Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to Film for 54 Weeks


Dec 18, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Harry Potter film producer David Heyman has given a new interview where he discusses the upcoming work to be done on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In this article from the PA, David Heyman said: “We finished the sixth film which’ll be coming out next summer and we
start filming the seventh which we’ll be breaking into two parts for a
54 week shoot starting in February.”

The bulk of the article focuses on Mr. Heyman’s reflections on the behavior of the trio over the years, speaking about a “no airs” no diva attitudes taken by Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. On the Harry Potter set we have a lot of crew from the first film,” he explained at the premiere of his new movie Yes Man in LA. “You can’t get away with anything there, you get joshed and played with. You can’t have any airs or graces.”

He continued: “You cast for the moment, you have no sense of how someone is going to
survive or how they’re going to develop. I’ve been very fortunate with
the kids. There are so many cases of young kids being damaged by the
experience or going off the rails and fortunately with Dan, Rupert and
Emma that hasn’t happened to them… yet!”

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Avatar Image says: Thats quite a commitment! First post??? Yay!Avatar Image says: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.Avatar Image says: "that hasn't happened to them... yet!" haha!!! ah... it probably will!Avatar Image says: Wow. That's a long shoot. Anyone know how long one average movie takes to shoot?Avatar Image says: Nice comments by Heyman, but the reporter got the start date wrong in saying they started filming in 1997. Ooops, that was 2000 with the first movie coming out in 2001. But it has been nice to see that the kids are nice and normal and more intent on improving their acting skills than increasing their celeb status. I am so glad that JKR insisted on a British cast, because I don't think any American kid could have lived with the fame of being Harry Potter without getting caught up in the insanity of Hollywood.Avatar Image says: w0w i feel bad for the cast thats like almost a year of non stop hp stuff.. even if you do love it it must get boring!Avatar Image says: Wow can't wait for the rest of the series at the movies!!Avatar Image says: usually 3-4 months. Obviously some people's role won't take as long. It's already been mentioned that Alan Rickman will have time to do other things and he doesn't start until the fall? whereas Helena Bonham Carter is supposed to start in the summer. It's only Dan that will be there the whole time. If Emma can do the majority of her scenes in the 6 months before the fall session, Rupert will also have a lot of free time as Hermione should be in this more than the ron character.Avatar Image says: :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Avatar Image says: I don't think it will happen to them ... regarding damage and outrageous behavior. Dan, Emma and Rupert obviously have very strong and positive parental influences in their lives And with the continuity of adult influences (actors and crew) during the HP series... it has really given them a lot of stability and positive influence in their very formative years. Can you imagine the growing up around, learning from, and being influenced by such incredible people like Maggie Smith, Robbie Coltran, Alan Rickman, Richard Harris, Gary Oldman, Julie Walters, David Thewlis, Emma Thompson, Kenneth Brannagh, Richard Griffiths, Jason Isaacs et al? Good Grief there are actors that don't have the incredible opportunity to work with half of these fantastic Thespians in an entire career! Besides, Dan made a very good point in an interview sometime back ... In the UK children are children first and actors second, unlike in the US where children are actors first and not given the opportunity to be children. Avatar Image says: BORED...how could you be bored if you love what you do? Plus they get paid darn good to do it. They all seem like real down to earth kids and that is good. I agree that if they would have casted anyone from young Hollywood it would have ended badly. Hopefully the final product of the 54 weeks will be great(keeping my fingers crossed!)Avatar Image says: Mimblewimble, it really depends on the budget. I've worked on a lot of independent films that generally take 6 weeks or so - and a couple that we blasted through in 3-4 - but the length goes up with the budget involved. Obviously, films Harry Potter that have so many effects are going to take much longer. Remember also that 54 weeks is not excessive considering it's two films that they're shooting. Sounds like a pretty awesome way to spend a year. :)Avatar Image says: Then..13 months and 2 weeks!!wow the cast will be really busy(Dan especially).Avatar Image says: Wow! That a good chunk of time. However, they are filming two movies. It's exciting. I can't wait until we start getting more news bits from the set once they start filming. Avatar Image says: Thaaaaaaat's.... a lotta weeks.Avatar Image says: Radcakesfan: How is Hermione in the book more than Ron? If you're talking about DH it's only two months, taken up by two chapters, and one of those chapters is all a transcript from Rita's book. So really she's only alone with Harry for one chapter of actual content. Ron is alone with Harry for The Silver Doe. So it's quite equal. And if you're talking about HBP, then I don't know what you mean by Ron in the book less. Not at all. Avatar Image says: Well, they're young adults now, and free to go to parties where drugs might well be free flowing. It's supposed to be pretty common among the rich and entertainment crowd. Wouldn't take much to go down that path, really. They could well look at Helen Mirren, for example, who recently admitted to doing cocaine when she was younger and quitting. They could well think, well, just this once... Regarding the length of the shoot, remember they are not counting the breaks they will surely get. Also it's possible there may yet be an actor's strike , which would mean even more delays.Avatar Image says: Seemed like a lot more than that. It also seemed that more happened then, like when they see the statue of harry and his parents and what happens in that village with that old witch. Hopefully they will not use the polyjuice potion too much there but i really can't see them using other actors for that scene. Wouldn't be that touching. Also the silver doe scene isn't that long and evil Hermione shows up. I have no doubt they'll put that in, especially if they are making it into two movies.Avatar Image says: The Silver Doe took up a very large amount of page time, most of which included Ron. Bathilda's and Harry's parents didn't take up as much. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Evil kiss was CGI to make it look more like it's described in the book. Avatar Image says: y'all, thats more than a YEAR of filming! wow, this is gonna be good...i hope. oh do i hopeAvatar Image says: y'all, thats more than a YEAR of filming! wow, this is gonna be good...i hope. oh do i hopeAvatar Image says: @Eeyore, I'm also glad JKR insisted on a British cast. I don't even like to think about what we'd have seen if the first 5 movies had been filmed in Hollywood with an American cast. Very Scary!Avatar Image says: Most adults work far longer than one year in the same job, doing the same tasks day after day after day...Avatar Image says: Hey, that's a lot of time to find an opportunity to visit the set! ;) ;)Avatar Image says: The 54 weeks of shooting time will stretch over more time than that, because there are a couple of holidays and there is the break to promote HBP, which will take a bit of time. So I guess, DH will take longer to shoot than those 54 weeks mentioned. It´s going to be the longet HP shoot ever, hopefully resulting in two great movies coming to a theatre near you in 2010/2011. :)Avatar Image says: Wow what an intense shoot. I really hope they keep the marketing down low in this one and exceed expectations for the last one. Hell if the dark knight can pull it out of the bag Potter canAvatar Image says: Eruditewitch and radcakesfan, I think Luna should get as much screen time as Harry in Deathly Hallows. I would chuck Ron and Hermione's characters all together and make it all about Harry and Luna. Who cares what Jo Rowling wrote? Cannon hasn't mattered a whole lot since Chamber of Secrets! Sound like a silly idea to you? It's still not as silly as your constant debates over Rupert and Emma's screen time!Avatar Image says: I thought it'd be longer, honestly. It usually takes them 10 months for one film and they're going to film both parts of DH back to back. Maybe they'll have more "B" crew? For small stuff?Avatar Image says: *mollywobbles*, I think it usually takes them about 8 months of actual filming for one film. So 13 months for two sounds about right, I guess.Avatar Image says: if this movie isn't going to be a blast then the directors would probably be rained by owls.... oh i mean, mails..., this is the last harry potter movies so evry fan out there is really excited to what it would come out... even if the movies a bit of too expensive, fans all over the world would definitely do anything just to see the movie... and please do justice to the book... we don't want to miss any datail that would later on be significant in the later part of the movie... and as of the young actors, i guess they're just pretty much too good to be caught up with fame... and besides, being known by everyone in earth is already too mush so they must have handled fame and their ordinary life in balance...Avatar Image says: It's really quite amazing that all the major actors in HP are still IN the series. When an interviewer would ask Dan, "Aren't you afaid you'll OUTGROW the character?"...I would think to myself, "Geez, what about the actors playing Snape, Dumbledore, and McGonagall?"...Can THEY make it through the entire series? That's kinda a scary thought having to replace ANY of the actors at this point. 10 years is a loooooong time. The entire francise has been extremely lucky in that respect.Avatar Image says: I should say that there are three new ones and a larger version of the one we got the other day. :)Avatar Image says: Mama Lovegood.... Show me what you mean by constant debates. It's sort of hyperbolic considering this is the first one in a very very very long time.Avatar Image says: I think David put things very well by saying how lucky they have been with finding Dan, Rupert and Emma - it could just as easily have gone very wrong and they could have ended up with a bunch of self-obsessed tossers. I think they all show good work ethic and that says a lot for people so young - and they don't seem to have let the money and fame go to their heads. The 54 weeks sounds fairly obvious - Dan said he's be filming for 14 months - that looks about right with a break in the middle of a few weeks. I think the screen time with Emma and Rupert will be pretty much evenly spread - the only major parts that the three of them aren't together is when Ron leaves them and Harry & Hermione go to Godrics Hollow. In the second part of DH Harry will be in a lot more solo scenes. Avatar Image says: I've only had time to read the first "page" of postings...@Cat: Well said! I am with you 100% and after watching our way [here, across the pond] of handling child actors, I can see nothing ahead, for the trio, than well adjusted and happy young adults....not spoiled, pampered and ignored, by their parents and others. Here, unfortunately, if a child is found to have talent, they are put into a role. That role lasts a while or they make a huge amount of money, they are never allowed to be "children"...they become a commodity.This current shooting schedule is going to be long and grueling. I think they are up to the task. Dan, Rupert and Emma all have their sights set, on the future. THEIR future, after HP, lies in continued education. Be it Academic, or artistic. I am proud of them, and I'm sure their parents are too....Avatar Image says: Agreed that the trio's interviews show each of them to be very well-adjusted and mature for their age, so families, adult cast and crew deserve credit for the way they've helped to keep them, and most of the other younger cast members, grounded through the 8 years of intermittent filming. And we can be especially proud of them as role models for British youth, and hope that continues.. The filming schedule will be arduous, and iirc they are aiming to complete as much as possible of Hermione's scenes before Emma goes to Uni in September, so all the camping - no doubt programmed for warmer times than in the script! - Godric's Hollow, Shell Cottage etc can be done then. Malfoy Manor will wait for Helena's start in ?July. Even much of the Hogwarts stuff around the final battle does not need the likes of Ralph Fiennes (body double, CGI) so Emma could just be in for call backs around next Christmas and wrap-up bits in March 2010. Of course, they can't finalise her schedule till she knows whether Uni will be in USA or UK!Avatar Image says: Dang, that is more than a year of shooting ... I'm glad they're taking their time. I'm sure I'm not the only one that wants these two films to be the best they can be. :DAvatar Image says: Mama lovegood, i am with you. I was so disappointed in the amount of book time luna got in the sixth book. h/l beats h.g any day of the week. And yes to chucking ron and hermione- that's gonna be my bathroom break. Avatar Image says: Honestly, who cares any more ... when the film will be released, I'll be 20 years older than today, so to say. Best Wishes for Xmas and the New Year to everybody, though :-) Avatar Image says: 54 weeks is to long. Sounds like they are taking their time with it - I hope its worth it. Didn't the 3 Lord of the Rings movies take 45 weeks to make? Maybe it takes that long to build new movie sets because they'll need to build some new ones. The Book almost has Harry, Ron & Harmione spending all of their time together so they should be together through-out the filming. I think they will split the movie when Bellatrix takes Harmione at the Malfoy's - Its a good cliff hanger moment.Avatar Image says: That's a lot of weeks to make one movie. Will they all be happy or sad or a little of both when it finally ends? I'm sure that they all will have happy memories of the whole thing. But at least they should have one or two weeks vacation in between the two halves of the last movie. Take a break! Even us regular people who have regular jobs get a week or two of vacation time. I can't imagine working a full year without a vacation break.

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