Win a Pair of Tickets to See Dan Radcliffe, Richard Griffiths in “Equus”


Dec 22, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

More holiday treats tonight as has opened a contest for ten readers to win a pair of tickets to the play Equus starring Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon). One grand prize winner will get a backstage meet and greet with Dan, Richard and the rest of the cast of Equus. Open to all legal residents of the continental US (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida) 18 years older, you can enter to win tickets to the January 15th performance of Equus by clicking here-one entry per person. This contest runs now until January 4, 2009. Good Luck!

22 Responses to Win a Pair of Tickets to See Dan Radcliffe, Richard Griffiths in “Equus”

Avatar Image says: That's so unfair to hawaiians. I wanna move there. Screw the cold.Avatar Image says: WHAT!?!? just what is the issue with florida? its connected 2 continental US!!Avatar Image says: Open to all legal residents of the continental US (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida) EXCLUDING FLORIDA. GO TO HELL PLAYBILL.COM.Avatar Image says: Entered! (the Shrek one too!) xDDDAvatar Image says: Excluding Florida???? Florida is in the continental usAvatar Image says: Entered, would be very cool, i've read the script (back in high school) would LOVE to see the show.Avatar Image says: The state exclusions have to do with the state laws, not with . Avatar Image says: Last time I checked-we Floridians were still part of the continental US. Did we disconnect from Georgia and Alabama last night and I did not hear about it. Avatar Image says: You guys should definitely try to enter (if you're "legally American" lol!) - you'll not be disappointed my Daniel and Richard's performances. Plus the chance to meet them back stage would be very cool. Avatar Image says: good luck to those who entered. maybe i'll move to georgia for the dayAvatar Image says: well, i'm not 18 and there's probably no way my parents would let me go, but i live in fl. and that is not fair. there are others contests floridians are allowed to enter, why not this one?Avatar Image says: Playbill must have their reasons, after all this is their contest so they have the right to do it they way they want. ;) I just visited a Dan fansite to learn more about this contest and I've seen there have been lots of interviews and pics lately, wish I would have found out earlier.Avatar Image says: Why is it only Americans.... last i checked people knew about equus in Canada.... :'(Avatar Image says: "Excluding Florida"?? Darn you, Mickey Mouse!Avatar Image says: yeah next thing u know they'll be excluding any states connected to water. Avatar Image says: Hey! Don't be blaming 'The Mouse'... The State of Florida has prohibited it's residents from participating in this type of contest because of previous fraudulent 'contests'.. So rather than punish the perpretrators, our legislature 'protects' it's residents... No 'Caveat Emptor' for them, no sir. (grumble, grumble) OMT Avatar Image says: I live in FL but I have family all over the US. I will enter using one of there addresses.Avatar Image says: I just entered! *keeps fingers crossed* I LOVE NEW YORK!Avatar Image says: what in the world is wrong with florida! its not like we are too far from new york cuz california would definitely win that award so what is wrong with florida..Are we too tan or something..or do they have some unknown bone to pick with our state.. i really dont get it??? this is soo not fair at allAvatar Image says: "Win Tickets to See Daniel Radcliffe Naked on a Horse" :DAvatar Image says: I agree with Salma, we Canadians also know about Equus and would love (me, would die) a chance to win to see it FREE and most of all be with DR in backstage, shake his hands, pose for a photo, gooosssshhhh I'll dream of it all my lifeAvatar Image says: I'm pretty saddened to find out that it's not available to Canadians, or to those few states from the US, but I guess there are laws a restrictions that apply to these things. I know, in Canada, most sweepstakes exclude Quebec because of some law they have passed there. I'm sure they feel cheated too :C Good luck to those who've entered!!

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