Video of Emma Watson on NBC’s Today Show (Updated)


Dec 11, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

As a follow to the post below, Emma Watson is making many media appearances as part of the promotion for her new film, The Tales of Despereaux. Yesterday, Emma appeared briefly on NBC’s Today Show, where she went through the crowds collecting for the program’s annual toy drive for charity. Emma was then briefly interviewed, mentioning that she still has work to complete on the last Harry Potter film. You can see this video here via the Today Show website. Update: This video is also now available here in our galleries.

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Avatar Image says: It is always nice to see the cast members being themselves. I thought Emma did a terrific job on what was a really kind of weird appearence on the Today Show. She was able to answer the inane questions and still be charming and promote her new movie. Bravo Emma!Avatar Image says: The superficiality of American Morning Television Shows never ceases to amaze me. At least she is such a professional that she remains nice, plugs her new movie, talks about the future and is very pleasing on the eyes. At least for certain appreciators. :) And surely, the bashers will come out soon and offer their "opinion" about her. But aren´t we all for freedom of speech. ;) Avatar Image says: HP_Appreciator, you are absolutely right. The morning shows here give a guest about 3 minutes tops. Emma's appearance was less than that. And I too enjoy watching her. I think she's one of the best parts of the HP films.Avatar Image says: HP-Appreciator - Why start hostility by calling people with different opinions to yours "bashers"? That sort of attitude is more likely to get people's back up. Perhaps if you tried a little common courtesy then you wouldn't be faced with people snapping back at you. Avatar Image says: True, the word bashers was a bit harsh and not neccessarily directed an posters around here. But it is always so much of the same line of arguments, her eyebrows, her acting, the way she spends her free time, etc. In fact: it is not really known exactly why she hasn´t done more movies and if there even was a chance to do something this year (she did do some re-recoding on Tale of D, though). She claims, she didn´t have the time. And she says, she will do more movies. So all we have to do is wait and see. But I do consider working with a still photographer as counting as acting, too. And knowing how much time shooting a movie can consume, I´d rather have photoshoots than nothing. Avatar Image says: Why are all the interviews with her so short andd it is not just the US interviews that Blue Peter (is that the correct name of the show?) interview was just as short and weird. Neither show really talked to her much. One show she is collecting toys and the other making x-mas cards but neither really talking to her and she is usually really good at interviews. It is a shame they did not give her more time to talk on either show.Avatar Image says: I would love to know what Emma really thought about this "interview". She handled it very well as usual. These shows allow so little time for interviews and the hosts seem to have even less interest in many of the topics they cover. One good thing about the Today Show - the concerts outside are fun, but I still don't understand why so many people watch these shows day after day.Avatar Image says: I wonder why you brought up that US Morning tv is superficial. I'm not saying it's not at times, but why in this post? I didnt get anything superficial about this appearance. Today had her collecting toys for needy children (I love when they have celebs go out and collect), and then asked her a question or two about what she said recently in a magazine. She's the one that said that she's in that awkward between-teen-and-woman place right now. I thought the appearance was fine, just too short. That happens on the morning shows... they sometimes move celebs thru quickly.Avatar Image says: Just to add to my point, sometimes that's all an appearance is for: come thru, say a few things, collect a toy or two (and they donated Desperaux (sp?) toys), and then leave. It's not always the show that cuts the celeb short. Could be that's all Emma had time for. She's probably passing through NY on her way to the UK for all those appearances. I'm sorta bummed that while she was in the states (she's been here since the premier) that she didnt do some US tv to promote the movie.Avatar Image says: I LOVE EMMA!!!Avatar Image says: She's just amazing !!! :) Avatar Image says: With superficiality I meant the type of questions most guests are given and the amount of time they are allowed on. Something between 2 and 6 minutes isn´t really much to talk about anything substantial. Okay, it is just a promo appearance and she probably walked the line collecting gifts longer than broadcast, but come on! Another time she was on, Anne C. didn´t even let her finish her words and answering the questions for her ... I know, it is television and they have to please all types of viewers and the companies paying for the ads and so on, but I just believe that Emma Watson can speak more than one line at a time. However, she still manages to make the best out of the time they give her. :) Avatar Image says: That outfit is so adorable! I actually can't wait to see Tale of the Despereaux. It looks so freaking cute.Avatar Image says: i know cause i loved the book and im really glad emma's in the movie for it. yeah the morning shows dont always have time for long interviews, but i think they want to please everybody. for instance if someone didnt want to watch emmas interview or anything else they put on, they dont want them to get bored and quit watching. Avatar Image says: Ugh... dont get me started on Anne Curry!!! She is a terrible interviewer. She asked long winded ridiculous questions, then doesnt give the person time to respond before asking something else inane. I think she just likes to hear herself talk, LOL! I agree, tho, it would have been nice for Emma to get a bit more time, but she did good with what she had.Avatar Image says: I think they try to keep the morning shows as light and superficial as possible because they sort of want it to be like a cup of coffee to start your day. Gives you a nice jolt, then you move on. Morning shows by nature are kept light. I'm not saying I can watch them, but I think that is their reasoning. They really barely gave Emma the time of day though. They could have at least asked her a couple interesting questions. But they barely gave her a second.

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