Winner of Fat Friar Story Contest Announced


Dec 11, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

The winners of our November Fat Friar Story Contest have been chosen by our Contest Crew and are ready to be announced. Last month we asked you to pen an original, 600-word story about how the Fat Friar became a ghost at Hogwarts. After receiving many splendid entries, we now have for you the first place winner who will receive their very own custom made wand from Wizard Wood Wands as a grand prize.

First Place: MomWitch

Honorable Mention: Matthew

As a reminder, the Garden Gnome Tree Topper Contest is still ongoing with entries being accepted at [email protected] Full information about this contest can be found by clicking here.

Many congratulations, MomWitch!

15 Responses to Winner of Fat Friar Story Contest Announced

Avatar Image says: I totally forgot about this contest!!! I had a good idea for a story in my head. And never wrote it down then forgot about it. oh well.Avatar Image says: Great stories! I especially love the bit about Dickens at the end of the first (and very professional sounding) story. Hilarious! Avatar Image says: Wow! Momwitch, what a splendid job. I truly enjoyed reading your story. Congratulations!Avatar Image says: Congrats to Momwitch and Matthew! Very enjoyable, creative stories! I too LOVE the connection with Dickens - so clever!Avatar Image says: Great accounts from both Momwitch and Matthew and just the kind of detail I hope we may eventually see in the "Scottish book"!Avatar Image says: Yeah, I agree with the comment about the scottish book, certainly. Lovely and very cannon-based story, it could perfectly fit in HP without a doubt. This are the fanfiction I enjoy the most. Take the world of HP and fit in it. I honestly can´t take nonsense about voldemort's daughter or the like. Avatar Image says: Both of these stories are wonderful!! Thank you both so much for adding to the wonderment of the HP communityAvatar Image says: Congrats, momwitch! A very worthy winner indeed!Avatar Image says: Thank you so much for enjoying my essay! :) It took me a while to find this announcement here, so my apologies for the delay. I had a fun time writing it, and it was partially inspired by a beer stein of my grandmother's which had a jolly monk pictured on it, and the story just took off from there on its own. :) Thank you for the congratulations, I'm so happy! Avatar Image says: congrats!!!Avatar Image says: Very creative, nice job writers. I wonder what Jo herself has for the Friar . . .Avatar Image says: Congratulations to MomWitch! Hufflepuff is my favorite house and your tale of the Fat Friar rings true! The Ghost of Christmas connection is brilliant, as are the tie-ins to Helga and Hufflepuff values and traditions. Even the Neville-esque echoes -- of pseudo Squib-ness, a Memory Charm, life as a brew-maker not-quite-near Muggles -- were a very clever appropriation (after all, Neville _is_ an honorary Hufflepuff)... It all made sense and seemed very fitting and believable. It's even more special and endearing knowing that it was inspired in part by an actual cup in your family. I have never been partial to fan fiction but I thought this one aligned well with the canon, and so I truly enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing your story, and happy, Hufflepuff-y holidays! :-) --MercAvatar Image says: Brilliant job, MomWitch and Matthew! Both stories mix canon with imagination and come up with something wonderful!Avatar Image says: I just read your essay Matthew, and I really enjoyed it! I especially like that your Fat Friar's question was why people were separated into Magicals and Muggles, and his true Hufflepuff effort in fostering understanding and acceptance between both groups. Well done! :) Avatar Image says: Well done Momwitch I really enjoyed reading it and loved the connection between the Fat Friar and Helga Hufflepuff and of course the Dickens thing, bravo

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