer.

If you would like to listen via phone, you can call 1.724.444.7444 and enter the call ID 28012#. You will then be prompted to enter a pin number:

-If you are a member of TalkShoe (you don’t have to be) you can enter your TalkShoe pin ID to be recognized by your name on the call.
-If you are not a member of TalkShoe, you simply follow the instructions (most likely pressing “1″ and then “#”) to listen in on the call.

We will routinely be taking questions from the chat and from callers, so please join us! And mind the nargles: They always show up when we try out new technology. See you there!

23 Responses to Live PotterCast Recording

Avatar Image says: YES!! Listening in!!Avatar Image says: It's not working, am I the only one it's not working?Avatar Image says: i got it on the phone but not online.. :( what happen to blogtv?Avatar Image says: YAY, it worked and I got on!!!Avatar Image says: :( This is nice, but I joined on as the recording ended. Perhaps you guys could give us a bit of a warning next time for those of us who haven't checked Leaky in the past hour or so?Avatar Image says: okay im on now... Avatar Image says: Tim, we're stil recording :)Avatar Image says: OH. ok. the recording just wasnt working for me. Errr. Yeah. But a warning would still be nice...Avatar Image says: Well, this is just the first time. :) We'll have more warning next tiem. :)Avatar Image says: *reddens with embarrassment* I should probably check that stuff out before I go and write this stuff out. THIS IS SO COOL. :)Avatar Image says: not working for me either way :( giant snowstorm happening right now, i'm a actually amazed this computer is working. Loving how Pottercast is expanding, there's always something wicked cool from you guys. Happy podcasting! Avatar Image says: Wait, did John just saw something about watching the show too?! Where can I do this?Avatar Image says: Well yes. It turns out that my volume was on mute! No wonder I could hear nothing. (yes, I lack in common sense...)Avatar Image says: That was tons of fun... :)Avatar Image says: That was AWSOME!!! i love all of you. Great job. Please do it again!Avatar Image says: Wow that was amazing... you guys should do one every night! What a great way to end the day.Avatar Image says: That show was awesome!!! and I got to be on!! You guys made my day!! Avatar Image says: Ah, I missed it! This is awesome, you guys have to do it again!! Live uncensored John! Not something I wanna miss, lol.Avatar Image says: pooh, i missed it. can i listen to the recorded show anywhere now? i tried it on talkshoe and it's doing a weird thing where all the sound is overlapped and segments repeat themselves. ??Avatar Image says: WHAT A COOL IDEA! Do it again sometime so I can be a part, plz ;)Avatar Image says: I listened in for a bit last night, that was fun!Avatar Image says: Hey, Melissa, I just finished your book yesterday. It was so good. It really reminded me of all the great memories of the HP fandom. And I learned a lot, too. Thanks so much, it was a fantastic book! Avatar Image says: Just further proof that i need leaky news as a bookmark on my phone and as my home page in safari on my mac.

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