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Dec 16, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to Sarah for the heads up that actress Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) was a guest on the BBC1 radio, appearing on the Edith Bowman show in the UK. During the interview, which you can listen to again via this link, (thanks Alice!) Emma said that she has indeed applied to several universities here in the US, and will be attending school as well as working on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Besides discussing her new film The Tale of Despereaux, Emma dispelled rumors that she is to be the new face of Chanel. She also revealed she enjoys Kings of Leon and Razorlight music, plus confessed as her guilty pleasure, she listens to Britney Spear’s latest song Piece of Me all the time. Finally, during a quick round question and answer type of session, Emma chose Dan over Rupert, because she joked Rupert would handle the news better.

On a related note, a new video interview with Emma Watson is online via the Telegraph.

Thanks Sarah and Alice!

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Avatar Image says: has she been on yet?Avatar Image says: I must have missed it - I'll use the iPlayer once the show's over to listen to it.Avatar Image says: And still waiting.....Avatar Image says: hee, me again! Anyway I'd recommend listening to the radio 1 interview because Emma seems a lot free-er and more fun than usualAvatar Image says: i listened to the interview it sounded good cant wait to see emma in hbp still got a while to go, and not sure if im going to see that new film of hers yet... anyone know whats it like? (Btw i thought brittney spears latest track was womanizer? =]) I dont really like brittney spears but radio1 used to play that alot when it first came out.Avatar Image says: Well, those radio interviews are most interesting, especially Edith Bowman and Woman's Hour with Jane Garvey. She explains a lot (she´s not the face of Chanel, but she loves their clothers, she went fly-fishing when she was much younger, she´s on her gap year now, she´ll go to University starting September 2009, she has not decided yet in which country, she has a thirst for knowledge and learning, she might do smaller independent films during the university holidays, she loves acting, and she might do Napoleon & Betsy in 2010).Avatar Image says: How can she start university in the September next year in the US? If she decided to go to uni over there in 2009, then she wouldn't be able to film DH, would she? I think it's more likely that she'll attend a UK university and perhaps do some sort of exchange year in the US after. Thank god she isn't the "face of Chanel" - she is too young looking, and Keira Knightley is very much better suited. Avatar Image says: DH shooting starts February, giving her 7 months until September. She can also do additional shooting on her holidays. The DH shoot will continue thru June 2010. And we´ll just have to wait and see, which Uni she eventually selects. :) Avatar Image says: Most of the trio's interviews must feel like Chinese water torture to them. It's usually the same boring questions with equally boring answers. But I liked this one and I especially liked another one with Jane Garvey asking the questions. I think Emma is a very interesting person. She is so BRAINY and when the interviewer manages to engage her, she is fun to listen to. I nearly died laughing at Barton's comment about Jack Black as her own Prince Charming. I adore Jack Black! He is VERY FUNNY. But Neville Longbottom will forever be my Prince Charming! LOL.Avatar Image says: I love emma. She's such a a beautiful young lady, inside and out. She's so nice,funny and genuine. We all love emma. Goodluck, Em. Avatar Image says: Dan over Rupert? Oh Emma, no, thats the wrong answer!!!Avatar Image says: who is she to judge britney?Avatar Image says: i know what u mean. it must be real boring to have to go to interviews where they ask u the same old questions and have to give the same old answersAvatar Image says: oh jeez, i can see grint fans going into conniptions because she chose Dan over Rupret rofl for the third time. They take it to such heart that once some writer made a headline that Emma would never choose Daniel that it's almost a shame to point out she never actually said that then. Of course recently there was some interview where she said she'd never date either of them but still there are some pitiful people who think she was only referring to Dan lolAvatar Image says: So from what we can gather, Emma's been offered a place at a UK Uni (I don't think she mentioned which, did she? I suspect it may be Oxford or Cambridge as they send their offers out earlier than the others) to study English, but is weighing her options and going for US colleges too. Best of luck to her. She comes across wonderfully in this interview. I hope she'll be able to juggle acting and study, but I have a feeling she's be just fine.Avatar Image says: Orchid, didn't you know? If Emma had been given the choice of Dan and every other male on earth she would've still chosen Dan! Their hearts will be entwined forever and it's something Rupert, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and all their fans will have to learn to live with. Avatar Image says: Poor jim is devastated that emma never seems to choose rupert! She said the exact same thing before in an article years ago now. It's okay, you know, what happens in the films doesn't actually have to happen in real life. It's called acting for a reason. Oh and she has named Brad Pitt, and god knows how many other actors/singers as heart throbs and has real life boyfriends. I personally have to laugh at all those haters who thought Emma couldn't handle acting and school as she has done all these years, as if other people haven't ever had to hold done a part time job whilst going to school. Good on ya, Emma , for finally clarifying that fact. Avatar Image says: Filming dh won't be parttime, she will be in the majority of the scenes remember. And she'll have to work adult hours now. Unless she does correspondence study i cant see her attending lectures until 2010.Avatar Image says: Will people ever stop shipping? It's gloried gossip and nonsense to do so. Stop fantasising.Avatar Image says: Will people ever stop shipping? It's gloried gossip and nonsense to do so. Stop fantasising.Avatar Image says: trust me people who dont care who emma choses.. lol but to me it seemed like she said " dan ebcause rupert would take it better" but why would you even go there.. the 1st person who commented on that brought that up just to start something because they said something about grint fans... like i say we dont care & grint fans are also emma,dan,tom etc fansAvatar Image says: she made like dan would be hurt if she didnt chose him.. thats how i saw itAvatar Image says: Um, radcakesfan, I'm not a shipper but she basically said she chose Dan because he would likely get all pissy if she didn't. So maybe she was leaning towards Rupert who knows. Basically it seemed choosing Dan had nothing to do with Dan at all. She's actually complimenting Rupert I think. Avatar Image says: ''Orchid, didn’t you know? If Emma had been given the choice of Dan and every other male on earth she would’ve still chosen Dan! Their hearts will be entwined forever and it’s something Rupert, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and all their fans will have to learn to live with." WIN. Avatar Image says: Pete she was only joking with the pissy thing if you hear the whole interviewAvatar Image says: Emma chose Dan over Rupert? Yes, that's the right answer Emma. You don't even have to apologize for it...or cover it up with lame jokes like that. Avatar Image says: It was just a jokey question at the end of the interview (amongst other 'one or the other' questions). Why are people taking it so seriously???Avatar Image says: Pete and Brittany, well aware of that bit. It's diplomatic n a sense because rupert fans can b appeased "why" she'd choose Dan and vice versa. To me, it seems that she and dan were always closer so ( shrugs ) her statement isn't much of a surprise. It's some of rupert fans that take it so to heart though. They talk about not being real life shippers but seeing as how they take it so seriously themselves, obviously that's nonsense. Avatar Image says: I think most girls would choose Dan over Rupert - don't bite my head off!! But going by the polls where they vote for the "most fanciable"/ "sexiest" etc guy - Dan features on them more often than Rupert, so going by numbers, it does look like more girls fancy Dan over Rupert. Personally out of the Potter lads I'd go for Gary Oldman, or Jason Isaacs. It's insane people are taking joking comments so seriously. Afterall - does any of it matter? Avatar Image says: "Afterall – does any of it matter?" Not a bit. And yet the silly comments are continuing 2 days later...

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