Liner Notes: Updates on Wrockstock, UK Yule Ball


Dec 12, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

There are a couple of wizarding rock events to update you on today. First: Wrockstock the Third, a wizard rock festival, will be held November 6- November 9, 2009 in Potosi, Missouri. As this is always a popular event, early bird passes have now been made available at a $25 discount off the regular price. For additional information on purchasing these passes, hotel reservations and more, click here.

Calling all wizard rock fans in the UK! Have you made plans for the weekend yet? If not, check out the Yule Ball that is due to be held tomorrow, Saturday December 13th at the Kensington Central Library, London, England. The event starts at 7pm, with RiddleTM, Siriusly Hazza P, The Black Sisters and Romilda Vane and the
Chocolate Cauldrons
set to perform. For more information, check out the Facebook group for the event, here.

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Avatar Image says: sweet first coment!!!Avatar Image says: I wish I were in London right now- those bands are great; I'd love to hear them play live.Avatar Image says: Has anyone one here been to Wrockstock before? I'm really thinking about taking a roadtrip to get my Harry Potter on and want to know some personal experiences. Anyone?Avatar Image says: I wanted to go to Wrockstock last year but I was unable to. I was really upset because my friends went to it (and the one the year before but I did not know anything about that one at the time) and they had so much fun. I promised them I would go this year. I am even going to miss school, but don't tell my parents. I have already bought my ticket so I am ready to go and can't wait until November.Avatar Image says: Miss Freewind, I admire you so much for that! There's yet to be an HP event that I coudl attend and that I had ot miss school for, but I'd do it in a heartbeat. Needless to say, had HBP been released as planned, I wud've seen it at midnight and ditched the next day...maybe even ditch the day before so I could prepare myself and then line up early.Avatar Image says: I've been to both wrockstocks. Definitely go. It's very worth it. :)Avatar Image says: Miss Freewind! Wrockstock will be more educational than school ^_~. HP events are incredible. Avatar Image says: profknight, I highly highly highly highly recommend going to Wrockstock... It is an amazing experience you will never forget! And you get to make a bunch of new friends and see some of the greatest wizard rock bands and it's all in the beautiful Ozarks.... basically, GO! :) And that goes for everyone else as well. ;)Avatar Image says: _Yay_

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