RoundUp of HBP Set Reports Previews: More on Harry and the Waitress, Quidditch


Dec 16, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

In addition to the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Set Report preview posted by TLC and other Potter fan sites, a few more have now appeared online that give some additional quotes and insights of the sixth Harry Potter film. Of interest is more on a scene that was widely reported on several months ago, regarding Harry Potter flirting with a waitress. Rotten Tomatoes reports on this, noting this creative new addition to the plot came from the mind of screenwriter Steven Kloves. Director David Yates elaborates:

“Steve came up with this notion that, after Order of the Phoenix,
Harry’s in this quite intense, dark place and he’s riding the trains to
free his brain a wee bit and he meets this really attractive waitress
who he really likes,” he told us. “You immediately set up the notion
that suddenly these characters are a bit more aware of the opposite
sex. I thought it was a really charming, lovely idea.”

Sci-Fi Wire also posted their preview that contains new information about Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) and Quidditch. Quotage: We also observed the filming of a scene in the Great Hall, which is
filled with Hogwarts students at breakfast (big platters of sausages,
racks of toast). It’s the day of Ron’s (Rupert Grint) big Quidditch
match, and he’s nervous as heck. Ron enters the hall, kitted out in
full Quidditch gear.

Students call out encouragement: “Good luck, eh, Ron?” “Countin’ on you, Ron!” “I’ve got two galleons on Gryffindor!”

The camera, on a crane, tracks Ron as he walks into the hall
and down the central aisle. He encounters a towering student; they
stop, do that left-right dance. Ron edges around him, then emits a big
sigh. Not happy.

The article also goes on to have more from actor Dan Radcliffe on the developing romance between his character of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, played by Bonnie Wright. “Yes, I’ve got everything with Ginny, which … has been fun. It’s
good, fun scenes, and hopefully that’ll come across on screen,” he
says. He adds: “It’s slightly odd, though, with Bonnie, because when
Katie [Leung] came in to play Cho on the fourth film, it was very much
the case when she came in, we always knew she was going to be as a love
interest. Whereas, of course, when I first met Bonnie, she was just
another character; she was, I think, 9-10 years old when I first met
her, and so it’s very strange. I’ve sort of grown up with Bonnie, and
now suddenly having to play love interest scenes is very–it’s kind of

Thanks much Joe for emailing!

53 Responses to RoundUp of HBP Set Reports Previews: More on Harry and the Waitress, Quidditch

Avatar Image says: Sounds interesting. When you said waitress scene, my mind went to the one in DH. Dunno about the flirting though, Harry seems a bit innocent in that respect.Avatar Image says: I'm usually fine with new scenes in the films but this one is pointless - no suprise it was Kloves idea.Avatar Image says: hmm... i dunno about harry flirting with a waitress scene, but i am excited about the h/g scenes and the ones concerning ron ;-)Avatar Image says: Hmmm, I guess I don't get it - no Dumbledore Funeral, no duel at Hogwarts, but we get Potter "suddenly aware of the opposite sex". This is the kind of irrevelent "ideas" this creative team comes up with? I know the film looks good in the trailer, but they always put the best in the trailer. The rest of the film will be decided in July 09. Man, I hope it's not like OotP, all flash and no substance.Avatar Image says: "You immediately set up the notion that suddenly these characters are a bit more aware of the opposite sex." Have they forgotten about Cho Chang??Avatar Image says: eh, idk about this waitress thing. im wondering how it will turn out. like, will it be entirely random or will it take about 5 minutes of screen time? overall, id prefer that 5 or so minutes for the waitress be used as time for harry to start to notice GINNY, who kind of actually becomes his wife. ya know?Avatar Image says: Steve obviously has no idea about love interests, suddenly and waitress is inserted to immediately set up the notation that suddenly these characters are a bit more aware of the opposite sex. Suddenly- I would prefer the cut scenes to be put on and Harry eyes ginny instead of waitress but it's aninteresting idea. I hope it doesn't turn out all... you know. It will be either really good or really bad. Or somehwere imbetween actually. I like the before quidditch breakfast scene, sounds interesting too and I agree about the The rest of the film will be decided in July 09. Man, I hope it’s not like OotP, "all flash and no substance."Avatar Image says: I don't mind the idea of Harry riding the trains to clear his mind, that's wuite a nice touch, but flirting with a waitress - Harry doesn't flirt. I don't think he really knows how to, and he's not the flirting type anyway. But then maybe we're getting the wrong idea from the word. I mean, when we first heart about the broom flight down the Thaemes in OotP the article described it as a 'James Bond style broom chase', which gave completely the wrong impression.Avatar Image says: I'm actually totally fine with the new waitress scene. I mean, the actual bit about flirting I can take or leave (I mean, we did already see plenty of romance and UST in OotP, however, on the other hand, maybe it'll serve as a way of showing that Harry's gotten over Cho. There's some great passages about that in the book, but it's mostly thought, so this is a way of showing that on screen), but the part I really like is Harry just riding the rails, going nowhere, going nowhere. He'll hide his head and drown his sorrow. No tomorrow. Woops. Anywho, I really like the image of Harry riding the muggle transit, just in a funk, with no particular destination. That's the sort of brooding I wanted to see in OotP. Of course, I would much rather see canon stuff like the battle and funeral any day, but I've pretty much come to terms now with the fact that the movies are not much more than just Jo-sanctioned fanfiction with incredibly high production values.Avatar Image says: @Liz M: ZOMG. Best idea EVAR. Harry could TOTALLY be Double o 7! I mean, the numbers fit and everything! Now I sort of wish Jo had relinquished more power to WB in terms of spin-offs, because then my new life goal would be to shadily become Pres of WB and start making HP/James Bond cross-overs. And there would unicycling dragons.Avatar Image says: I really like the idea,Harry is one teenager after all and he deserves a bit of fun....he has a terrible life and he is one excellent person,that scene is fresh air for him,i thinkAvatar Image says: hahahah "is very - it's kind of odd."<33333 itAvatar Image says: Completely pointless scene, especially considering all the things that were cut. We get Harry and a waitress instead of Dumbledore's funeral? Ridiculous...Avatar Image says: I was hoping this movie wouldn't be as crappy compared to the book as OOTP was, but it sure sounds like it will be.Avatar Image says: OMG!! Great teasers, this is not fair I just want to see the movie and we still have to wait 7 looooong months, I officially am a Jessie Cave fan, she sounds so lovely and funny.Avatar Image says: I thought I was the only person who thought that the OotP movie didn't do the book any justice. Whoever said, " all flash and no substance," is a genius after my own heart! We shall see, they have a lot to live up to with this one, its such a pivotal part of the series. Avatar Image says: i really don't like the sound of that waitress scene. :[Avatar Image says: I agree with the people who say they think it's stupid that we get harry eyeballing a waitress scene versus DUMBLEDORE'S FUNERAL. Cedric, a minor character, even got a frickin funeral but we don't get one for a major character? And stuff actually happens at the funeral. I wanted to see Ron sooth Hermione as she cried and I wanted to see Harry break up with Ginny to protect her, even though H/G is my favorite pairing. I wanted to see Hagrid crying over Dumbledore's body as he walked him up the aisle to the white tomb... ugh. I'm getting scared about this movie. However, I do like the train part of the idea.. Avatar Image says: No one likes Cho Chang Avatar Image says: Maybe not, but I do like Katy Leung. (so cute)Avatar Image says: ok, ok... i've always defended kloves and tried to play devil's advocate, stating, as i believe, that the films are different beasts entirely than the books, and shouldn't be expected to be the same... but... i'd expect the main character to kind of, a little bit at least, be similar to how he was written in the book... and harry just doesn't seem flirtatious to me at all! i don't think he'd even know how to be! ... he's more sincere and a little sheepish about his romantic feelings, not the obnoxious dude at the bar... ah well.Avatar Image says: Oh, btw, Dumbledore's funeral might just be in DH. If I understand correctly they changed the border from one book to another slightly.Avatar Image says: what harry flirting with a waitress like i know harry but it wasn't even in the book first i read ginny what naow a waitress rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAvatar Image says: yeah harry really isnt the the flirting type. in the books he doesnt wander around being a girl magnet. Avatar Image says: I like the idea of the waitress scene. There are plenty of ways to flirt (a smile here, a little joke there, a twinkle in the eye) without being obnoxious. I can see Dan pulling it off well without breaking character.Avatar Image says: P.S. Frankly, I'd take a little flirting over that "chest moster" device any day... :)Avatar Image says: The waitress scene sounds really stupid and very unlike Harry. Harry doesn't flirt, he never even openly flirted with Cho or Ginny that I can remember. I am liking the sound of all the Ron stuff, though, and the Harry/Ginny stuff should be sweet.Avatar Image says: Arithmancer, I'd take the "chest monster" over flirting!Harry. The chest monster was Harry's thoughts and feelings - a nice device to hint at Harry's sexual feelings without having him flirting all over the place. Openly flirting with a waitress is the exact opposite of that. I love JKR's Harry, he wasn't a flirt, he was a bit of a dork when it came to girls.Avatar Image says: Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA WAIT A MINUTE. There's not going to be dual at Hogwarts at the end? There's not going to be Dumbledore's funeral? You mean the movie got pushed back until the summer and they didn't even FINISH THE STORY? That's ridiculous. The ending of HBP is the best part of the book! So what the hell is this movie going to be about? Two hours of Harry flirting with waitresses and learning about Tom Riddle's past? REAL ENTERTAINING THERE. And no Dumbledore funeral? That's wrong on so many levels. He's the headmaster of the school, what makes WB think it's okay to cut the end part of the book and just have the trio shrug off Dumbledore's death and then ride out into the sunset. Avatar Image says: I think it's interesting what Dan said about it being odd having to all of a sudden do love-interest scenes with Bonnie since he grew up with her. That's exactly how I felt when I read the books, and all of a sudden Harry had romantic feelings toward Ginny. He'd grown up with her and had known her from the same age - when Ginny was 10. I was thinking - ewwww, he's in love with his sister. (By the way - don't go all shipping war on me here. I'm not a Harry/Hermione person either - this is just how I felt. It doesn't mean I'm right, it doesn't mean I'm wrong either. You don't have to agree with me, I respect that fact that many do disagree.) Avatar Image says: SL - I actually felt exactly the same way. When reading HBP, I actually talked back at Harry, mostly "WTF?"ing him, and I do think a few "Ew!"s were thrown in there. Now, I did come around to the pairing, and I really liked that scene at the Burrow in the beginning of DH, but it still took some getting used to. Also, to me at least, it seemed a little out of the blue. I mean, there had been almost no build-up, and suddenly there was a chest monster. Now, I personally loved the chest monster, but to me it just smacked of "But why are they in love?" "Because I said so." So, smacked of Twilight-esque romance, essentially.Avatar Image says: I never thought Harry finally noticing Ginny was off. I thought it should have been sooner as I could tell by the way Jo was writing her that she was good for harry. For Dan and Bonnie its different because they don't have the hots for each other - but I think they can play their characters effectively in the romance department. I'm looking forward to it!Avatar Image says: I AM OUTRAGED!!!! there can not be a flirting scene. it would be completly changing the character of harry potter!!! he's supposed to be a completed idiot when it comes to girls or at leasts that's the way i remember reading it!!!! plus, when would harry be at a random resteraunt? isn't he still under age and supposed to be watchin out for voldemart? there's no way dumbledore would just let harry wander the streets by himself!!!Avatar Image says: I agree "iheartpink". Even more than Harry flirting (which does seem a bit off), my first thought was, why is he wandering around outside of the Dursley's house where he is unprotected? That is so wrong in so many ways. And yes Ziviok - I too felt it was out of the blue. He all of a sudden smelled her scent in potions and it was like OMG - I'm in love with Ginny! Avatar Image says: What? Harry has been aware of girls in every single movie from Chamber of Secrets onwards. It's like they think this relationship angle is *new* or something.Avatar Image says: You need chemestry to have a looks like dan and bonnie doesn't have it...I'd better be wrong...still think Alfonso Cuaron has been the best director ever, he really got the essence of the JK book...while Ootp...hum, David Yates know too little about heart and romance...Avatar Image says: Ginny and the rest - I agree with you. David Yates was and still is the worst director for this series. It seems like Porkey's from the 80's. A stinking teen movie. Heyman needs to get a grip if he's going to have Yates direct the rest. There will be no academy award like for the Hobbits. They at least were true to the books. Yates is the worst ever and we are in trouble if we think the final movies will be good. He thinks it's only about him. He's only interested in making a name for himself. He wants us all to think he's creative. But guess what? It's Rowling who is the creative one. Not him. Sorry if this sounds angry. But it is.Avatar Image says: WHAT THERES NO DUBLEDORE FUNERAL?!?! Avatar Image says: No. SB, there is no Dumledore funeral in this film. From what I heard about David Heyman, the producer, he thought that yes, he would like to see it - but there was already a funeral with Cedric. Yes, I know. He just doesn't get it. David Heyman the producer of the Harry Potter movies, JUST DOES NOT GET IT!Avatar Image says: Why are they wasting screen time on quidditch? Why is Ron doing the sidestep dance (a scene we've already seen played with Harry and Cho) important and driving the story? It doesn't, plain and simple. THAT is the waste of time they could be using elsewhere. The Harry riding the rail scene is rather full of poignancy. Here's a kid, who is suffering from abuse from his guardians and "other" threats , doing what other kids do when they have nowhere else to go or do. That he could find a little escape in the smile of a young lady who doesn't know who he is or why he's famous, is charming and i bet a little true to life. I imagine all of the actors find it a bit freeing when they realize or think no one recognizes them or treats them unnaturally. Also it's just the fact that he resides in the house of his blood relatives is what protects him. It's not that he has to stay inside all the time. The danger is if he should quit that protective site altogether. Avatar Image says: Why invent new stuff and new scenes? the book speaks for itself more than any film ever can. There is not need to add stuff to it, esp. when at the same time important scenes (D.'s funeral) are left out. I really, desperately hope, I will not be disappointed with the film in the end... after all this waiting!Avatar Image says: I'm just really depressed we have to wait until july to see this all come out. It doesn't sound TOO horrible, I guess.Avatar Image says: Seriously guys, you say Harry being flirtatious is so unlike him.Well, he's gonna be hiding while Dumbledore is about to get killed, i think THATS more unlike harry. Its not like hes paralyzed like he was in the book, hes just hiding, the book harry would've stunned malfoy. And i think since Harry is 16 he should be more mature (he's not the 11 year old innocent harry anymore) so flirting is a bit natural of him.And please stop whining about the movies not being loyal to the books, i think its time for everyone to get over it and accept the truth!Avatar Image says: Wait... Why would they cut Dumbeldore's funeral ?Avatar Image says: Flirting with a waitress??? what happened to Harry/Ginny? = P Avatar Image says: Flirting with a waitress??? what happened to Harry/Ginny? = P Avatar Image says: good question. I agree with sivlok and sl. There were some theories thrown about the use of love potions there that made the h/g thing more realistic to me- the writing was so disappointing. I don't know what the editors made JK throw out of the earlier books (there was a fair bit) but i imagine the h/g stuff must have been a major portion of it. Avatar Image says: Someone just PLEASE tell me that they are joking! The waitress thing is so cheesy, un-necessary, out of character, and a major waste of screen time that should have been spent on scenes like Dumbledore's funeral that at least contribute something to the overall story and were part of the book. I get that the books and movies are completely seperate and long ago accepted that the movies will never be perfect or even close adaptations of the books in the way that say the Lord of the Rings movies were, but come on! Sticking to the books' story/characters a little wouldn't kill them!Avatar Image says: However, the just riding the train part, while maybe not necessary to the story, certainly does seem like the sort of thing Harry would have done especially in OOTP when he was stuck at Privet Drive with no contact or information from anyone and just wandered the neighborhood streets alone all the time.Avatar Image says: Personally, I thought it'd be Harry/Ginny since CoS and when it finally happened in HBP, it was a long time coming for me. I couldn't have been happier!Avatar Image says: lavidjioAvatar Image says: Avatar Image says:

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