US Borders Stores to Hold “Beedle the Bard” Release Parties December 4


Dec 02, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Previously we told you there were to be release parties in the UK for the release of The Tales of Beedle the Bard along with a possible shopping event here at some stores in the US. Borders has now issued a press release stating they will be holding special evening parties on December 4 for the release of the new book from J.K. Rowling, along with providing special holiday discount shopping for teachers. The release says that “Borders and Waldenbooks will salute educators for
their tireless work and commitment to their students by giving them 25 percent
off regularly priced books, CDs, DVDs, gifts and stationery and cafe items.”

In addition, the statement continues: To celebrate the release of this must-have book for
Harry Potter fans, most Borders and Waldenbooks stores will host release
parties beginning at 6 p.m. on Dec. 4. The events will include trivia games,
arts-and-crafts activities and a discussion of a crucial chapter from “Harry
Potter and the Deathly Hallows” that features one of the fables detailed in
“The Tales of Beedle the Bard.” A second release notes, “After reading and
discussing the fable, kids will have their knowledge of the characters,
animals, spells and magical objects in each of the Harry Potter books tested
during the exciting “Harry Potter Challenge” trivia activity. Then, the
creative juices will flow when fans put crayons to paper and draw scenes from
“The Tales of Three Brothers.” For those who cannot wait to buy the book,
select Borders stores will stay open later than normal Dec. 3 to accommodate
customers who want to buy the book immediately when it officially goes on sale
just after midnight. To find your local Border store, please click here.

A rep for Borders is quoted as saying: “We could not be more excited to celebrate the release of ‘The Tales of
Beedle the Bard’ with in-store parties,” said Diane Mangan, director of the
Children’s category for Borders Group. “Our customers have been awaiting the
release of this book for months and Borders and Waldenbooks are the perfect
place for Harry Potter fans to revisit their passion for the stories that gave
them so much enjoyment — and pick up this great book of fables.”

23 Responses to US Borders Stores to Hold “Beedle the Bard” Release Parties December 4

Avatar Image says: So its after the release of the book? That's weird. I would have thought it would have been on the 3rd. Ho hum, this is still mad exciting!Avatar Image says: Well, great- I can't do anything other than a midnight party, as I'm busy the fourth.Avatar Image says: What stores are open at midnight? Avatar Image says: I wish my bookstore would have a midnight party. :(Avatar Image says: Whoohooooooooo :D :D :DAvatar Image says: this is dumb, they should have midnight parties like normal people. :[ hmphAvatar Image says: wow... i wonder if my store is doing one.... if we do I totally want to run it... Avatar Image says: YAY!!!! I hope my Borders is having a party!!! I will go for sure. But I cant go at midnight!!! here I come!!!! It has been to long since I have decked out in HP apperal and such!!!!! Cant wait!!!!Avatar Image says: this party kind of sounds like it's aimed at kids. whatever i'm still going!Avatar Image says: I feel so left out up here in Canada. Stupid Chapters/Indigo/Coles isn't hosting any parties.Avatar Image says: argh! Borders Singapore is not doing anything! Not as far as I know anyway maybe I should have my own release party hohohoAvatar Image says: =(my birthday is on the 3rd!!!my borders better release it at midnight.though i do like barnes ands noble better.=)Avatar Image says: All those release party stuff... I'll only get my Tales in the mail next week :(Avatar Image says: What is it with these last day announcements? This doesnt affect me as I am in UK and extremely excited as I will going to a midnight party release tonight but I am feeling a bit sorry for those who want a midnight party in US. It sounds strange that we are having more midnight parties in the UK and being notified of them well in advance. I am really surprised. I come to America several times and you guys are fun. Not that we aren't fun too but what I am trying to say is I thought it would be the other way round. You guys having all the parties and us Brits waiting at home with our cuppa tea, lol. Just my thoughts but Have a great Beedle the Bard Day, everyone!Avatar Image says: I got so lucky with this- I'm in the UK for the semester studying abroad, and it just happens to be when a Rowling book is being released and the UK is having the midnight parties and the US isn't. I know if I were in America I would be so disappointed. But we'll all get to read the book soon enough, and that's what really matters!Avatar Image says: Merlin, what complete and utter BS. What if (bet no one thought of this one) kids and teens have *gasp* SCHOOL tomorrow, and things to do after school like *gasp* HOMEWORK, and can't make a Border's party - which would be lame because said teens would get the book from the Barnes & Noble's next to their school in the morning? Who in the name of Merlin's drawers thought of this?Avatar Image says: So the book came out this morning at midnight? I thought the book comes out tonight at midnight (Dec. 4). This is confusing.Avatar Image says: OH SOMEONE JUST SHOOT ME!!!!! Why Am I always left out....... ???? The two Borders around here are NOT having anything!!!!! I hate this little hole where I live.Avatar Image says: That's weird. So the party is the day AFTER it comes out? Why would anyone stick around if they're not waiting until midnight to get their books? Avatar Image says: Honestly, I'm disappointed in this release! Why aren't people more excited for this? Why isn't Barnes and Noble doing anything? Why is this a totally last minute notification? I visited and they don't even have any notification up about the release or the parties! I wish we could have more huge release days like for the series. They were amazing. I'll always remember going to the book store to get Goblet of Fire at midnight with my Dad. It's one of my best memories- I was so excited. Anyone else sad this isn't a bigger deal?Avatar Image says: What?? But I can't find anything about this on the Borders website and I just called my local Borders, and they said that they weren't having a release party!Avatar Image says: My Border's in Minnesota stayed open till midnight.. I was, however, the only person who showed up.Avatar Image says: Just wondering if anyone else ran into the problem I did: I took my daughters last night to our Borders, which according to their website was having a party. My fifth grader had finished her homework in record time so that we could get there. Lo and behold: no party! And the clerk looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him about it. He then proceeded to check with his manager about "a 'Twilight' party or something." So instead of happy memories, I went home with two very sad girls. Quite a disappointment in Borders.

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