Video of Dan Radcliffe at Gypsy of the Year Broadway Charity Event Online


Dec 14, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

As TLC reported late last week, actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) was among the many Broadway actors to take part in the 20th Annual Gypsy of the Year Event, benefiting the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Charity. Video of from the event is now online and features the young actor answering a few questions about his first performance in the annual event. In this short clip, Mr. Radcliffe discuses the original song he penned for the performance, along with the continued fund raising offers his play Equus has participated in for the cause. Video clips include Mr. Radcliffe’s stage performance and his receiving the honor for highest fund raising Broadway production of the year. The video clip can be viewed via this link.

Readers will remember that the play Equus contributed a total of $203,746 towards the grand total of $3,061,148 the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS Charity raised this at the event.

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Avatar Image says: LOL!!!! It's a great video, and the title is such a great pun for the theatrical set ("The Love That Dare Not Speak Its 'Neigh'"!) Congrats to Dan and "Equus" and cheers for charity events such as this that help those affected by AIDS. Sadly AIDS has had such an incredibly deep and devastating impact on the artistic and theatrical communities.Avatar Image says:,singer,poet,dancer...this boy is awesome!!he has looks,personality and talent,his parents must be REALLY proud!!!Avatar Image says: Dan is truly wonderful in many ways - let the dancing continue!! :PAvatar Image says: ok that is the funniest thing i have ever seen that can be kool and hot at the same time!!!!!!! LMAO! dan is awesome.Avatar Image says: HOLLY MOLLY ! that was Awesome, Dan can dance and sing, magnificent actor, evidently, movies and stage, composer and poet, and can really command an attention (highest fund raiser). What's next, Dan? Dancing with the Stars LOL! I'll love that:)Avatar Image says: He can sing, too! And he has a great heart! We love you, Dan!Avatar Image says: It's such pure comedy to see Dan dancing with the Equus "horses". And the song is hilarious too. Plus they raised over $200k which is amazing! Avatar Image says: hahahaahhahahahaa....that was great!!! and omg!!!! his hair!!!! better than ever!!!! he looks totally awesome,and great voice too Dan:) :D.......Avatar Image says: lol. Dan is funny and hyperactive as usual! I am wondering though if its worth Leaky giving readers warning of foul language used in Youtube comments. Youtube is quite notorious for its comments regardless of the video content. There is absolutely no monitoring or obscene language filtering on there. Avatar Image says: oh dear Lord!!! That made my day! Avatar Image says: Every time i've watched that video, i can't help laughing. They were all so good, and Dan was such an excellent sport. They were one of the two groups to get a double curtain call on the monday show. Also the full clip is available on Youtube now, seen from the balcony. Absolutely wonderful. Bravo, Dan and company!Avatar Image says: I heard there would be a DVD of the whole night's performances - proceeds going to the charity too - it's a shame I probably won't get a chacne to get in the UK. I'd love that song and dance routine.

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