Jingle Spells 2 Now on iTunes and Amazon!


Dec 16, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Jingle Spells 2 – which is ALMOST SOLD OUT in hard copies – is now on iTunes and on Amazon.com! Only the hard copies (which you can order here) will have Frak’s artwork inside the booklet, but if you have been waiting for the digital version, you need wait no longer. It’s here! Enjoy it on iTunes, or download it on Amazon.com. These digital copies, just like the hard copies, will benefit Book Aid International and the HP Alliance.

Also, on December 3, we pledged all Jingle Spells proceeds to STANDFast, to aid people in Darfur and Burma: You guys outdid yourselves, and we donated $640 thanks to your efforts. That about enough to protect an ENTIRE Burmese village. Thank you.

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Avatar Image says: i cant wait to get itAvatar Image says: yeah but im out of money so i got to wait till christmas to get a new itunes card. Avatar Image says: squeeeee! can't wait. !Avatar Image says: :( I leave school on Thursday for Christmas break! I hope my copy gets here by then!Avatar Image says: I canNOT WAIT till i get it! super happy!!!Avatar Image says: I e-mailed Leaky on December 10th at like 2 am when I realized that Jingle Spells 2 was for sale on iTunes. I guess they were waiting until today to post it. Oh well, someday I'll be thanked for sending in a news tidbit. Someday.... Ashley, I know how you feel. I'm having my copy shipped to my dorm and I'm praying it gets here before I leave on Friday! Keep your fingers crossed!Avatar Image says: Ordered mine! Can't wait to get it, looks to be even bigger and better than last years :DAvatar Image says: I just received my copy yesterday. It is a wonderful CD (though a couple of the songs are our of sequence from what is stated on the CD jacket, but it is not a big deal). I am really happy to have something new to listen to because I have had the flu the past few days and have mostly just been lying in bedAvatar Image says: I just received my copy today, and I haven't even listened to yet because I am drooling over the artwork. It is FRAKTASTIC. If there are any copies left, BUY ONE NOW. That is all.Avatar Image says: Yay! I just got it on itunes and it is FANTABULASTICALE!!! (cuz that is totaly a word) Iv been listining to it over and over, even though im getting all this realy weird looks right now cuz A) these are amazingly weird songs, and B) im at my jewish privte school at teh moment and they are kind of cunfused as to why im listing to all these christmas songs....*sigh* if only they had a Hogwarts Hanukkah CD or something, lol, that would be awesome...Avatar Image says: Yay, got my Jingle Spells in the mail, listening to it now.Avatar Image says: Have the Ohio CDs been mailed yet?Avatar Image says: I don't have my hard copy yet. Christmas is in 1 week. I'm getting very sad. Avatar Image says: I was sure today would be the day. I got to my mailbox and.....Alas! No Jingle Spells! If I don't get it tomorrow before 4:00 pm, I'll be Jingle Spell-less for the holidays. :( I wonder if praying would help my chances?Avatar Image says: I was all excited to get something cool on my Jingle Spells Packaging ... and I got nada. I'm trying not to be disappointed considering I have Jingle Spells 2 in my possession and my kids have already been rocking out to it ... but it's hard. I'm just sayin ...Avatar Image says: I ordered mine one the 23rd of November and have not gotten my CD. :( Avatar Image says: I ordered mine the 24th of November... still waiting for my copy...Avatar Image says: YAY mine got here!! "a bacon sandwich", lol Harry and the PottersAvatar Image says: Yeah, I ordered on November 30, and still nothing. I'm getting a little frustrated--it's almost Christmas and I'm desperate. Curse you, USPS!!!Avatar Image says: Still waiting for my copy too. I thought it would be here by now since they sent them Dec. 16th. I guess there must be an overload of mail being sent this time of year, and maybe that's why it's taking so long. Avatar Image says: Is anyone else still waiting on thier copy? I still have not received mine. Avatar Image says: scratch that previous post. I just got it and after Christmas and I plainly see where Leaky mailed it on 12/15 by the post mark......darn post office.Avatar Image says: hi Just wondering if anyone else noticed a sound issue with "It's Snowing" on Jingle Spells 2? Is it supposed to be all static at the end? If so, that fine cause I just love this sone; just need to know. thanks

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